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Apps like Lenme | 15 Options That Make Lending and Borrowing Easier!

One day or the other (usually at the end of the month), we find it difficult to make ends meet and some extra cash on hand doesn’t sound so bad, right? Well, apps like Lenme are the kind of friends you need in tough time!

What Will We Talk About Here?
1. Top choices for easier lending and borrowing with apps like Lenme are Payday, Chime, and Dave. 
2. Almost all these apps charge close to 0% interest
3. You should be aware of all the terms and conditions before signing up for any one of these apps. 

…and Much More!

Apps like Lenme – 15 Best Picks!

Fortunately, there are a plethora of money applications, such as Lenme, that offer a number of perks with competitive interest rates.

Hopefully, the detailed evaluation below will help you in selecting the best application in the end!

Apps Like DaveMaximum Loan AmountInterest ChargedMonthly FeeCredit Check
AXOS Bank Direct Deposit Express$2,5000%$0Yes
Empower $2500%$0No 
FlexWageDepends on incomeN/A$5No
Loan Solo$3,000N/AN/ANo
Possible $5000%$0Yes 
Rainy Day Lending$2000%$0No

AXOS Bank- Direct Money Deposit Express 

Direct Deposit Express is a service that comes included with AXOS Bank’s Essential Checking account.

  1. You can get your money up to 2 days before your paycheck is deposited with Direct Deposit Express.
  2. You don’t have to worry about monthly maintenance fees.
  3. There is no minimum balance restrictions.
  4. You will have access to you money at all times.
  5. This account has no overdraft, so you won’t have to worry about such costs.


Brigit is also one of the leading applications in the list of apps like Lenme. It mixes a lending component with analytics to help you keep track of your expenditures.

  1. You should be able to utilize the app’s statistics to prevent over-spending.
  2. Gain insight into your spending habits, receive notifications and assess your budget.
  3. While Brigit is free to download, the cash advance feature is only available to those who subscribe to the premium tier. This costs up to $9.99 per month.
  4. The app provides members with immediate cash loans of up to $250.
  5. It hosts one of the best customer support service.


While it isn’t quite the same as a Lenme, but given the generous spending and withdrawal limits, Chime may prove to be super-helpful.  

  1. Chime does provide you with quick access to your funds.
  2. Chime allows you to save and verify items while also avoiding costs.
  3. Traditional banks typically require you to wait up to 2 days after your salary is received before you can access your funds.
  4. You may have immediate access to the funds in emergency situation.
  5. Chime allows you to borrow money as well using the SpotMe feature.


Rather than focusing on consumers, DailyPay’s marketing strategy begins with employers. The app, on the other hand, functions similarly to Lenme.

  1. Employees establish a work-life balance with each hour they put in.
  2. They may use the app to get cash before payday if they need it.
  3. DailyPay deposits the funds into a bank account, and the amount previously withdrawn is deducted from the paycheck on payday.
  4. It charges a fee to transfer money from your hours-worked account to your bank account.
  5. Each transfer costs only $1.25.


Like your friend Dave, who is always willing to lend you a helping hand, this Lenme alternative can help you save money before payday.

  1. Dave is a budgeting tool that helps you keep track of your spending.
  2. The software analyses your expenditure, identifies bills and alerts you to impending expenses.
  3. Alerts warn you that a pending bill may result in an overdraft.
  4. In addition, you may receive a 0% APR advance of up to $75 till paycheck with no credit check.
  5. A Dave membership costs $1 each month.

Note! Seems like something you are interested in? Check out more of Dave alternatives that offer similar loan terms.


Earnin’s concept is that you should be able to get your money whenever you finish your task. 

  1. Earnin keeps track of your hours at work so you can payout when you need to. 
  2. Earnin deducts the money you’ve already taken from your paycheck when you get your actual paycheck. 
  3. It is an inexpensive option.
  4. There are no fees or interest charges with this app.
  5. You have the option of leaving a tip to support the company, but there are no costs to pay.


It is a new growing app like Lenme. 

  1. Empower provides up to $250 in cash advances with no interest or late fees.
  2. You may receive up to 10% cashback* on debit purchases at qualified businesses when you sign up for an Empower Card.
  3. You’ll also get your paycheck up to two days earlier if you deposit it to the Empower Card.
  4. You can receive advances up to $250 as short-term loan.
  5. The advance has no late fees, interest charges, or credit checks.


