Manual Car Rental | Where To Rent Car With Manual Transmission In US?

Manual Car Rental companies can help you with an easy and comfortable experience when it is really difficult to find manual transmission cars for renting purposes.This guide will walk you through the best available options for manual car rentals. 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Rental car services free customers of the worry of maintenance fees and insurance fees.
  • Turo, Alamo, and Thrifty Car Rental are some of the best manual car rental services in the US.
  • There is no return policy for the rental cars but it is recommended to clean it nicely before returning.

…and Much More!

Manual Car Rental – What Options Should You Consider? 

Renting cars can help customers commute, and all these agencies can also serve the ever-growing industry needs. Whether you are traveling on a leisure trip, on a business trip, or are in a new city unaware of routes, renting a car is always the best option to opt for. 

  • Unlike having personal vehicles, you do not have to worry about the maintenance fees and prevent the burden of insurance fees.

Hiring the car gives you control, and you can enjoy your trip to the fullest in the most affordable range. 

Here are several options of car rental companies you can choose from and decide which one fits the best according to your budget.


Turo allows you to choose the vehicle of your own choice within an affordable range. Some of the top brand’s car models present at Turo rental are Tesla, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce. Their fuel-efficient cars make the experience seamless and comfortable for you. 

At Turo, you cannot rely on credit card insurance as they are just directed to covering the rentals from a commercial car rental agency.

  • Turo offers three protection plans of different categories: premium, standard, and minimum. 
  • You can earn up to $706 monthly with Turo.
  • Peer-to-peer rental company. 
  • No extra charges for the additional drivers.
  • Turo has no discounts or offers for first-time customers. 


Alamo offers a membership program to the customers and provides a 5% discount when you sign-up for the free Alamo insiders program. Renting the car through Alamo is not difficult, and you need to sign up and enter the pick-up location, the renter age, and several other important details required. 

Alamo does not offer any reward points for future rentals. However, it contributes to earning airline miles or hotel points.  

  • The fee ranges with location, and the additional drivers have to pay a $12 
  • It has over 1500 locations worldwide. 
  • The minimum age requirement to rent a car is 25 years. 
  • Additional charges for drivers from 21-24 years ago. 
  • Car rental deals include Last-Minute Specials, Plan Ahead Specials, Free Rental Car Upgrade, etc. 

Thrifty Car Rental 

Thrifty car rental is the subsidiary of The Hertz Corporation, and it has grown exponentially over the last years. The car models and types available at Thrifty include BMW X1 Rental, Convertible Rental, Economy Rental, Minivan Rental, Prestige Rental, SUV Rental, and a few more. 

One of the prominent features of Thrifty Car Rental is the Blue Chip Rewards. It is a complete package for the customers as it includes free authorized additional drivers, quicker reservations, exclusive discounts, priority counter service, free membership, and a lot more. 

  • It has 472 locations in the US and Canada. 
  • The minimum age requirement is 21years to be eligible. 
  • Must have a valid driver’s license. 
  • Underage fees for the customers from 21-24 years of age depending upon the location. 
  • It offers exclusive AAA Rental Car Discounts where customers can save up to 10-15% off the base rate. 

Budget Car Rental 

Budget Car Rental is famous for the sports manual cars with many other additional cars with fantastic offers. For example, you can rent an SUV from the Budget for as low as $50 per day if you lease it for four days.

In addition, it also offers a weekly car rental deal where you can get up to 10% on the rentals for five days and even more. 

The local rentals can also avail the Cargo vans according to preferences that would cost them as low as $29.99 per day. In addition, the company also offers you to save at least 10% on your nearest Budget Car Rental.

  • It has approximately 1400 locations. 
  • The minimum age requirement is 21 years to be eligible. 
  • The customers between 21 and 24 years have to pay $27 as a surcharge. 
  • Must have a valid driver’s license. 
  • The fee ranges from $13/day and goes up to $65. It varies with location and total rental period. 
Attention! You can also get up to 30% OFF and a 10% Cashback using the Amazon gift card. Moreover, you can avail of several promo codes when you book your vehicle, where you can save around 5 to 35% of the total amount. 


