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Not many credit card providers are willing to put their trust in users with poor credit scores, and that’s what sets apart

Although credit scores can be improved using the right tricks and getting professional help from companies like Lexington Law, these are time-consuming and shouldn’t stop you from getting a credit card, right?

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Getmyoffer Capitalone is a pre-approved mail offer that simplifies credit card application process for eligible Capital One customers.
  • Most of the credit cards offered here are a good choice for those with poor credit scores who are struggling to improve their financial standing.
  • You can respond to the mail offer by visiting and providing the reservation code and the access code.

…and Much More!

Getmyoffer.Capitalone – Why Should You Reply To The Mail Offer? is a pre-approved mail offer sent out by one of the US’s most reliable & trusted banks. It lets you access and choose from various best cards using Access Code or Reservation number.

Suppose you were lucky enough to receive a mail offer from Capital One Bank or Doubleyourline. In that case, there are several reasons why you should immediately respond to it without wasting a second.

  • First of all, Getmyoffer. Capital One is a legitimate platform to rely on when looking for a credit card to improve your score instantly. 

Most of the credit cards offered here do not carry an annual fee. As mentioned, these credit cards are meant to help you improve your FICO score. Their terms and conditions have been designed keeping this catch in mind.

Moreover, the good news for all the users is that you must be punctual in clearing the first 5 monthly payments. This would also automatically increase your credit line and make using credit cards more beneficial and easy.

Did You Know? Capital One Bank offers complete coverage in case your credit card is stolen or lost. It also carried $0 fraud liability. You can apply for a new credit card even with a less-than-average credit score.

Capital One Bank provides an impeccable mobile app for everyone looking for convenient credit card use. The application also supports online banking and keeps you on top of ongoing discount offers. – What Are Your Options Here?

You would be interested in discovering all the different cards available here. Now we will talk about the 4 best options you have with We have also included all information regarding their annual fee, APR, and the main perks of choosing one of these cards. 

Getmyoffer Capital One Venture Card

  • Quick credit line increase
  • Bonus sign-up miles
  • 2X Miles per Dollar!
  • Credit Score 350 – 850
Check in Detail

  1. Credit Required : Good to Excellent
  2. Annual Fee: $95
  3. Purchase Rate: 17.24% to 24.49% variable APR

Why Should You Choose This?

As the name suggests, the Capital One Venture card is highly suitable for those who are always on the go. This is because the credit card would reward you with free miles.

If you spend $3,000 within the first 3 months, you can avail of 50,000 bonus miles. Also, there is no foreign transaction fee involved. This means you won’t have to pay extra charges when using the card outside the US.

  • Furthermore, the best perk of becoming a Venture credit cardholder is that you would win 2X miles on spending every $1.
  • On top of that, you will be rewarded with 100,000 bonus miles as soon as you spend $20,000 in the first year of getting this card.
  • Also, the Capital One Venture program is compatible with more than 10 travel partners. 
  • You can redeem the earned points when booking flights or hotels with them.
  • Furthermore, Capital One Venture has just launched an offer where you can earn 5X miles every time you order with Uber Eats.

Getmyoffer CapitalOne Venture Quicksilver Card

  • No annual fee
  • 1.5% cash back
  • $200 cash bonus
  • Credit Score 350 – 850
Check in Detail

  1. Credit Required : Good to Excellent
  2. Annual Fee: $0
  3. Purchase Rate: 15.49% to 25.49%. (0% APR for first 15 months)

Why Should You Choose This?

The most significant advantage of getting a Quicksilver card is that you will not have to pay any annual fee.

Like the Capital One Venture card, you don’t need to worry about foreign transaction fees. You can use this card without paying extra charges when shopping at places other than the US.

  • There are also no purchase terms and conditions that would win you cashback. Furthermore, a flat-rate 15% cashback applies to all purchases you make via this card.
  • Furthermore, you can win a cash bonus by spending $500 in the first 3 months. If you spend this much from the first day of account opening, you will win $150.
  • All the cashback and points you win can also be redeemed at any point. 
  • There is no threshold amount that you need to withdraw the money. Luckily, there is no expiration date either!
  • Also, no purchase rate is applicable in the first 15 months of becoming a cardholder.

Getmyoffer CapitalOne Savor Card

  • Easy approval
  • 4% cash back
  • $300 cash bonus
  • Credit Score350 – 850
Check in Detail

  • Credit Required : Good to Excellent
  • Annual Fee: $95
  • Purchase Rate: 15.99% to 24.99% variable APR

Why Should You Choose This?

Capital One Savor card gives out many chances of winning cashback. You will receive 4% cashback on dining and entertainment and 2% on shopping at eligible grocery stores.

  • On top of that, you would get 1% cashback on all other purchases.
  • You also have a chance to win $300 by simply spending $3,000 within the first 90 days of getting the Savor card.
  • All the cashback and points you win can be redeemed at any point. There is no threshold amount that you need to withdraw the money.
  • There is no expiration date either!
  • You don’t need to worry about foreign transaction fees. You can use this card without paying extra charges when shopping at places other than the US.

