How Honhaipr Device on Your WiFi Connection Can Be Identified And Removed

If you are an AT&T subscriber and you have continuously noticed that your data package is running out sooner than it should, then may be it is time to look into Honhaipr device and understand what it means.

Data consumption is okay if you have used the internet excessively this month but if you don’t have a plausible explanation for where the entire deal went then that is bound to ruin your mood.

On top of that, were you really ready to worry about surcharges?

Most of us keep a check on bandwidth consumption by ensuring only the authorized devices are connected to the network.

When things start to get out of hands, we try our best to figure out which device is the culprit causing the issue. For AT&T subscribers, identifying Honhaipr device can be a bit more complicated.

Here’s What You Need To know About Honhaipr Devices

The bad news for AT&T subscribers is that the several devices connected to the network can not be easily recognized. As long as there are no issues, you would not worry about their names at all, but what would you do when you have to identify which device is draining data the most?

You would not know exactly which this device is but you will be able to notice it is as a Honhaipr device that is using considerable amount of data.  Now you will have to figure out the identify of the device on your own.

What Can You Do To Fix Honhaipr Issues

Luckily, we have a number of tricks that you can try out in this case. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways that can be utilized to fix the data overuse issue with such devices.

Notice Timings For Peak Data Usage

One thing that can help you identify which device is causing the most data consumption is that AT&T routers let you monitor peak timings. You can match the time for when your data is getting high to the devices that were active in that window.

This method is, however, prone to human errors. You need to notice very precisely and then match the pattern carefully to identify the right device. Otherwise, you will just end up pin-pointing the wrong connection.

Check By Disconnecting Individual Devices

The second method is bit more reliable although it is time-consuming as well. You can find what you are looking for by disconnecting each device one by one and observing the data usage for a while. Once you have identified the device by using the previous technique, you can rely on this method to confirm it.

However, it is important to keep other connected devices active by keeping their windows open and refreshing it once your have removed the shady connection from WiFi list. If you have multiple devices it is better to make a list and check one by one to be sure.

Scrutinize Media Access Control For Each Device

Media Access Control? This may sound fancy but it will make more sense when we mention that we are just talking about MAC addresses that each device has.

MAC address is unique and it is utilized when a device is connecting with a WiFi or Bluetooth for communication.

Since this address is different for each connected device, it can be used to identify which one is draining your data package.

You simply need to find the MAC address for the Honhaipr device and match it with addresses of all the devices connected to your network.

This is one the most efficient way of figuring out and resolving the data overuse issue. It will let you get to the device directly without wasting any time on reading peak consumption times and disconnecting other devices.

However, checking out all the MAC addresses can be tricky and you can mix them up as well when dealing with larger number of devices. Make sure you make a well-defined list to avoid any ambiguity.

Ensure That Your PS4 Isn’t The Culprit

Some users have also pointed out that their PS4 was continuously mentioned as Hon Hai pr device on the connected list of AT&T router. Although the chances are minimal, it is a good practice to begin your hunt by first disqualifying this potential candidate as it is easy to do so.

If your hit and try methods works out, it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Check For Connected Sony Devices

Similar to PS4, Sony devices have also shown the potential of being data-hungry devices that drain internet packages quite fast. This is not for sure but the chances are there so you can check by disconnecting your Sony devices and analyzing the change in data consumption.

Should You Be Worried About Honhaipr Devices On Your Network?

We understand why you would want to keep a check on the devices connected to your home or office router.

Devices that are taking up too much data need to be toned down. The threat is also there in case of unauthorized devices that gain access to your network without your permission. Such incidents can cause lost of data as well as money.

If you are worried about a hacker or other unauthorized users on your network, there is a number of precautionary measures that you can take. First of all, you have to access the IP address of the router and reach its administrative interface.

Then use the password and username that you have to log in. You can open the default credentials from here and proceed to DHCP client table via Local Network connections. T

his window provides the IP and MAC addresses of all the connected devices that you can check out.

Wrap Up

So now we can easily conclude that, although Hon hai pr devices can be worrisome, it is not an issue that you can’t solve on your own. We hope this article has provided you with all the information you need to deal with AT&T data usage issue next time. Best of Luck!