Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later Food Grocery Stores You Should Know About!

Grocery shopping is a must for every household and buy now pay later food grocery stores ensure that you never have to hold back while getting essentials for yourself!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Some prominent names in the list of buy now pay later food grocery stores include Walmart, Kroger’s, and Target.
  • Most of the stores provide special cards through which customer can opt for installment-based payments.
  • You need to be careful about terms and conditions put forward by each store.

…and Much More!

Buy Now Pay Later Food Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores and internet retailers, now provide a “buy now, pay later” food option.

Since the list of options is pretty long, we’ve compiled a list of  food grocery stores to help you find the right choice. Take a look!

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Target is most recognized for its payment options and selling housewares, home decor, groceries, and other items under a Target-owned brand. It offers buy now pay later service to people with average to high credit score.

  • Customers need Target RedCard for installment payment option.
  • You will save 5% every time you buy at Target with free delivery via Shipt.
  • You’ll get access to exclusive events, products, and promotions, as well as free delivery on most items purchased on


Kroger is a retail corporation based in the United States of America. It rewards World Mastercard with good credit history to let customers ease their payments with buy now and pay later. The delivery is available in majority of the areas through InstaCart.

  • You get Two points for every dollar spent in Kroger-owned stores and fuel spots.
  • One point is rewarded for every dollar spent at all other companies.
  • $0.55 per gallon discount at Kroger fuel centers when using fuel points.


Walmart Inc. runs several hypermarkets, cheap department stores, and grocery stores. For clients in hunt of installment payments, Walmart offers Rewards Card and Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard with a good credit score.

  • You can receive 1% to 5% cash-back on purchases made at Walmart, including pickup and delivery.
  • The delivery option is available.
  • You have to check beforehand if delivery is possible to your area or not.

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It is a chain of membership-only big-box retail locations. Costco Anywhere Visa Card is accepted as payment with good credit score if you wish to divide payments over time.

  • The delivery requires that you place $35 minimum order.
  • To receive a Costco credit card, you must be a warehouse club member.
  • It offers 2% cash back on all Costco purchases, 4% cash back on restaurant, travel and 1% cash back on all other items.

Sam’s Club

 Owned by Walmart Inc. it is an American membership-only retail warehouse club. With Sam’s Club Mastercard credit, customers can buy now pay later all the stores.

  • Delivery is possible with Instacart and Shipt.
  • When purchasing, your credit card can also be used as your membership card.
  • You get 5% cash-back on gas, 3% cash-back on dining, and 1% cashback on everything else. 

Whole Foods Stores

Whole foods offer items that are free of hydrogenated fats, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

  • Through Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card, customers can choose to pay in installments.
  • At Amazon and Whole Foods, you’ll get 3% cash back, plus 1% to 2% cash back anywhere else.
  • For Amazon Prime subscribers, the delivery option is open.

Amazon Fresh

It is a supermarket delivery service that is currently offered in most major cities across the United States.

  • It accepts Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card or Store Card
  • Amazon Fresh offers 1% to 5% back on purchases and 0% APR promotions for cardholders
  • Delivery is possible in selective areas only.


Home décor, bedding, housewares, jewelry, garden elements, buy now pay later electronics, clothes, collectibles, presents, and more can all be found at Figi’s Gallery. However, the delivery of items can take up to 5 days.

  • Figi’s No-Interest Credit can be used to buy now and pay later
  • There is a credit check, however, Figi’s does not specify what the minimum credit score is.
  • There are no cash back or other advantages; three monthly payments are postponed with no interest.


Fingerhut is a website that sells “anything from furniture and bedding to jewelry and the latest technologies.”  All purchases are made using a line of credit provided by the corporation, and clients are required to make monthly payments to repay their balances.

  • It accepts Advantage Credit Account and Fresh Start Installment Loan
  • A credit check is required, but individuals who do not meet the criteria for an Advantage account will be evaluated for a Fresh Start account.
  • There will be no cash back and a fixed APR.

Home Shopping Network (HSN) has Deals and Special Values. You can shop for cosmetics, electronics, fashion, home decor, and many more. It accepts FlexPay. Credit checks may be necessary for FlexPay orders.

  • There are no extra benefits, such as cash back,
  • However, you can pay overtime with a monthly installment plan and 0% interest.
  • Available delivery options include Standard, Express, Super Express, and Motor Freight.


QVC is a free-to-air television network in the United States that focuses on broadcast home shopping. You can get QCard, with fair or superior credit, but a credit check is required.

  • QVC credit with five-installment easy pay for all purchases.
  • It offers special offers at HSN and Zulily.
  • All 50 states have access to this program.

The Swiss Colony

Petites Fours, Butter Toffee, Fruitcake, Cheese, Sausage, and other food gifts are available from the Swiss Colony.

  • You can get Swiss Colony credit but after a credit check only.
  • Charges vary depending on the total amount of your order and where you live.
  • There aren’t any extra benefits, such as cash back, but there isn’t an annual fee which is a plus.

The Tender Filet

The Tender Filet’s online steak catalogs feature excellent aged beef that has been hand-trimmed by experienced butchers for the leanest, most juicy cuts and then aged to perfection.

  • Shipping fees vary depending on the total value of your order and the shipping address.
  • Buy now pay later option via Tender Filet Credit by the Swiss Colony. There is no minimum credit score requirement.
  • Although there are no cash back offers, there is no yearly charge for the service.

The Wisconsin Cheeseman

The Wisconsin Cheeseman is the country’s leading food gift enterprise. Since then, they’ve added gourmet cheeses, sausages, chocolates, fruitcakes, and more to their menu.

  • Wisconsin Cheeseman Credit for installment option comes with a credit check but there is no minimum credit score requirement.
  • Shipping prices vary depending on the size and location of your item.
  • There is no annual fee and a variable APR as low as 6%.

The Bottom Line

Most of the grocery stores offer special cards to customers through which they can avail buy now pay later feature and other promotional perks as well such as cash backs and discounts.

You can make your life easier by opting for installment payments. However, make sure you clear the bills on time. Although some stores do not charge penalty on late payments, it still wouldn’t look good on your credit history.