Buy Now, Pay Later

16 Jewelry Stores That Buy Jewelry and Send Payments Hassle-Free!

If you happen to have a piece of jewelry lying around that you don’t intend to use anymore, you are in luck! There are jewelry stores that buy jewelry and refund a portion of the original price depending on the quality and worth of the item. Continue reading for more! 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Daniel’s Jewelry, Circa, and Reeds are some of the top jewelry stores that buy jewelry.
  • Fred Meyer, Ben Bridge Jewelers and some other stores do not buy jewelry or diamonds from their customers.
  • Items in good form may be able to cash more than worn out or broken jewelry.

…and Much More!

Jewelry Stores That Buy Jewelry 

Although not all stores promise to buy back the jewelry that they had previously sold, some of them have now introduced this feature that clients can benefit from. 

  • Keep in mind that selective stores allow this at certain locations while others may support online return. It is up to the store’s return/exchange policy. 

Below are some of the options that you can consider if you want to sell the jewelry that you have. Moreover, take a good look at their terms and conditions but they are hardly ever the same for different stores

Daniel’s Jewelry

Daniel’s Jewelry

With Daniel’s, you can do online sales of jewelry made of gold, platinum, and silver. Moreover, the store also accepts flatware, tea sets, watches, gemstones, and candlestick. You can visit the official website to read the full list of items for sale here. 

  • Whenever you sell an item here, you would also obtain a $50 store gift card. 
  • You can get the funds via paper check or paypal account once the deal is finalized. 
  • The process of selling a jewelry item here may take up to 2 weeks. 
  • You can not sell small silver items here. 
  • Also, Daniel’s jewelry also does not take copper, pewter or costume jewelry. 


Circa offers to buy jewelry at its retail locations and physical stores. Lucky for you, it has 100 authorized retail partners in addition to 13 stores around the US so you would hopefully find one close to your area. 

  • You can only send jewelry valued under $500 for sale.
  • Moreover, it accepts luxury watches and jewelry by famous brands only. 
  • The entire process may take only a couple of hours in stores. 
  • However, if you do it via mail, it can take up to 5 business days. 
  • If the deal is approved, you can receive the funds via paper checks. 

Reeds Jewelers 

Reeds accepts jewelry at retail locations. They have also listed detailed information about this on the official website that you can check out. 

  • Reeds jewelers buy platinum, gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. 
  • You can also sell diamond items for at least twice the value and exchange it for another diamond product. 
  • You can not sell antique jewelry here. 
  • The payment options include paper checks and store credit. 
  • The entire process may take only a couple of hours to finish. 

Fink’s Jewelers

Fink’s also hosts in-store events where you can sell your old jewelry in gold, platinum, silver, diamond, in addition to selling precious watches. 

  • You must take your jewelry to the store for scrutiny before the deal can be finalized. 
  • You can receive the payment via paper check if you need the money right away. 
  • In addition to this, you can sign the check and avail of 20% amount to be used in the next purchase. 
  • The process will only take 2 hours to finish. 
  • Fink’s has a diamond trade-in program as well as long the original diamond contains one stone of 0.25ct or greater. 

Helzberg Diamonds 

You can sell jewelry here by participating in the Helzberg Diamonds Gold Purchase Program. Other than that, the purchases are not possible at any of the retail stores. 

  • The store accepts 10k to 24k gold items. 
  • You can sell rings, necklaces, as well as dental gold here. 
  • However, Helzberg does not take diamonds, gemstones, silver, watches, or gold bars/coins. 
  • The payment is possible in the form of a paper check via mail which may take between 2 to 4 weeks.
  • You can trade-in diamond jewelry here as well but only if it was purchased at the store. 


Hannoush is another jewelry store that buys jewelry but this feature is restricted to its store in Connecticut only. 

