Does Lexington Law Really Work? The Facts You Need To Know The Truth

Credit repair can sometimes be a job that is too big for a one-man army. That is why we come across so many customer acquiring help and asking questions like Does Lexington Law really work?

If you want to try credit report dispute, the steps can be complex and we would not advise you to proceed without professional help.

This is the point where companies like Lexington Law can step in and make your life easier.

Did You Know? Lexington Law has been around since 1991 as one of the most trustworthy credit repair companies in the US.

People who are new to the world of FICO credit scores and credit repair must still be wondering does Lexington law really work? This article has answers to all the questions that are in your mind right now so stay tuned!

Does Lexington Law Really Work?

There is no doubt that Lexington Law firm has successfully fixed millions of credit reports in all its years of operation.

In fact, records show that more than 500,000 customers have taken help from the company to improve their credit scores.

The firm has hired a number of licensed attorneys and continuously invests in their training and education to make sure that they are always updated with current credit repair practices.

Lexington is one of the largest firms in the US that provides services such as dealing inaccurate entries on customer’s credit reports, maintain contact with creditors who are difficult to reach, and helping users fix their credit scores.

Its aim is to provide a permanent solution to credit problems using experience, licensed attorney, free consultation, and free online educational programs.

Attention! The services that you can avail at Lexington Law firm depends on your credit situation. You will be advised the level of credit repair that you need and consequently the expenses will depend on the program that you choose. We will talk more about costs of the services in next sections.

To cut the long story short, Lexington can help you remove repossessions, bankruptcies, late payments, debts, loans, charge offs, and collection account from your credit report.

Here’s How Lexington Law Credit Repair Can Help You

Still now sure how Lexington would your credit back on track?

Following are some pointers on how this firm should be your top choice when it comes to credit repair.

Save Your Precious Time

Many people don’t have time to be working on credit report dispute at all.

It can be a thorough, long process best handled by dedicated firms. Furthermore, many follow-ups are required that will consume a lot of your time.

Helps You Reduce Stress

Dealing with poor credit score is enough of a stress. After all, there are not many services that you can avail with poor score. All this burden can make it difficult for you to communicate effectively. Leaving things into the hands of Lexington experts can help you feel better.

Provides Professions To Get The Job Done

Attorneys and finances experts at Lexington firm are know for their years of experience and understanding of credit report. This is the exact help that you need to make credit score improvements.

Prevents Further Damage To Credit Report

You don’t want to make things worse by dealing with them incorrectly. If you don’t dispute an item in a right manner or fail to provide a follow-up, this would just make the situation harder to deal with.

4-Step Process To Improve Your Credit Report

So now you know that Lexington is quite effective is cleaning your credit report. But, you might be wondering how it gets this job done. Let’s find that out!

Step 1: Check Your Credit Report

The experts at Lexington firm will analyze your credit report and identify any negative items that can be removed. Moreover, they will assign a paralegal to your case who will keep you updated on the progress and report any red flags that occur during the process.

Step 2: Dispute Negative Items

The next step is to send dispute letter to respective credit bureaus or creditors. Lexington team will ask the bureau to re-consider the data on your report, review your records, and remove the negative item.

It will also ask you to provide any evidence that can support your claim. If things go smoothly, the item may be immediately removed although it can take up to 30 days and also require some follow-up.

Steps 3: Handles Follow-ups With Creditors

Now the Lexington Law professionals will follow up with credit bureaus and creditors. If things take turn for the worse, then the team would handle the escalated dispute professionally.

Step 4: Provides You With Alerts

Throughout the procedure, paralegal assigned to your case will update you. Furthermore, you can opt for credit monitoring services and receive regular alerts every time your credit report is updated.

The Good vs The Bad Side

Although it is a top-ranked firm, Lexington has its pros and cons that each user should keep in mind.

Good and Reliable Law Firm

First of all, you can not deny the fact that Lexington Law is a very reliable firm. It has hired experienced lawyers, paralegals, and good credit repair professionals.

Programs On Reasonable Prices

Some packages can be availed for as low as $89.95 per month. There are other mid-range packages available at $109.95 per month. Premier packages are more expensive ($129.95 per month) but most customers do not need this since the other two programs are sufficient to achieve credit score improvement.

Experienced Staff and Professionals

Like other reliable financial institutes in the US, Lexington Law firm only works with outstanding experts and professionals. The firm has been dealing with credit repair as top priority since 2004 and therefore it has handled many complicated cases as well, increasing their expertise.

Positive Customer Reviews

Lexington has gathered nothing but positive reviews in all its years of service. You can read about its reviews online as well. We have also brought some here for you in this article so continue reading!

Currently Facing a Lawsuit

Unfortunately, the firm has been facing a law suit since 2019. It was filed by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and stated that the company has been part of some deceptive business practices.

The claim was that Lexington has been working with an affiliate network that brought referrals to them and this is termed as unlawful behavior. Lexington requested the case to be dismissed but the issue remains unresolved.

