Apps Like Earnin That Will Help You End Surviving Paycheck to Paycheck!

Why wait for a paycheck when you work every day? Now there are easily accessible apps like Earnin that will help you overcome financial issues in times of need.

What Will We Learn Here?
1. Major apps similar to Earnin that contribute to society by solving financial crises are Dave, Moneylion, and Brigit. 
2. Most of these options charge minimum interest fees although some can prove to be an expensive choice.
3. You have to aware of the terms and conditions of the applications before you sign-up.

…and Much More!

Apps like Earnin – Top 20 Inexpensive Alternatives

There are many cash advance apps like Earnin that allow us to earn every day and manage our financial growth. These apps use minimum interests rates and charge you minimum to zero fees. 

A short review of all apps like possible finance options will help you choose the best app out there!  

Apps Like EarninMaximum loanInterest ChargesFee(Monthly)Credit Check
Check into Cash$10000%$0No
Daily PayVariableVariable$1.25/transferNo
FlexWageDepends on incomeN/A$5No
Instant FinancialVariable0%N/ANo
Pock Box$2,500Variable$0No
Possible Finance$5000%$0No
Rainy Day lending $2000%$0No
Solo Funds$30000%$0No
Tap CheckVariable 0%$0No
Vola Finance$3000%$4.99No 
ZirtueVariable N/A$5.99No 


Dave, just like Earnin, is an online digital banking system that provides overdrafts and loans to its members. It is one of your top choices and can cover all your financial needs. 

  1. Dave is an advanced cash app that allows you to avoid banks overdrafts fees and works in $0 interest fee 
  2. Although you have to pay a membership fee monthly up to $1
  3. Advanced cash from $25-$75 can be received quickly avoiding the overdraft fee.
  4. Dave app can be used on both Android and iPhone. 
  5. It is an easy secure app and lets you keep a track of your money and also helps you in developing a budget. 
  • Note! You can also check out other apps like Dave for more information.


Moneylion is another great cash app that manages your finances. This app benefits its user by easily accepting loans and building a stable credit history but requires you to have a checking account.

  1. You can get a loan of up to $250/pay period.
  2. The app offers credit-building loans with low APR loans ($500 for 45.99APR)
  3. For an instant cash delivery, you have to pay $3.99 and $4.99 in case of a non-accountholder.
  4. MoneyLion monthly fee costs $19.99
  5. They also work on a $0 interest fee.  
Note!Few APR loans can be up to $300 so be extra careful with which loan you choose. 


Brigit is another amazing app that lets you avail of advance cash and also notifies you about upcoming bills. 

  1. It allows a minimum loan of $25 up to $250 through a paid plan
  2. It offers zero interest fee loans in between your paychecks.
  3. The app has a monthly fee of $9.99
  4. You can sign up for free at Brigit.
  5. The APR on loans can be as high as $500 so be vigilant.


Chime is a banking app that is preferred by most users due to its easy sign-up process. It manages checking accounts with withdrawal and spending limits for most convenient use.

Does Earnin Work With Chime? Currently, Earnin works with Chime and is looking for new ways to support Chime users. You can visit the Settings in Chime and tap on Allow Transactions to give permission to exchange funds with payday loan apps.

  1. You can apply for a loan ranging from $25-$100 but mainly depends on your paycheck and credit history.
  2. There is no interest fee.
  3. Although you have to pay to open an account in Chime as it does not use your bank account.
  4. There is almost no monthly fee but you have to repay the loan within a week.
  5. Chime APR  can be up to 105%

Possible finance

Possible finance is a great app to improve credit history and also provides a range of other benefits.

  1. The available loan, that you can apply for is $500/payday
  2. This loan can be paid in installments after you receive your paycheck
  3. You can improve financial health and credit scores.
  4. It charges you no interest fee.
  5. The monthly payment for possible finance costs $0

Vola Finance

This is also an app like earnin but mostly for students but don’t get confused because they’re not the only ones who can use it.

  1. You can apply for a loan of $300 using Vola Finance
  2. You need to have a checking account that accepts ACH transfers.
  3. Vola Finance charges you a monthly fee of $4.99.
  4. No fee is charged on interests.
  5. It also helps you manage your finances and helps you in budgeting.

Pock Box

Pock Box is also a well-founded cash app like earnin and lets its users borrow a handsome amount of money.

  1. The loan amount varies between $100 and $2500. $2500 is the maximum loan.
  2.  Pock Box does charge some interest fees and the APR mainly depends on the credit situation and the lender.
  3. There is no need to link your bank account with Pock Box to apply for a loan.
  4. It offers its users better rates than the standard payday moneylenders.
  5. This cash app does not cost you any monthly charges. 


Lenme cash app is mostly used by investors since it offers a huge amount of loans. It has a very high loan approval rate.

  1. The maximum amount of loan that Lenme offers is up to $5000
  2. It does not charge any additional fee or any interest over the loan.
  3. The total additional cost that you have to pay is 1% of the loan.
  4. The sign-up process is free and very easy for users.
  5. You just have to download the app>chose a comfortable price loan>apply for the loan>get the cash within an hour>finish. 


LendUp is a very friendly cash app option that not only allows you to borrow money but gives you a range of other benefits.

  1. Users can apply for a loan for up to $600.
  2. It is an easy way to get cash in hand as it takes only one business day after the loan approval.
  3. LendUp charges up to %1000 APR on loans.
  4. The best part is that you don’t require any credit history for its approval.
  5. The app has free online budgeting courses that guide you to plan your finances properly.   

