Does Amazon Take Afterpay? Guide on Amazon Payment Options

Everyone’s looking for simple and convenient ways to shop and pay for their purchases. Afterpay is an excellent option, as its buy-now pay-later service provides a novel alternative to credit cards but you might wonder does Amazon take Afterpay as well?

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Amazon does not take Afterpay but it offers monthly payment plans that make shopping conveniently.
  • You can opt for monthly payments by Choosing items that offer monthly payments > Adding it to the cart > Choosing payment method > Making first payment at the time of shipping > Making rest of 4 payments on time.
  • Amazon also offers promotional financing on qualified purchases.

…and Much More!

Does Amazon Take Afterpay?

As of 2021, Amazon will no longer accept Afterpay.

Instead, Amazon offers special financing for cardholders and buyers who purchase kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Alexa products instead of Afterpay or layaway.

Afterpay is also available at PetSmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Forever 21, Old Navy, and other retailers for Amazon customers. In fact, there is a long list of stores that now take Afterpay.

Reasons Why Amazon Does Not Accept Afterpay

Afterpay isn’t accepted by Amazon because it isn’t profitable for the big e-commerce giant.

While many apparels and home companies use Afterpay to attract customers, Amazon does not need to use it.

  • Amazon has millions of devoted customers who have demonstrated that they will shop on the site even if Afterpay is not available.

That isn’t to imply that Amazon will never provide Afterpay. Nobody knows how popular Afterpay will become, and whether consumer demand will force Amazon to incorporate more flexible payment choices.

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Extra Reading

Alternatives to Afterpay – Amazon Buy Now Pay Later Feature

Buy now, pay later, as the name implies, allow you to secure purchase while completing the billing in installments. Many companies smaller than Amazon are now offering such features their shoppers and there are many things such as shoes, furniture, jewelry, laptops, computer, etc. are now available via BNPL schemes.

  • However, Amazon does not allow customers to use buy now pay later on its site for select Amazon devices. Buyers can choose Afterpay or Klarna when checking out instead.

However, Amazon does offer a monthly payment plan for select Amazon purchases. This appealing payment option is reserved for Amazon-branded products such as Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Echo smart home devices.

Attention! If sale of item is available with monthly payment option, it would be mentioned on product detail page.

Here’s how Amazon monthly payments work:

  1. Choose the items and check if monthly payments are applicable.
  2. Add items to cart and check out.
  3. Choose the monthly payment option.
  4. Make the first payment when the item is shipped to you.
  5. Continue making rest of the 4 payments on time every month.

Other Payment Options at

Amazon also offers promotional financing on qualified purchases made with an Amazon credit card, in addition to monthly payment plans on selected items.

You will have more payment options once you are authorized for the Amazon store card. Additionally, this tool of payment comes with special offers and discounts that you would love to avail especially if you are a frequent buyer.

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Stores That Take Afterpay

Amazon is an exception in that it does not accept Afterpay because more than 7,000 merchants are open to this payment mode. Some of the prominent names include:

  • Credit Beauty
  • Forever 21.
  • Levi’s.
  • MAC cosmetics
  • Old Navy, Dillard’s.
  • Pacsun.
  • UGG, Fabletics.
  • Urban Outfitters.

Even though Amazon has thousands of reasonably priced home items, buyers who prefer to buy now and pay later may prefer Bed Bath & Beyond or The Container Store, as both accept Afterpay in addition to the names mentioned above.

The Bottom Line

Amazon does not offer Afterpay but you can make use of monthly payment plans as per your need.

For Amazon cardholders, Amazon offers equal monthly payments and customized financing, as well as monthly plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a buy-now, pay-later option available on Amazon?

If you spend more than $50 on Amazon, you can now pay later. Customers can now use Affirm financing to pay for their purchases later. Affirm offers a no-cost “soft credit check” that has no bearing on your credit score.

What is the best way for me to track my Amazon installment payments?

Go to the Amazon Payments website, sign in to your account, and then select Merchant settings to see your recurring payments and subscriptions. Recurring payments and subscription agreements with retailers are listed on the Manage Merchant Settings page.

What method does Amazon employ for paying later?

Customers can now use Affirm financing to pay for their purchases later. Affirm performs a complimentary “soft credit check” that has no bearing on your credit score. Late payments are not charged by the company, but they will lower your credit score if you are late.

Is it true that Amazon payments have an impact on your credit score?

When you choose monthly installments as your payment method, Amazon does not conduct a credit check. Debit cards are not allowed for this program.

You must have a valid credit card linked to your Amazon account. You must have a strong track record with the shop when it comes to payments.

Why do I have to pay $14.99 each month to Amazon?

By purchasing the “Fresh Add-on” as part of their Prime Membership, customers will be able to shop for groceries, everyday basics, and other favorites from local businesses and restaurants for $14.99 each month.