Getmyoffer CapitalOne Platinum Mastercard Credit Card

  • No annual fee
  • Stylish design
  • Contact less payment
  • Credit Score 350 – 850
Check in Detail

  1. Credit Required : Fair
  2. Annual Fee: $0
  3. Purchase Rate: 26.99% variable APR

Why Should You Choose This?

This is another fantastic credit card offered by Capital One that does not charge any annual fee. It also supports contactless payment. This would also allow you to pay the bills faster and more securely.

  • Another perk of getting the Platinum Mastercard is that it automatically revises your credit line every 6 months. 
  • You will be approved for a credit line increase if you have maintained good spending habits. 
  • You can monitor your credit score and get free access to credit reports.
  • This offer is also available to anyone who chooses the Capital One product.
  • Lastly, you will be eligible for $0 fraud liability if the card gets stolen. You will not be held accountable for unauthorized purchases made during this period.

How To Respond To Mail Offer at

Replying to a mail offer is a quick and easy process. It will take less than 2 minutes to complete application! Let’s show you how it is done.

  1. First, you need to open getmyoffer capital one login page by typing in the web browser search bar.
  2. This would take you directly to the page where the card application can be completed.
  3. Here, you will need 2 essential pieces of information: reservation code and the Access code. Both of these will be included in the mail offer you received.
  4. Type in the exact numbers and then click on Submit. 

That’s it All! You have successfully applied for Capital One credit card.

Note! Pre-approved offers mean that the bank has already a soft inquiry on your credit report and found you eligible for their cards. Therefore, they have all the details they need and the process is kept short and to-the-point. However, getting a mail offer does not mean you are guaranteed to be approved for the card you choose.

Three outcomes are possible once the application process is complete, as listed below.

  • If approved, you will hear from the bank within 7 to 10 business days.
  • Furthermore, if your application is rejected, you will be notified via mail and the reason for disapproval.
  • If your application status is still pending, you might still need to hear from the bank representatives. Waiting for 1 or 2 weeks before calling and enquiring is okay.

Extra Reading

Steps To Take If Your Mail Offer Is Missing

It is typical for apparently eligible customers not to receive a credit card mail offer. If you are worthy of their card, there is another way that you can try to work through it.

Visit the same official page as mentioned above. You can locate a “See If You are Pre-qualified” tab here. This link is meant for users who wish to see if they are eligible for a card offer. Clicking on this link will talk you to a short digital form. Here, you need to enter the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Contact Information 
  • Email ID 
  • Social Security Number 

Then click submit, and you will immediately receive a reply explaining whether you are eligible for the offer.

Is Safe To Use?

Capital One Bank has been around for years and approved credit cards for users with different credit scores.

Getmyoffer is a pre-approved mail offer from Capital One to almost all its eligible customers. If you are worried that this offer might be fake, we can prove otherwise.

Hundreds of users have successfully obtained cards via Getmyoffer in just a few months. Capital one. Furthermore, they have been more than happy to report that the credit cards helped them improve their credit score quicker than they thought!

The services offered by Capital One are entirely reliable. They also ensure their representatives are always within reach and ready to answer any questions or doubts you may have. In this next session, we will tell you how to contact Capital One Bank directly.

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How To Get In Touch With

It takes effort to reach out to one of their representatives. You can call getmyoffer capital one phone number (1-877-383-4802).

Additionally, other two contact numbers that are available include:

  • 1-800-227-4825
  •  1-800-481-3239

However, the last one is reserved only for Canadian users.

The Bottom Line

That’s it, friends! You have seen how easy it is to complete the application at Additionally, you are also now aware of the best options to choose from.

Therefore, please respond as soon as possible if you get this mail offer. Moreover, don’t worry about your low credit score; Capital One has something in stock for everyone and would be more than willing to provide you with a credit card that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mail offer Getmyoffer Capital One genuine and safe to use? 

Yes, the mail offer is legit. Moreover, Capital One is a trustworthy financial company that helps with credit card applications. You have to click on Respond to Mail offer and proceed with getting your credit card.

Do I need a good credit score for Capital One Platinum Card? 

This credit card has been launched for applicants with average credit scores. Therefore, you need a score of about 580 to qualify and have a fair chance of approval.

What is Capital One Platinum Card credit limit?

The credit limit given to you depends on several factors. However, the highest limit you can get with this credit card is up to $5,000.

Will Capital One increase your credit card spending limit after 5 months? 

Certain credit cards allow an increase in limit after 5 to 6 months of responsible use. However, this offer does not apply to all the credit cards Capital One Bank provides.

How can I upgrade from Platinum to Capital One Quicksilver credit card?

You can file your request online through their official website. Also, it is possible to request an upgrade by phone. The number is printed on the back of your credit card.