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How To Order Cash App Card Online and What Is The Eligibility Criteria?

Cash App card offers quick ATM withdrawals, in-store shopping, and comes FREE of cost. This is why users are extremely interested to know how to order Cash App card online. Let’s see how that works.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can order Cash App card by Open the app > Cash Card > Get Free Cash Card > Customize > Provide personal information > Agree to terms and conditions > Confirm.
  • The Cash App card may take up to 10 days to reach you.
  • You can use cash card at ATMs for $2 fee per transaction.

…and Much More!

How To Order a Cash App Card – Step By Step Guide 

Cash App card works just like a VISA debit card. You can use it to pay retailers, load Cash App balance, and also withdraw funds from ATMs.

You can even customize Cash App card, choose unique Cash App names, and the best part is that the card is extremely easy to apply for. Just make sure that you are above 18 and a legal resident in the US since Cash App does not work in other spots like Canada.

  1. Open your Cash App account and click on Cash Card option.
  2. Then tap on Get Free Cash Card.
  3. You can choose the color in the next step and press Continue.
  4. Go through the customization options as per your liking by clicking on Tap on Customize.
  5. Add stamps, signature, or drawing if you want. Once done, click on Next.
  6. Now provide mailing address and click Next again.
  7. Enter your full name, contact details, and agree to terms/conditions of Cash App card use.
  8. Press Continue to finish the process.

Eligibility Criteria For Cash App Card 

You need to fulfil certain requirements in order to qualify for the Cash App card. Do check these pre-requisites before you begin the application process.

  • All applicants must be of 18 years or more to avail the Cash App card.
  • Applicant should also be a legal resident in the US.
  • You have to verify the Cash App account by providing bank information and other personal data.
  • Moreover, you need to complete the application via app.
Attention! It can take up to 10 days for the cash card to reach you after your application is processed. However, it can take longer than that or even shorter depending on where you live.

Where Can You Use The Cash App Card 

You can use the Cash App card anywhere that a Visa card is accepted. This means you can utilize it for online shopping as well as for in-store purchases.

The best part is that Cash App card can be load at a number of locations and activated easily. So you can get down to shopping quickly and without any hassle.

Another good news is that Cash App card offers cash back schemes. You can save money through discounts at a number of point of sales. Moreover, you can link it to Apple Pay or Google Pay to enjoy contactless payments.

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Extra Reading

Cash App Card ATM Withdrawal Fees and Limits 

Cash App card works at ATMS but, unfortunately, the withdrawal is not free. You will have to pay $2 per transaction. Moreover, Cash Card allows maximum withdrawal of $250 per day and up to $1,000 per week. The withdrawal limit for a month is set at $1,250.

Method To Reset Your Cash Card PIN

Cash App PIN is required when you insert the Cash Card in ATM to withdraw cash. In case you forget the PIN for your card or you think that it has been shared with a suspicious party, you can always choose to reset or change the PIN.

  1. Open your Cash App account by providing the correct credentials.
  2. Then tap on Profile and scroll down to find and click on Privacy.
  3. Choose Change Cash PIN.
  4. Then tap on Forgot Cash PIN.
  5. Wait for the verification code to be sent to your linked phone number.
  6. Now you can enter and provide the new PIN as per your need.

The Bottom Line

Although Cash App card is not a solid replacement to the typical debit cards you might have in wallet, its perks and features covers user’s expectations to some extent. It offers seamless shopping, swift ATM withdrawals, and quick transfers to other accounts.

You can choose to have the physical card or simply link it to your mobile wallet for contactless payments. The customer support team by Cash App is readily available to help you through the issues of ordering the card via app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order Cash App card online?

You can order the Cash card via app by opening you account then clicking on Get Cash Card. After that you have to press Continue, provide necessary information and follow the steps on screen to complete the procedure.

Why am I not able to order my Cash App card?

One of the most important requirements of getting a Cash App card is that you need to verify your account. This would need banking information as well as some other personal details. If you are not able to so, you may not complete procedure for ordering a Cash App card.

Can I replace my Cash App card?

In case you have lost your cash card or it has been stolen, it is possible to replace it with a new one. You can do so by clicking on Card within app and then selecting Report Lost Card. The app will ask you to enter certain personal information which includes your full name, transaction history, and other data.

Will it take long for my Cash App card to reach me?

The Cash App takes about 10 days to process your application. After this, it would provide you with the final decision. However, you can use the card virtually even before it reaches you by adding it to Apple Pay or Google Pay.