Klarna vs Quadpay | Overview of The Top Payment Options In The Market

Large purchases are not easy to manage when you are on a tight budget but convenient installment plans can make magic happen! With so many financing options in the market, you can go through our Klarna vs Quadpay review to understand the differences and make a more informed decision in the future.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Klarna does not specify a loan amount as it depends on your credit rating but Quadpay lets you borrow up to $1,000.
  • Both plans let buyers make use of zero-interest option as long as you continue to pay the installments timely.
  • Quadpay does check credit at time of application and may affect your score while Klarna does not.

…and Much More!

Klarna Vs Quadpay – Quick Comparison

Both, Klarna and Quadpay are multi-payment solutions that provide installment plans for buyers who want to make large purchases.

  • Both schemes are quite easy to use and definitely worth trying!

Below is a quick overview of Klarna vs Quadpay that will give you all the highlights. After that, you should continue reading the detail of each key feature before you make a final decision.

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Klarna Quadpay
QualificationNo check 18+ years
legal citizen in US
Loan Amount Depends on credit
Up to $1,000
Payment OptionsPay in 4, 30-day plan,
36-month plan
25% down payment,
4 payment plan
Credit ScoreDoes not check Reports to credit bureaus
Interest Charges$0 APR$0 APR
Late Payment Fee $7 to $35$6 to $21
Additional Payment

Klarna Pros and Cons

It has come up with unique payment plans that have made it incredibly easy for the customers to deal with huge purchases. Some of its key advantages and disadvantages are listed below.


  • Klarna has multiple payment options to suit different needs of the consumers.
  • The Klarna application is quick and convenient.
  • There are no interest charges on the payments.
  • It offer a 30-day plan which ideal for buyers who need quick refunds.
  • Klarna has more retail partners in the market as compared to many other leading payment tools like Quadpay.
  • It also accepts all the major debit cards and credit cards.
  • There are no prepayment charges at the time of starting the installment program.


  • Klarna does not take prepaid cards of any type and from any issuer.
  • Klarna also does not report to any credit bureau. It can not assist you with fixing a poor credit score.
  • Customers who have chosen one-time card payment option can not employ Amex cards.

Quadpay Pros and Cons

The aim of Quadpay payment tool is to ensure consumers can have transparent, simple, and quick transactions that are affordable too. Nonetheless, this payment scheme carries cons as well.


  • This payment tool is easy to use and the interface is straightforward.
  • There are no interest charges on the payments.
  • The average order value is higher for merchants.
  • There are no additional payment charges.
  • Quadpay works with all types of credit cards and debit cards.
  • The company reports transactions to major credit bureaus. Therefore, it can serve as a way to improve your credit score.
  • There are no penalty charges if you continue to pay on time.


  • There is only a single payment option.
  • If you have to refund any purchased item, the process may take up to 2 weeks.
  • You can not use overseas prepaid, debit, or credit cards here.

Klarna Vs Quadpay – Complete Analysis

Now that we are done with the quick overview, it is time to explore all the aspects and key features of the two payment solution in detail. Let’s go!

General Use

Klarna option is integrated at the check-out point of stores that accept it. You just have to tap and choose it and the company will perform quick assessment before you can start paying for the purchase.

However, if you intend to use Quadpay, you will have to create an account first. Afterwards, you would need to link a debit card or credit card and begin to make purchases.

Qualification Process and Criteria

Klarna does not look into your credit history so you don’t have to worry about getting rejected due to your score. However, the loan amount that it offers largely depends on your credit rating. Quadpay will run a check and also specifies that you must be above 18 years of age and a legal citizen in the US in order to qualify for the payment plans.

Affect on Credit Score

Klarna does not check credit score and therefore, no inquiry will show up on your report. However, Quadpay is different in this regards. Quadpay reports to credit bureaus and so, if you do not make timely payments, it will pull down your credit score quickly.

Loan Amount and Terms

Klarna does not specify the amount that it can provide as loan as it depends on your spending limit and credit rating as well as credit history. In loan terms, you can choose from 3 options namely Pay in 4, 30-day payment plan, and 36-month payment plan.

Quadpay requires you to make a 25% down payment on your purchases. After that, you will need to pay the remaining 75% amount that is divided equally over 6 weeks.

Interest Charges

Klarna comes with zero-interest option but you do need to make a 25% down payment at the time of the purchase. The rest of the payments will also be equally divided. Quadpay also does not charge any interest fee. There are no hidden charges as well!

Payment Options

When it comes to payment options, Klarna offers 3 choices where as Quadpay only has 1 option. Klarna payment plans are described below.

  • Pay in 4 Plans

This program allows you to divide the purchase in 4 equal installments. There are no interest charges as long as you complete the payment within 6 weeks. Late payments will incur $7 charges.

  • 30-Day Plan

As the name suggest, this program requires you to pay the full amount within a month. You can also return the product if you want within these 30 days without additional charges.

  • 6 to 36-Months Plan

You can use one-time card in this program but only after completing the application. Through this card you can schedule the payments for 6 to 36 months. Keep in mind that it will incur fixed interest rates and 19.99% interest on late payments.

Attention! There is a 4th payment option as well but that requires you to make full payment at one. The catch is that you can use the Klarna app to lower the overall price of the purchase.

Quadpay only offers 4 installment plan for in-store and online purchases. 25% downpayment has to be done at the time of the purchase and the rest would be divided equally.


Klarna charges $7 penalty fee if you are late with payments. Moreover, customers who choose longer term plans may even have to pay $35 for late transfers. The penalty fee in case of Quadpay is $1 lesser i.e. $6 at the end of the month with unpaid balance.

Credit Cards As Alternative To Payment Options Such As Klarna and Quadpay

Many people consider credit cards to be good alternative to payment plans especially since most of them offer discounts and other perks. But, are they really worth it?

  • The major advantage that credit cards carry are that they can be used everywhere where as services like Klarna/Quadpay only work at partner stores.

However, credit cards may not be as easy to apply for as are payment solutions. They also charge hefty interest rates and there are typically monthly maintenance fee involved.

Even consumers with stunning credit score will have to keep the credit limit in check which is often lower than the loan amount that payment tools provide.

Note! Credit card application always results in a credit check. This means multiple application can have serious impact on your credit score.

The Bottom Line

Companies like Quadpay and Klarna have made it super-easy for consumers to afford large purchases through installment plans. Although both the services carry their own pros and cons, there is no doubt that they make purchases convenient for all types of buyers.

Moreover, Klarna as well as Quadpay host multiple payment plans so you can choose the one that suits you best. There are no interest charges to worry about and you also would not have to deal with any hidden fee as is the case with credit card use. So, what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good payment options to use in place of Quadpay?

Customers can make use of Afterpay, Sezzle, Affirm, and SplitIt. All of these are good options if you do not want to sign up with Quadpay.

Will Quadpay have an impact on my credit score?

When you opt for Quadpay payment plan, the company will not carry out any hard inquiry. Therefore, this will not affect your credit score.

Is Klarna better than Afterpay?

In terms of credit rating, Afterpay is a better option. This is because it offers good installment plans without carrying out any credit check. On the other hand, Klarna will employ a hard inquiry if you opt for a larger plan.