On July 29th, GIGTANK startups will pitch next-gen business concepts to a strategic audience of investors, partners and media in Chattanooga, TN.


Join us for the exciting finale of GIGTANK 2014

Demo Day is an opportunity to get an inside view of emerging advancements in 3D printing, healthcare and smart grid development. This nationally-promoted event will feature startup pitches from the entrepreneurs of GIGTANK 2014, as well as a keynote address from Terry Wohlers – the world’s foremost authority on the 3D printing industry.

The full experience will include:

  • Business pitches from entrepreneurial innovators in 3D printing/additive manufacturing, healthcare and smart grid development
  • A keynote address from Terry Wohlers, voted the #1 “most influential person” in 3D printing/additive manufacturing
  • Panel discussions with special guests
  • Opportunities to interact with major leaders in industry, entrepreneurship and technology
  • VIP Reception for investors, sponsors and national media

Over the last few months, our startups have worked with partners like Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Stratasys and Verizon Wireless to develop innovative business applications in 3D printing/additive manufacturing, healthcare and smart grid development. Their companies range from 3D printing custom-fit footwear and medical tools to leveraging big data analytics to improve mental health and smart grid security. Demo Day will showcase these developments as our startups prepare to launch them into the marketplace.

Demo Day Schedule | Tuesday, July 29th

9:00 am - Registration Opens
10:00 am - Welcome and Opening Remarks (Featuring Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke & Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger)
10:20 am - Smart Grid Track Introduction & Smart Grid Startup Pitch
10:35 am - Healthcare Track Introduction & Healthcare Startup Pitches
11:00 am - UTC Fellowship Introduction & Update
11:15 am - Keynote Address from Terry Wohlers
12:15 pm - Break for Lunch & Panel Discussions
12:45 pm - Panel Discussions (see details below) 
1:30 pm - Return to Auditorium
1:45 pm - Welcome Back & Announcements
2:00 pm - 3D Printing Track Introduction & Startup Pitches
3:15 pm - Closing Remarks
3:30 pm - GIGANK Startup Reception & Networking Hour

Connect in The Gig City

First and foremost, Demo Day is meant to connect GIGTANK entrepreneurs with potential investors and pilot partners. This third annual event typically attracts high profile guests and visitors from across the country, functioning as a showcase for those interested in providing seed funding, pilot partnerships or additional resources to GIGTANK teams.

In past years, national guests at Demo Day have included Bob Metcalfe, the inventor of Ethernet and GIGTANK’s keynote speaker in 2012, and leaders from Mozilla, Warner Brothers, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, IBM and US Ignite.

For a recap of Demo Day 2013, check out our video highlights at the bottom of the page.



“Why Invest in 3D Printing?”

As 3D printing technologies become increasingly accessible to both commercial and individual consumers, enormous entrepreneurial opportunities are emerging in stride. Over the past four years, the additive manufacturing industry has nearly tripled in size, with growth reaching 34.9% in 2013 alone. Given the promising trajectory of this market space, this panel discussion will focus on emerging investment opportunities in 3D printing/additive manufacturing. Panelists will comment on the following points of interest:

  • Industrial uses of 3D printing/additive manufacturing technologies and how they might evolve in the future
  • How these technologies are shifting paradigms and practices in manufacturing
  • The evolution of 3D printing into a mainstream technology and the value of early-stage investments in this space
  • How to spot value and make sound investments in this emerging industry

Terry Wohlers, Author of the Wohlers Report & Demo Day Keynote Speaker
Hugh Evans, VP of Corporate Development & Ventures at 3D Systems Corporation
Bruce Bradshaw, Director of Marketing for North America at Stratasys
Jim Underwood, Senior VP of Manufacturing & Operations at PlayCore

Moderator: Doug Speight, GIGTANK EIR


“Disruptions in the Energy Sector: Good News for Startups?”

With the rising cost of electric power and other fuels with the introduction of microgrids, storage and alternative generation, the energy sector is at the forefront of significant upheaval. In this panel discussion, experts in big data, smart grids and electric power will explore what these changes mean for entrepreneurs. Panelists will delve into questions like:

  • What kinds of opportunities could these changes present for innovation, particularly as it relates to the data being generated by automated smart grids like EPB’s?
  • What factors are at play?
  • What tools will be needed?
  • What skill sets will be valuable?
  • What will the new expectation be from electric power consumers?

Patty Durand, Executive Director of Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative
Roderick Jackson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Energy Systems Institute
Rick Thompson, President & Co-Founder of Greentech Media, Inc.

Moderator: David Wade, Chief Operating Officer for EPB


“Impacting Transformation Through Innovation”

Healthcare is regarded as one of the most disruptive industries in America, if not the world. New waves of transformation are reshaping this sector, with big changes continually on the horizon. In this lively dialogue, panelists will explore how technological developments and the realignment of traditional value networks are setting the stage for tremendous opportunities in the way care is delivered, as well as in the quality of healthcare costs and outcomes. Participants will share insights into:

  • Emerging healthcare technologies
  • How those technologies are affecting the jobs of healthcare experts today
  • The future of healthcare

Robert Chavez, Executive VP of Business Intelligence for University of Miami Healthcare
Lee Phillips, CMO of KORHealth
Laurel Rhyne, MSN, MEd, ACNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner for Erlanger Health System

Moderator: J. Kevin Tugman, Co-Founder of ProjectLift and Chief Creative at  Lift1428


2013 Demo Day Highlights

Watch some of the highlights from last year's GIGTANK 2013 Demo Day.



Meet the Startups

Eleven startup teams from across the country are spending the summer of 2014 building the future of the 3D Printing, Healthcare and Smart Grid industries.


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