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Buy Now Pay Later Gift Cards | 10+ Options and Tips To Get The Best One

Do you want make your occasion even more special by giving the recipient a gift of their personal choice? Purchase of gift cards has been made super convenient with offers like buy with self check out or purchase gift card using checking account. To top it up, you can get buy now pay later gift cards that can be easily redeemed online and exchanged for eGift cards as well!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Best places to get buy now pay later gift cards include eGifter,, Raise, Prezzee, Amazon, PayPal, GiftRocket, Zebit, and more. 
  • To choose the right BNPL gift card, keep in mind the fees, retail stores that accept gift cards, expirations, limitations, refunds, and a few other things. 
  • You can send the gift cards to your recipient either via email, text, or hand delivery. 

…and Much More!

Buy Now Pay Later Gift Cards 

There are several places and online platforms like Jewel Osco, HEB. and Circle K that offer gift cards. Some of the gift cards are available on official store or website only such is the case with Costco and Walmart.

Whether you want to order gift card online or pick it up at store, buy now pay later gift cards seem to be of huge use. Since the whole point of buy now pay later services is to make shopping convenient for the users, these gift cards also let you divide installments over time for easy. In this regards, there are a number of platforms that you can check out.


There are only a few spots that offer premium gift cards like Dollar Tree and eGifter is one of them. You can send them order through text, email, or hand delivery. You can choose the gift cards from 300+ brands and can also avail of the BNPL gift cards here. Also, earn eGifter points along with your purchases and save money with eGifter. 

  • eGifter accepts various payment options for the purchase such as credit cards, digital wallets, and interestingly cryptocurrency as well. 
  • Pay in 4installments using PayPal as your payment option.
  • This helps you to pay the first installment upfront while the remaining three can be paid over 2 weeks. 
  • Using American Airlines promo at eGifter you can save up to a significant amount. 
  • Purchase a $25 gift card for Fandango and get a $5 Movie card in return. 


Raise is another online marketplace like ACME where you can get gift cards easily. It allows third-party sellers to sell their gift cards channeled through its marketplace. Raise has a low overhead in comparison and is a perfect platform to exchange gift cards for cash. 

  • Using Raise gift cards, you can save up to 30% at brands like Starbucks and Nike. 
  • Raise also allows the customers to earn Raise Cash which can be used to be applied to various gift cards. 
  • You will get various physical and digital Raise gift cards at a discount percentage ranging from 1% to 30. 
  • It has a referral program that allows the customers to earn a $5 credit for future gift card purchases. 
  • If you are a seller, then you will be charged $1 to list your physical gift card on the platform. 


Change the art of gifting through this one of the leading global eGift card platforms. It surely makes eGifting so much exciting and easier with the customizations it provides. Add a pinch of extra affection to your gift by purchasing gift cards at Prezzee. 

  • Prezzee offers vast personalization of the gift cards depending upon your special events. 
  • Prezzee allows the customers to pay for their purchases using Afterpay as their payment method. For this, you need to be an Afterpay Pulse Loyalty member. 
  • With Afterpay at Prezzee, you can earn incredible 40 points per purchase as it splits your payment into four equal installments. 
  • Get incentives for using Prezzee gift cards at various retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Bed, Bath & Beyond,, CVS Pharmacy, and more. 
  • Prezzee offers several promotions from time to time and redeems services. is the most famous platform to get gift cards to fit every occasion. It also offers you to earn money points to save on several purchases. Whether it is gifts for foodies, gamers, beauties, or gardeners, you won’t be disappointed with their collection. 

  • is a one-stop solution for your modern gifting. It offers everything from multi-store gift cards, and Visa gift cards to gift cards for top-notch brands. 
  • You can use Quadpay to fund your gift card purchase and pay in four flexible installments in six weeks. 
  • It allows you to create your card with a personalized message and photo on the card. 
  • Its Retail Therapy gift cards are widely available at 9 retailers. The brands include GAP, Ulta Beauty, Macy’s, Wayfair, Nordstrom Rack, and more. 
  • The Happy Birthday gift cards can be redeemed online and also exchanged for the eGift cards. 

Apart from the above-mentioned leading platforms that offer BNPL gift cards, you can also consider some of the additional options mentioned below. 


Afterpay, as we all know is a buy now pay later payment option that is vastly available in-store and online. It has an incredible collection of gift cards of different categories such as Airbnb gift cards, Apple Gift Cards, Target Gift cards, and so much more. 

  • The gift cards at the Afterpay are nonrefundable. It won’t charge you any fee if you pay back on time. 
  • Customers who can purchase gift cards at the Afterpay must have platinum, diamond, or mint status. 
  • Afterpay offers extensive delivery services such as through email, hand delivery, or even via text. 

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Curacao is yet another department chain store that has multiple gift cards in its brand name. Various retail stores here offer a wide selection of home products, fashions, and electronics too. As for the gift cards, there are certain things to keep in mind as that current policies. 

  • Curacao does not offer to allow the customers yet to purchase gift cards directly from the website. 
  • It has one of the partner sites, named Giftly where you can purchase gift cards for Curacao. 
  • It does not charge an inactivity fee, and the gift card can be redeemed for money only through the Giftly website. 


GiftRocket is one of the thoughtful and flexible choices when it comes to buying gift cards. It allows you to redeem the gift online and receive the money in your account to spend. It has cards for every occasion that would leave you in awe with its jaw-dropping designs. 