FlexWage, like the other Lenme options listed, enables employees to access their earned earnings whenever they choose.

  1. For employees who get paper checks, FlexWage now offers reloadable payroll debit cards.
  2. Workers who are unbanked and unable to accept direct deposits may benefit from the debit card 
  3. There are certain costs, such as $5 for on-demand income transfer.
  4. There are some fees for using a debit card
  5. Nonetheless, it is considerably less expensive than payday loans.


Kiva is unique in that it is geared toward small company owners. 

  1. Borrowers must put the money to good use in their businesses.
  2. Kiva also uses a crowdsourced model to deliver your money to you.
  3. Part of the procedure entails launching a 30-day campaign to try to pique people’s attention.
  4. The interested lenders then agree to offer you money.
  5. Some supporters will match the contributions of others, improving the total results.


LoanSolo links you with lenders who are willing to deal with your financial issues for you!

  1. It is possible to receive cash quickly and easily.
  2. The loan is sent right into your bank account, with no effort and price.
  3. LoanSolo offers overnight cash advances up to $1,000 and personal loans up to $3,000. 
  4. The APRs vary depending on the lender and your credit history. 
  5. It may be less expensive than paying the hefty fees connected with payday loans.


Moneylion is a fresh option to traditional banking and rapid cash if you’re seeking something different.

  1. It offers Cashback incentive.
  2. There is no-fee checking.
  3. You may also receive a “Credit Builder” loan with an APR of 5.99%.
  4.  It’s a fast $500 loan for those with bad credit. 
  5. Moneylion now provides Instant-cash at 0% APR for up to $250 in advance of payday.


PayActiv users get support with financial counseling in addition to being able to access earned income before payday. 

  1. The app offers a platform that allows users to do more than just acquire a payday loan.
  2. It also allows them to pay their bills and get medication savings.
  3. PayActiv even comes with a debit card, so you can get your money fast and easily.
  4. It is protected from all sorts of fraud. 
  5. Users may use the service for free if they set up direct deposit to the card, or they can pay a $1 per day cost.


PockBox is another online service that links you with short-term lenders. 

  1. The lender can provide you with up to $2,500 in cash. 
  2. You complete the paperwork, and within minutes, you’ll be matched with a lender.
  3. It will deposit funds into your account the following business day.
  4. Again, APRs vary depending on your credit condition and the lender.
  5. You will almost certainly spend less with PockBox.


Many of the money-lending applications attempt to make the procedure as simple as possible ironically one of these is Possible (pun intended!)

  1. You may get up to $500 with it, even if you have terrible or no credit history.
  2. Linking your bank account and presenting evidence of residency are both required steps in the application process.
  3. You will, however, receive a push message on your phone informing you of the decision. 
  4. Within 3 days, you must check in to the app and recover your money. 
  5. The money needs to be repaid by the next payday.

Rainy Day Lending 

Rainy Day is neither a lender nor a provider to give advances. Instead, this cash loan software allows you to rapidly acquire a personal loan

  1. All major credit cards are accepted
  2. Funds can be put into your account the next business day.
  3. APRs differ depending on the loan you’re matched with.
  4. However, when you include in the costs of insufficient funds fines, overdraft fees, and payday loan interest rates, you’ll often come out ahead of any interests. 

The Bottom Line

So here is a long list of apps like Lenme you might find useful!

When utilizing a cash advance app, it’s vital to keep in mind that there are benefits and drawbacks to consider.

Before you join up, think about whether the advantages exceed the disadvantages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apps Like Lenme

Q. What app gives you 100 dollars?

Earnin, extra features are earned. Balance Shield Alert, an overdraft notice function in the app, notifies you when your account balance falls below a certain level. Earnin will also transfer an amount up to $100 to your bank account if your balance falls below $100 if you opt into the Balance Shield Cash-Out function.

Q. How can I make $100 quickly?

  1. Take surveys to get money.
  2. For Postmates, deliver.
  3. As a new Lyft driver, you’ll receive a $1,000 incentive.
  4. Sign up for a popular rewards site and get $10 right away.
  5. Install the Nielsen App (and earn $50)
  6. Trim may help you save money on your expenses.
  7. Make some money with your camera.
  8. Refunds will be made automatically.