  • You can sell bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more here whether they are in gold, gemstones, or other precious metals. 
  • Unlike some other options mentioned on the list, Hannoush does not take broken jewelry. 
  • The store will pay you through a paper check. 
  • It does carry out a thorough evaluation of the item being sold but the process should finish at the store within a couple of hours. 
  • Hannoush also has a diamond trade-in program where you can buy a new one that is 50% greater in value than the original purchase cost. 

Kay Jewelers 

Kay jewelers is another amazing option if you wish to sell your jewelry items at a reputable place. The best part? This shop also caters to damaged jewelry or scrap gold. 

  • You can sell 10k to 24k gold items here. 
  • However, metals, gemstones, and watches are not accepted. 
  • You can opt to receive the funds with paper check or through store credit that gives 10% more value. 
  • The process may take up to 2 weeks. 
  • You can trade in diamond items here for a new product that is at least twice the original value. 

Shane Co. 

You can sell jewelry at Shane Co. retail stores. This transaction can be done in stores or through mail as per your ease. Needless to say, an in-store deal would be complete within a couple of hours but if you do it via mail, it can take up to 3 days. 

  • You can sell gold, silver, and platinum jewelry here. 
  • Payment options include paper checks and checks by mail. 
  • Customers can also avail store credit or use Shane Co. layaway account. 
  • The trade-in policy at Shane Co. is different for diamonds and other selective gemstones. 
  • You can not sell these for cash or credit but can exchange them for another item of a greater value. 

Jared The Galleria of Jewelry 

Similar to Kay Jewelry, Jared is another spot that lets you sell old, broken, and worn-out items in addition to gold bracelets, rings, dental gold, and more. 

  • You can not sell diamond items here. 
  • Moreover, gemstones, watches, and metals are not accepted. 
  • It offers payment via paper check but you can get 10% more value if you opt for store credit instead. 
  • The process may take up to 2 weeks to complete. 
  • You can trade-in diamond here for a new item that is double the worth of the original purchase. 

White Pine Diamonds 

As the name suggests, White Pine only accepts diamond jewelry through online dealing as well as at its retail stores. These are located in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Tokyo, and some places in the UK. 

  • White Pine Diamonds take designer diamond jewelry, loose diamonds, watches, and other relevant items. 
  • You can not sell a single diamond here that is under 0.5ct. 
  • The funds will be sent over either online as store credit or through paper check. This transfer may take up to 24 hours. 
  • You can get up to 10% more value if you choose to get paid in store credit. This is valid for Pine’s online partners that includes LoveLuxuries and Blue Nile. 
  • Moreover, if you choose store credit for a retail partner, you would get a purchase price that is 20% more than what is otherwise offered. 

King’s Jewelry 

At this store, you can sell almost all types of jewelry items including those made in diamonds and other precious metals. 

  • You would need to take the items to store so the shop can run a check. 
  • The payment options include paper check via mail. 
  • Another method is to obtain store credit that would give your 20% more value than check. 
  • The selling and purchasing time frame is less than 2 hours. 
  • Unfortunately, King’s does not offer a diamond trade-in program. 


GoldFellow is another store that accepts gold jewelry and due to its outstanding service, the company has been ranked A+ BBB rating. Although most people tend to do the transaction online, GoldFellow does have a physical store if you rather do it in person. 

  • Along with the signup, you will be able to avail free FedEx shipping up to $2,500. 
  • You can send in the jewels for scrutiny and it would not take much time for them to reach back to you. 
  • The company will send you a written offer before the deal is finalized. 
  • Later on, if you do not agree with the terms or rates, you can request them to send it back to you without any hassle. 
  • Moreover, if you do agree to sell it, you can obtain the funds via wire transfer. This method of money exchange is pretty quick. 

Morgan Jewelers 

Another option on this list is that of Morgan Jewelers that allows you to mail the items or sell them by visiting the retail store in-person. 

