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Can You Use Apple Pay At ATMs For Cardless Cash Withdrawal?

Regardless of extremely useful reloadable cards and your favorite credit card, sometimes we wish to be free of the burden of carrying them around. In fact, cardless ATMs are not new since the COVID’19 era. Most of the contactless payment options are accepted by these ATMs but can you use Apple Pay at ATMs?

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Apple Pay is accepted at ATMS of different banks including Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, etc.
  • You can withdraw cash here Opening your Apple Pay Wallet > Select Card > Tap on NFC sign > Provide PIN > Confirm Transaction.
  • There are safety tips that you should use to avoid online frauds like guarding your account credentials and opting for two-step verification.

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Can You Use Apple Pay At ATMs?

We are all quite aware of how ATMs work for app or banks and how convenient they are. But, this new technology: cardless cash, has made withdrawing money totally effortless. You can now use your mobile wallet to acquire cash on different spots via ATMs.

  • Banks that have introduced NFC technology into their ATMs are likely to allows Apple Pay cash withdrawal.

ATMs That Allow You To Use Apple Pay vs The Ones That Don’t

Although cardless ATMs is a great technology, it is not yet offered by all banks. To avail of this facility, the user needs to know which bank provides them with this convenience. 

We have listed a few bank ATMs with their cash withdrawal limits that let you use Apple Pay.

Attention! The limit is adjustable. Just call the helpline if you wish to increase the limit and enjoy your withdrawal raise!

Here are banks that don’t accept Apple Pay at ATMs. Note that a few of these banks do offer cardless cash just not through Apple Pay. 

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How To Withdraw Money at Cardless ATMs with Apple Pay 

As a lot of spots now offer Apple Pay at ATMs, it is best to know the easiest way to use this touchless cash opportunity.

You can follow the following steps to withdraw money here.

  1. Go to your Apple Pay Wallet and sign in.
  2. Choose the card you wish to use.
  3. Make a contactless motion with your phone by tapping it against the contactless sign.
  4. Enter the PIN for your card on the ATM keyboard.
  5. After that, the ATM will confirm your identification and complete your transaction. 

Is It Safe To Use Apple Pay For Cardless Withdrawals?

Apple Pay itself is quite secure and easy to set up on your device but you can never be safe enough with transactions. Nonetheless, Apple Pay has taken a few measures that make the cardless cash process safe. 

  1. A one-time verification code is sent for every transaction. This code expires after 30 minutes.
  2. A warning message with the code is also attached that reminds the user not to share the code or any other online banking details. 
  3. You can keep track of all your transactions at all times through the Apple Pay app. 

Although the ATMs are quite safe to use, no online banking is fraudproof. Be careful with all your banking credentials at all times.

The Bottom Line 

Due to the pandemic, more people are now into touchless cash withdrawal. Fortunately, Apple Pay allows its users to get cash at ATMs.

Although cardless ATMS are super convenient and they let you access cash quickly, make sure all your online banking details are safe at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to obtain cash with Apple Pay?

Yes, if you have the access to any cardless ATM that accepts Apple Pay, you can get cash as soon as possible. Look for the NFC symbol on the ATM.

Is Apple Pay available at Chase?

Chase recently announced that almost 16,000 Chase ATMs accept Apple Pay. Use this cardless process to get access to cash just through your phone. 

Is Apple Pay accepted at ATMs?

Apple Pay is accepted at ATMs. Just hold your phone close to the NFC symbol then the bank sends you a one-time code that you enter in the machine to get access to cash

What is the procedure for withdrawing funds from my virtual debit card?

ATMs do not accept Virtual Debit Cards for any sort of transaction.