Average BBB Rating

Lexington firm does not have an outstanding BBB rating but many argue that this is not relevant to the industry that it works in.

Some critics have brought up that the firm has 500+ complaints filed against it currently. However, its customer support team is actively replying to all of them which can be taken as a positive sign.

Some Schemes Are Expensive

If you want to quick-start your service then you have to pay an extra fee of $14.95. On top of that, this extra fee is not mentioned any where on their disclosed rate list which is shady. Most customers are informed about this when they have already shared their personal information and opened the dispute.

Lexington Law Expenses That You Need To Keep In Mind

Lexington law firm currently offers 3 different plans and you can choose depending on the kind of help you need and how much you can pay for the service. They are listed below.

Concord Standard

This is the most affordable plan that you can avail at just $89.95 per month. It offers all the basic services and, in most cases, it is sufficient for a standard credit repair to complete successfully.

Concord Premier

The second credit repair plan is available for $109.95. In this program, Lexington Law firm professionals not only help you fix your credit report but also provide coaching and education on how to manage your credit better in the future.

Furthermore, you will receive a score analysis report each month to keep up to date on your performance. As you can see, these tools facilitate the process but they are not a necessity. Therefore, majority of the customers are happy working with Concord Standard plan instead.

Premier Plus

This is the most expensive plan at Lexington law. You have to pay $129.95 per month to avail Premier Plus. It is helpful when your report is seriously damaged and need aggressive repair services.

Premier plus is a combination of FICO score tracking, identity protection, letter services, personal finance tools, dispute follow-ups, and much more!

Customer Reviews On Does Lexington Law Really Work

Turn your internet service on and go browse the reviews on Lexington Law firm. You will be amazed to find out how it has improved credit situation for millions of US residents.

A reviewer had shared that Lexington successfully removed loans from his credit report, as well as some late payments and collections.

He further told the resources that his score jumped from 515 to 750 in just 4 months. This would have been enough to apply for any reasonably good credit card.

Moreover, a customer told us about how Lexington firm uplifted his financial situation after a bankruptcy! They were able to clean his records and improve his score.

Reliable Alternative To Lexington

It might be good to know that Lexington Law firm is not the only company in town that is reliable when it comes to quick credit repair.

You can avail other services as well although their work procedure and cost rates might be different.

Let’s take a look at some of them below!


Credit Repair guarantees an improvement of 40 points in first 4 months when working with TransUnion report.

It also provides the subscribers free access to their credit report and some online tools to help them keep a check on what progress has been made so far.

The initial cost for working with is about $99.95. This is a bit higher that what Lexington is willing to offer to those who chose their Standard plan for credit improvement.

2. Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair company has been in the business since 1989 so will find it to be quite reliable and excellent in the work that it performs. On top of that, the firm offers “90-day 100%” money-back in case you don’t see any improvement in your credit report within the first 3 months.

You just $79 to get started. In fact, this is one of the cheapest services that you will find in the US.

The company also claims that it provides one of the fastest dispute procedure so you know where to go if you find a negative item on your report that needs to be kicked off.

3. Credit Assistance Network

This firm also holds years of experience in credit repair industry.

It excels in dealing with report disputes, mailing letters to credit bureaus, and keeping you in track with the progress.

The downside is that even the most basic package available at Credit Assistance Network can cost up to $139.00.

4. Credit Saint

Credit Saint offers “90-day 100%” money-back guarantee like Sky Blue credit repair as well. Moreover, you can opt for free consultation before signing up with any of their credit repair plans.

What’s more? It has a A+ rating from BBB!

Similar to Lexington Law, Credit Saint has 3 plans that you can choose from.

In addition to the recurring monthly fee, you have to deposit an initial account set up fee as well. Their most expensive plan costs $119.99 although a more reasonable one is available at $79.99.

5. The Credit People

Credit People was launched in 2001 and since then it has dealt with thousands of credit reports. You can opt for the monthly plan that requires you to pay $19 initially and then $79 each month till the end of the dispute.

Other than that, there is a 6-month plan in which you have to pay $410 as a one-time fee.

Final Verdict: Yes! Lexington Law REALLY Works

Are you still wondering does Lexington Law really work? We hope this confusion would already be clear in your heads by now!

It is one of the best and the most reputable credit repair companies that you will find. You can choose from one of many plans to proceed with quick and easy credit improvement. So, what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions About Lexington Law

Is Lexington Law safe to use?

Lexington law firm has been around for almost 2 decades now. It has made credit repair its top priority since 2004. We can safely deduce that you are in secure hands when you choose to work with Lexington.

Can Lexington help me improve my credit score?

The company has hired some of the finest professionals in town that thoroughly assess your credit report and take necessary steps to introduce the improvement that you wish to see.

Can Lexington fix my report in a month?

The time that it takes for you to reach the credit score that you need depends on the steps that have to be taken and how damaged your credit report is. Typically, Lexington Law suggests that users should avail the program for at least 6 months with a guarantee that they would see solid improvement in this time period.