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Quick and convenient payment solution is something that we all are looking for especially when filling our cart through swift online shopping at

It would be extremely useful to have a Amazon monthly payment guide to make the purchases simpler!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Amazon monthly payment guide allows you to spread the cost of the item over time for your convenience.
  • Legal residents in the US whose account is active for over a year and have a positive payment history can make use of the monthly plans.
  • Other payment options here include Equal Pay Financing, Special Financing, Citi Flex Pay and the use of $0 Intro APR credit cards.

…and Much More!

Amazon Monthly Payment Guide – In A Nutshell 

Monthly Payments, which Amazon markets as a means to “get it now, pay later,” allows you to spread the cost of item sold on Amazon and shipped over five months with no interest or costs. 

  • Amazon does not promote this monthly offer but it definitely exists for customers who can not pay for the purchases upfront.

There are certain products available on the site that are eligible for purchase using this plan. Moreover, Amazon tends to add more options to the list with every passing year.

Nonetheless, there are certain qualification conditions that buyers need to keep in mind.

  1. Your Amazon account has been active for at least a year.
  2. You live in the United States, and you have a valid credit card associated with your Amazon account.
  3. A positive Amazon payment history.

Amazon Monthly Payments 

The price of your item is divided into five equal installments when you choose Monthly Payments, with the first payment due when your goods deliver – that’s 20% of the entire price, plus any tax and shipping on the full price of the item. 

  • The remaining money will be charged in equal installments every 30 days for the next four months.

At the time of checkout, you can only utilize Monthly Payments for one qualifying purchase in each product category. You can only be registered in one monthly payment plan per product category.

Note! You will make the initial payment at the time of the checkout. The rest of the plan is described below.
PaymentsDue Date For Payments
The first installment30 days after dispatch
The second installment60 days after dispatch
The third installment90 days after dispatch
The fourth installment120 days after dispatch

Step By Step Guide On How To Utilize Monthly Payments At

Applying for the monthly payment plan is quite straightforward. If you are eligible for it as per the requirements mentioned above, here’s what you need to do next.

  1. Visit and open your official account.
  2. Make sure that Enable Monthly Payments feature is turned on in your account.
  3. Go through the list of eligible products on the site. These would be the ones that have “5 monthly payments” option written next to them.
  4. Add items to cart and at the check-out, provide first month payments for the products.
  5. Pay off the remaining balance on respective due dates.

Alternatives To Monthly Payment Plans 

Amazon Credit Card Financing 

If the items you want to buy don’t qualify for Monthly Payments, or you think you’ll need more than five months to pay it off, an Amazon credit card might be a viable option.

These cards will not only provide you with exclusive financing options, but they will also assist you in earning points on some of your regular Amazon purchases.

If you opt for the new card, you can choose between:

  • The Amazon Store Card suite from Synchrony Bank (which includes the Amazon and Amazon Prime store credit cards, as well as the Amazon Prime Secured Card) 
  • The Amazon Rewards Visa suite from Chase (which includes the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card and the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card).

Equal Pay Financing 

Equal Pay is similar to Monthly Payments, except for larger purchases The Amazon store card has a payback period of six to 24 months, whereas Amazon Visa cards have payback duration of six to 18 months. 

Synchrony’s Equal Pay options on Amazon shop cards include:

Time Limit On The OfferThe Acquisition Of A Minimum
6 months$150
12 months$600
24 months$800 (only select purchases)

The following offers are available on Chase cards:

Time Limit On The OfferThe Acquisition Of A Minimum
6 months$150
12 months$250
18 months$500
  • Equal Pay allows you to spread the cost of your item out evenly throughout the promotion. You will not be charged any interest or other fees.

If you’ve used your Amazon credit card for fresh purchases as well as an Equal Pay purchase, this could get a little complicated.

By including an “Interest Saving Balance” on your statement, Chase makes it easy to see how much you need to spend to avoid paying interest on new transactions. The monthly payment required as part of your Equal Pay plan, as well as any non-promotional balances, are both included in your Interest Saving Balance.

Attention! ! You must pick between using your Amazon card for financing or earning rewards. You won’t get any cash-back on Amazon purchases if you choose finance.

Special Financing With Amazon 

Depending on the quantity of your transaction, Amazon Special Financing offers a 0% APR for six to 24 months.

You won’t have to pay interest if you pay off your purchase in full before the promotional period ends.

The following is a breakdown of 0% promotional Special Financing per order size:

Time Limit On The OfferThe Acquisition Of A Minimum
6 months$150
12 months$600
24 months$800 (select purchases)

Attention! ! because Special Financing uses deferred interest, if you have even $1 left on your debt at the end of the promotional period, you’ll be charged interest back to the date of purchase.

To apply for Special Financing on a Chase Amazon card simply pick your Amazon credit card as a payment method and Special Financing from the “card options” drop-down box.

Other Financing Options At Amazon 

  • Citi Flex Pay

Citi has teamed with Amazon to allow Citi cardholders to use Citi Flex Pay to finance Amazon purchases.

When you use an eligible Citi card as your payment method, this option allows you to split the cost of most purchases over $100 into equal monthly payments.

Although interest is included, the usual fixed promotional APR is low, and you may be eligible for a much longer payment plan than with other financing options.

The following is a list of Citi Flex Pay Amazon payment plans:

Time Limit On The OfferThe Acquisition Of A MinimumAPR Promotional
3 months$1006.74%
6 months$1496.74%
12 months$3006.74%
18 or 24 months$6006.74%
36 or 48 months$1,2008.74%
  • Pay It Plan It

The “Plan It” feature available on some American Express credit cards, allows eligible cardholders to divide purchases of more than $100 into monthly installments.

Payment plans range from three to 24 months and can be applied to up to ten eligible items.

To utilize “Plan It” with an Amazon purchase, charge the entire cost of the item to your eligible Amex card, then log in to your Amex account and choose the purchase you’d like to pay over time. 

  • New 0% Intro APR Card

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card and the American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card are two of the finest options right now.

Not only do both cards provide a 0% introductory APR on new purchases but also offer rewards on Amazon purchases.

For the first 6 months as a cardholder, both cards provide 20% cash back with a $150 and $200 cash-back cap.

Another alternative is the Discover it Cash Back card. It provides a 0% introductory APR on purchases for the first 14 months.

The Bottom Line

If you’re seeking payment flexibility while shopping on Amazon, you have a lot of alternatives, many of which will let you avoid paying interest for six months or longer. Hopefully, this Amazon monthly payment guide would be able to help you through it.

Although its own monthly payment plan is most convenient, you can choose from other options of payment at Amazon including special financing, equal pay financing, or use of $0 Intro APR credit cards. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you will be eligible for most of these only with positive payment history.

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