  • Morgan accepts jewelry in gold and white gold. 
  • However, you can not sell items made in diamond or gemstones here. 
  • The only payment options available are paper checks and store credit. 
  • The process takes just 2 hours to finish. 
  • The trade-in policy at Morgan Jewelers is different for diamonds and other selective gemstones. 

This website offers to buy jewelry via mail and through online dealing. Unfortunately, it does not host any retail stores purchases. 

  • You can sell gold, platinum, silver, and diamond jewelry here. It also accepts watches, other precious metals and estate jewelry. 
  • You can receive the payment via check, PayPal transfers, and through direct deposit. 
  • The whole process will be completed within a week or even just in 24 hours. 
  • Keep in mind that you can not sell costume jewelry here. 
  • Moreover, diamonds are also not accepted. 


You can either participate in Torneau’s buying events or visit the retail store to sell an item. Typically, the jewelry is sent to the central inspection facility of the company for scrutiny before they can quote you a price. 

  • The business accepts almost all top brands including Omega, Panerai, and many more. 
  • If your product, such as a watch contains non-authentic parts, it will be turned down by the Tourneau inspection team. 
  • You can accept funds through a paper check. 
  • Opting for store credit will let you avail 20% more value for the item being sold. 
  • The entire process may take anywhere from 3 days to 7 days. 


Zales has not put forward any official policy regarding purchase of jewelry but you can contact separate stores to see what the representatives have to say about this. 

  • The items that are and are not accepted here may vary from one store to another. 
  • Whether the store would accept your jewelry depends on quality and the item in question.
  • If the deal is done, you can obtain cash or store credit in exchange. 
  • The process may take up to two weeks to finish. 
  • Zales is one of the few stores that purchases diamond jewelry. In exchange, you can buy a new item worth double the value of the item being sold. 

Extra Reading

How To Sell a Jewelry At The Jewelry Stores 

Needless to say, any item that is in good form and free of scratches and dirt would be sold at a better price. For this reason, we recommend you to thoroughly clean your jewelry before you take it for sale. 

  • You can do so with a gentle brush or mild soap that does not leave marks on the metal. 

Some people often try to remove stains using a hard toothbrush which will only worsen the condition. Typically for gold jewelry, it is best to take them to a professional who can clear the metal without damaging the item in the process. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is that market rates often fluctuate. Therefore, you shouldn’t hurry to sell any such item especially if you are not in dire need. It is fruitful to wait till market value is increasing to put your jewelry out for sale. 

Attention! Jewelry items that are out of trend may not be able to score much of a price. However, you can always keep them aside and wait till the products become desirable again to the general population of buyers. 

Others Spots That Do Not Buy Jewelry 

There are other spots that may be quite famous for selling jewelry but don’t support their purchase or return. We have listed the most common names here. Check them out! 

  • Fred Meyer.  
  • Charm Diamond Centers. 
  • Na Hoku. 
  • Rogers & Hollands. 
  • Ashcroft & Oak. 
  • Ben Bridge Jewelers. 
  • James Avery Jewelry. 

The Bottom Line 

Jewelry stores that buy jewelry are of great benefit as they let you utilize the items in a better manner. Moreover, most of these allow transactions online or via mail, so you don’t need to visit the store physically. Also, if you happen to have vital gemstones like diamonds, you can exchange it for something of greater value. Win-win! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I sell my jewelry to a jewelry store? 

Yes. There are stores that allow you to sell these items but at a lower price. You should do thorough online research before deciding which store to visit. 

What is the best place to sell jewelry? 

You should only consider reputable places to sell your items. Some good spots are Reeds and Circa. These companies and alternatives offer competitive prices and the process of selling here is simple.

How can I know what my jewelry is worth? 

A typical way is to weigh your jewelry items to decide what it is worth. Typically, heavy gold and platinum pieces are quite expensive whereas silver items may not get you much. 

What can I do with the jewelry that I don’t need anymore? 

The best idea is to sell it for cash or store credit and utilize them to buy something useful. You can also make some alterations, such as changing stones, to give them a newer look.