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Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay? Here’s The Final Answer!

Who doesn’t like getting a little cash back for their spending? All Apple users know that Apple Pay is accepted at several locations and has other unlimited benefits, but if you are wondering, ‘Can you get cash back with Apple Pay?’ we have the answer right here! 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Apple Pay gives cash back option to its users but the policy varies for different stores and locations. 
  • You can also link your cash back credit card with Apple Pay by using Mobile Wallet > Add card > tap your Apple Pay credit card > Confirm.
  • It is possible to earn cash back by linking debit card as well but only if you shop at a store that accepts Apple Pay and has cash back policy.

…and Much More!

Can You Get a Cash Back With Apple Pay?

Once you visit a place that accepts Apple Pay and has set a cash-back policy, you can save some dollars using this mode of payment. However, terms and conditions would vary from one location to another.

  • Users can also link their debit or credit cards to win back a portion of their spending when paying via Apple Pay. 

Moreover, this cash-back scheme works just like other similar offers. Here are the details!

Cash Back With Apple Pay Card 

If you use Apple Pay frequently, the Apple Pay Card is perfect for you! The company provides a facility that is no different than a usual credit card used for in-store and online purchases.

The Apple Pay card is the easiest way to get cash back as it allows its users to enjoy:

  • 3% cash back on listed products
  • 2% cash back on all other products 
  • 1% cash back in places where Apple Pay is not accepted.

Unlike other cards, Apple Pay cards are limitless, and cash-back money is deposited into your mobile wallet. You can use this money as per your need!

You can also use this card to pay monthly installments, which make shopping less stressful. 

Note! Apple Pay credit cards can be used in both ways, either linked with Apple Pay or separately. That means you can use this card in stores where Apple Pay is not accepted. 

How To Link Cash Back Credit Card With Apple Pay Account For Rewards

Linking your credit card with Apple Pay is yet another convenient method to get cash back. All you need to do is connect your card like all the other cards on Apple Pay. 

Make sure you use the credit cards that are appropriate for Apple Pay. A few of these cards include: 

  • Blue Cash Preferred Card 
  • Blue Cash Everyday Card
  • Chase Freedom flex 

These cards allow up to 6% cash back in different forms, like 

  • 3% or 6% cash back on supermarkets
  • 3% cash back on transportation, including parking and tolls. 
  • 5% cash back on restaurants or stores 
  • 2%-3% money back on gas and much more!

Link Debit Card With Apple Pay To Earn Back Money 

The final way to get cash back is to link any Debit Card to Apple Pay. This cash-back option is comparatively tricky, depending on the store and its location. For this cash back, you need to:

  • Link your Debit card with Apple Pay
  • Choose a store that accepts Apple Pay
  • Select the store that gives cash back 

This might seem like an impossible option, but quite a few stores out there accept Apple Pay and give Cashback. These stores include:

  • Albertsons gives cash back in locations like Arizona, California, and Idaho 
  • Safeway locations like Colorado, Delaware, and Washington give money back to their customers
  • Trader Joe’s, located in Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee, also gives cash back.

Let’s discuss a few places that do not give cash back to make things easier for you; Albertsons locations like Bakersfield, Calif, and Safeway located in Rehoboth Beach and Del are amongst the few areas that do not give cash back. 

Note that all these places accept Apple Pay but a few locations; ensure you get the correct store information before reaching it. 

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Tips to Earn Maximum Cash Back With Apple Pay

  • Shop at stores like Walgreens that have high cash-back offers.
  • You can also add multiple cards to Apple Pay, and some cards get better cash back at specific stores.
  • Use Apple Card and Apple Pay frequently. You will earn more money back on every purchase.
  • Keep a check on special cash-back offers.

Where Can I Get Cash Back With Apple Pay

Major retailers like Costco, Walgreens, and CVS are the most prominent places that give good cash back on Apple Pay purchases. You can also get unlimited 3% Daily Cashback using Apple Card at any Apple Store.

Partner stores and online retailers/services also offer cash-back rewards with Apple Pay. Moreover, ATMS do not promise cash back, but you can still use them to withdraw money.

Extra Reading

Limitations of Getting Cash Back With Apple Pay

There are a few restrictions you must keep in mind when using Apple Pay to clear payments at a merchant store or online.

  • Apple Pay only works at some stores. Although several retailers now take Apple Pay, you must check beforehand about the availability of cash-back offers.
  • Cashbacks also vary from one merchant to another.
  • Apple Pay does not give cash back at ATMs. You can, however, use the app to withdraw money at some specific ATMS only.
  • You must link a debit or credit card with Apple Pay to get cash back.

Do Apple Pay Payments Affect My Credit Score

Apple Pay use does not affect your credit score, but since the application for an Apple Pay card involves a credit check, it can temporarily pull your credit score down.

However, once you have the card and are keen about making timely payments, it can significantly improve your credit score. 

Is Apple Pay Safe to Use

Apple Pay has been built by the best of manufacturers, and rest assured, the app is entirely safe to use. Your card details are not shared or stored whenever you use them to pay any merchant.

Moreover, even if you lose the device, the Find My iPhone feature can help you easily track it or suspend pending payments immediately.

The Bottom Line

Apple Pay not only provides us with the best payment option but also allows us to save a few bucks. Since it is now widely accepted even at gas stations and restaurants, we only need to use Apple Pay credit cards or debit cards to avail of their cash-back facility.

Just ensure you know which store and location to give cash back to!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get cash back with Apple Pay at CVS?

You can use Apple Pay at CVS, but the only way to get cash back there is to have a Discover cashback debit card linked to your Apple Pay account. This will allow you to earn 1% cash back on all purchases.

Can I get cash back at Walgreens?

You can use your Apple Card to pay for your purchase with Apple Pay and earn 3% cashback. 

How do I use an ATM to withdraw money from Apple Pay?

All you need to do to withdraw money is double-click your home button, select your debit card, use your ID to open it, hold your phone on the reader, and enter the ATM pin on the keyboard; now, you’ll get your money.

Is Apple Pay accepted at Dollar Tree?

No, unfortunately, Dollar Tree does not accept Apple Pay as of now. They will take it shortly due to customer demand. 

Can I obtain cash back at Target with Apple Pay?

The only way to get cash back at Target is to link your mobile wallet(target wallet) with a Target credit card. You can now download Target Wallet on Android and even iOS. 

Can you get cash back with Apple Pay at Dollar General? 

As per a recent update, Dollar General accepts Apple Pay but has yet to share any prominent cashback offer.

Can you get cash back with Apple Pay at Walmart? 

Walmart does not accept Apple Pay for purchases. Consequently, you can not earn any cashback here using the app.

Can you get cash back with Apple Pay at Family Dollar?

You can get cash back at Family Dollar when using Apple Pay for purchases.