  • The person receiving a card can facilitate a direct deposit into their bank account, PayPal, or e-gift transmission. 
  • You will have to pay a certain fee when purchasing a gift card which is a $2 card. 
  • In addition to this, you have to pay a total of 5% of the complete gift card amount. 


One another online marketplaces where you can shop from thousands of brands and pay over six months is Zebit. It offers a maximum of $2500 in credit which can use to shop from the top brands. 

  • Zebit buy now pay later does not charge any late fees, interest, or even prepay penalties from the customers. 
  • Just make a down payment of at least 20% to 30% at the time of checkout. It does not even pull your FICO score to accept their buy now pay later payment plan. 
  • Users can also purchase gift cards at the Zebit provided that you pay an 18% handling charge. It is associated with the gift card purchase at Zebit.  


Leading retailers Amazon allows you to shop the gift cards by occasion, card type, and offers fun and festive formats. No matter what category and occasion, you will get all at Amazon with artistic customizations as per your needs. You can also convert Amazon gift card to PayPal if need balance in your other account which is a huge plus.

  • Amazon has various features brands for the gift cards such as Google, Uber, Starbucks, Netflix, and more. 
  • Get the Amazon gift cards through buy now pay later financing at a flexible cost. But you will have to purchase them from a third-party website i.e., the Zip. 
  • You can get the Amazon gift card by making a total of four installments of a fixed amount. The payment period is a total of six weeks and no more than that. 


Another place to get buy now pay later gift cards is PayPal. You can send digital gift cards and redeem them both online and in-store. In addition, it also allows getting massive discounts on great brands using online coupons. Moreover, you can easily transfer funds from gift card to PayPal if need be.

  • Popular PayPal gift cards include Amazon gift cards, Big W eGift Card, eBay Gift cards, Airbnb gift cards, and many others. 
  • To get a PayPal eGift card, you need to own a PayPal business account. 
  • To get an exclusive e-Gift card on PayPal, you won’t have to pay any additional fee. 

Why Should You Choose Buy Now Pay Later Gift Cards? 

Gift cards are an ideal cash alternative and are widely accepted now. They are easy to redeem and are readily available at pocket-friendly rates at various places. Many banks, financial platforms, and e-commerce sites have devised their exclusive gift cards including some leading names like Ross, Shein, Scheels, Redbox, Boots, etc.

Choosing a gift for someone can get a bit hefty when you are not sure what they’ll like and whatnot. Gift cards take care of all such problems giving the recipients complete freedom to choose what they like. 

  • This will not only add to the thoughtfulness of your present but also provide great ease to both parties.

Quite a while ago, it was considered that gift cards are only constructed to serve the purposes of giant corporations. But, as of today, gift cards are more than that. Plus, getting buy now pay later gift cards can be purchased with ease.

Buy now pay later payment services such as Sezzle offer a budget-friendly service to avail of the gift cards. With this, you can make payments in different installments without breaking a bank.

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How To Choose the Right Buy Now Pay Later Gift Card for Yourself? 

Choosing the right buy now pay later gift card can get a bit tricky with so many options revolving in your mind. To narrow down the perfect choice, make sure you keep in mind the following things. 

  1. Before purchasing a gift card, note the potential possibilities of how it can be delivered. See whether it is a physical card, a certificate, or a card that will have to be accessed online. 
  2. Various buy now pay later websites would charge you additional or hidden fees. This would be the maintenance fee that is typically 10% at several sites. The only case it would be charged is if you didn’t redeem the gift card within 1 year of purchase. 
  3. Carefully read all the terms and conditions associated with the card, particularly the expiration date. If you surpass the expiration date on the card, gift card funds will be returned to the state government. 
  4. Gift cards come with a certain limitation where you will be allowed to buy only certain products. Note where you can use them and if it is backed up by some BNPL website not. 
  5. Another thing to keep in mind is the minimum range of gift cards. It can either be as low as a dollar or as much as that your credit limit. Note the minimum and then decide which one deems fit for your interest. 
  6. Many gift cards issuing places won’t allow you to use them for business purposes and if by any chance you are found doing it, the company immediately blocks the gift. Therefore, read the terms of the agreement before making any such mistake. 
  7. Lastly, educate yourself on the return policies of every gift card. If you want to refund, make sure the gift card is not yet redeemed. Moreover, it must also be done within the number of days designated by the respective company. 

The Bottom Line 

Whether it is a travel plan, making someone’s birthday more eventful, or dining out at your favorite restaurant, gift cards will always add more pleasure to your experience. You can gift a particular gift card to someone that can be redeemed for money. 

You can purchase buy now pay later gift cards through various sources as mentioned in the article above. Several websites offer added incentives on purchasing gift cards by letting you earn points on the purchases. Choose the perfect one for you and make the best use of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I buy a gift card with Klarna? 

Unfortunately, Klarna does not offer any gift cards yet through its platform. 

Can you buy gift cards in-store with Afterpay? 

Yes, you can buy gift cards in-store with Afterpay. However, it is not available for online purchases. 

Can I use Sezzle to buy gift cards?

Yes, for that you will have to download the Sezzle app to make a gift card purchase.

Can I buy gift cards with a credit card? 

Yes, you can buy gift cards with a credit card but make sure you don’t accrue any unnecessary credit card interest.