Solo Funds 

Solo Fund is a unique alternative as the app connects you to a reliable lender source that helps you with the payday and other cash requirements.

  1. You can apply for a loan of $1000 as soon as you register on the app.
  2. Later on, you can qualify for a loan up to $3000 depending on your credit.
  3. You can receive a quick cash payment in your bank account without any additional fee.
  4. Solo Funds does not charge you any interest fee over the loan.
  5. It has a very convenient loan applying process all you do is enter the amount>enter the time you need to pay it back>request for a loan>choose your lender>finish.
Note!With time the Solo Funds app will charge you less and you can even learn tricks and get better payday loan offers.

Rainy Day Lending 

 Rainy Day Lending works a little differently than apps like earnin as it does not allow payroll advances but can accept personal loans and cash advances to help with your financial needs.

  1. The minimum apply able loan is  up to $2500
  2. You have to connect your bank account with the app to receive the money immediately.
  3.  Rainy Day Lending does charge you an interest of about 200% to 2290% APR depending on your loan.
  4. You also have to deal with some additional overdraft charges.
  5. You can apply for the loan availing of their online option which is easy and hassle-free.


Zirtue cash app uses people you know or your family and friends to borrow or lend money to the respective member.

  1. The amount of loan you can apply for varies, and depends on the person you choose.
  2. It makes the process of borrowing money easier. 
  3. All you have to do is download the app>add the amount of loan >select the member>sign the terms and agreement> loan applied>finish.
  4. The amount of APR depends on the lender you chose
  5. Although you have to pay a monthly fee of $5.99.

Check into Cash

This is an online banking app just like earnin and allows you to apply loan to make your ends meet. 

  1. You can apply for a loan for as little as $50 and up to $1000
  2. Check into Cash offers you to pay the loan off in installments as well.
  3. To get the loan all you do is enter the amount>apply for loan>get the approval> lender will contact you>receive the money>finish.
  4. The APR for this app is a little high up to 390%
  5. Once the loan is approved by the app you will receive your money in 48 working hours or so.


Even is an app built for employees allowing them to get advanced cash rather than waiting for paychecks.

  1. The amount of loan depends on the working hours of the employee they can be up to 50% of his/her paycheck.
  2. No interest fee is charged if you apply for a payday check at Even.
  3. They also offer you to learn techniques to manage your finances better and be able to repay the loans.
  4. You have to pay a monthly fee of $8.99 if you’re using Even.
  5. The only drawback is that you can only use Even if your employer is using it.


PayActiv is another very reliable alternative for apps like earnin but it is region restricted so you have to check whether it is available in yours or not.

  1. You can apply for advanced cash up to $500.
  2. Your employer must be using this app, for you to use it.
  3. It charges $5 for every two months.
  4. If you have a good credit history you can even apply for 50% of your paycheck
  5. It also offers paydays for bills and has some programs on budgeting available on its site.

Daily Pay

Daily pay is an app quite similar to earnin but is not as popular as only employees can use it. It has a very friendly interface and is convenient to use.

  1. Employees can request an advanced wage on Daily Pay, the amount depends on the paycheck and working hours.
  2. To sign up you have to link your bank account to the app and also your number of working hours
  3. Each withdrawal will cost you an additional charge of $1.25
  4. An employee can only use this app if its employer is already using it.
  5. After approval of loan, it will be added to your  bank account instantly 

Tap Check

Tap Check is yet another app used by employees to receive their wages before their paychecks

  1. The maximum amount of cash you can apply for varies and depends on your paycheck.
  2. You need to link your bank account through the Tap Check app.
  3. The amount of APR on each loan depends on the amount.
  4. Employees can get instant cash in their bank accounts after approval of advance.
  5. No additional fee or even interest fee is charge through Tap Check app


Branch is another cash app alternative for employees to get instant financial help.

  1. It offers you to apply for advance cash of $500
  2. No additional charges for normal advances.
  3. If you want instant cash a fee of $3.99 is added per every withdrawal.
  4. This app also can only be used if your employer is registered.
  5. You need a checking account for this app; your bank account won’t be linked to it.


FlexWage is an employer program that lets the employee receive cash before the actual paycheck.

  1. You can use a pre-paid card to get your advanced cash.
  2. The amount of advanced cash depends on the paycheck
  3. This app carries up to a $5 fee for every withdrawal
  4. FlexWage provides better offers than most other apps
  5. The best part about FlexWage is that it requires no bank account hence the debit card.

 Instant Financial

 Instant Financial is an employer-sponsored app that offers the employee daily advanced cash.

  1. This app uses an instant card for a quick advanced pay-roll in your bank account.
  2. Instant Financial has a very easy online interface and you can receive money with a single tap.
  3. The advanced cash depends on the number of shifts you take.
  4. It does not cost you any interest fee or any additional fee.
  5. The approval rate of advances is very high.

The Bottom Line

Now you know that Earnin is not the only app that could help improve your financial needs and end your paycheck to paycheck cycle. There are many other alternatives!

  • The list of such cash apps is long but you need to be careful with the app that you choose.

Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of loan lending and cash advance app before applying for a loan or even advanced payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apps Like Earnin

Do you get cash-back at earnin or apps like it?

The cash-back is given by most of the cash app like earnin if you use your credit or debit card while requesting a loan. Although the amount of the cash-back may vary depending on the app. Earnin offers a reward of 1% to 10% cash-back when you used the accepted loan amount in restaurants.

What are other cash advance alternatives ?

Is there an app similar to Earnin, the list of apps are endless but a few top options are MoneyLion, Brigit, FlexWage, and Dave. You need to find the app that suits your financial needs and requirements.