Rent-A-Wreck is another top rental service that promises customers full safety with fully inspected vehicles in terms of quality.

In addition, they manage the best comfort for the customers and provide them with consumer satisfaction from the core of their hearts. 

It helps you rent a car at many affordable prices and is a perfect source for economical rental cars, vans, trucks, cargo vans, minivans, SUVs, and many other vehicle types. In addition, it rents vehicles from previous owners and even from other rental companies. 

  • It has around 54 locations. 
  • Age requirements are not fixed for Rent-A-Wreck and vary from one place to another. 
  • Customers under 25 years of age can rent with a credit card. 
  • Additional fees are required for other drivers. 
  • For young drivers, the additional charges range from $150 to $250.


Book and share cars in the most convenient way with another amazing car rental service, i.e., the Getaround. You need to do is enter your location on their website, choose the desired rental time, and look for the car types company has for you. 

It is also known to be one of the largest carsharing marketplaces providing the customers with rental services in affordable ranges and ensuring a luxury experience for them.

  • It is available in around 22 states. 
  • The standard daily mileage of the cars at Getaround is approximately 200 miles. 
  • The minimum age requirement is 19 years, and people under 25 have to pay a guest insurance fee of 5-75% of the total amount. 
  • Getaround Connect allows contactless sharing. 
  • All the Getaround trips are full-fledged covered by the insurance with some additional policies. 


Payless offers several classes of class models such as Economy, Compact, SUVs, Midsize, and others. At Payless, the driver must be of 25 years of age and have a valid drivers’ license along with a credit card. 

Payless has several discounts for the customers, especially for AARP members, Fuel Rewards members, Hyatt, Southwest Rapid Rewards, and others.

  • It has more than 120 locations worldwide. 
  • For renters between 21-24 years of age, they need to pay an additional daily surcharge of $25.00. 
  • Additional drivers have to pay an extra $13.
  • The availability of cars varies by location.  
  • The drivers have to go through a safety screening test before they are hired


HyreCar is another carsharing marketplace that allows customers to provide their cars for renting purposes, letting them earn a passive income. On the other hand, drivers can rent a car on the rideshare platforms to make money. 

HyreCar does not offer any contract, commitment-free rental experience without lengthy contracts. It ensures comfortable rides and knowledge for the customers making the commute easy. 

  • It is present in all 50 states. 
  • The main target of the platform is Uber and Lyft drivers.
  • The minimum age requirement is 21 years old. 
  • You can set your price and commission. 
  • It provides control risk with custom protection plans. 

Other Companies That Do Not Offer Manual Car Rental Services

While many companies go across the boundaries to take risks with manual car rental services, some stick to automatic vehicles and do not offer manual car rental services. Some of these include: 

  • Fox Rent A Car
  • Hertz Rent A Car
  • Avail Car Sharing
  • Sixt Rent A Car
  • Avis Rent A Car
  • National Car Rental
  • Budget Car Rental
  • Dollar Rent A Car
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Zipcar

Extra Reading

Use of Rental Car Services for Learning Manual Driving 

Driving is not a child’s play when several liabilities are attached to it, most significantly the safety of your own and other people on the go.

If you are willing to learn manual driving, it would be best to opt for a professional and licensed driving school or ask someone in your close circle to lend you a car for the learning process. 

Rental companies are no joke, and they have regulations that you must respect and abide by. No such company would allow you to rent a car solely for this purpose as they cannot risk the value that comes with it. So please make sure you make no such attempt that can turn out to be a muddle later. 

How To Return a Manual Rental Car? 

Renting a car means that you are responsible for someone’s possession and should be sensible enough to take the best care of it. Although rental car companies do not have any rigid criteria for cleanliness, it is basic ethics to be considerate enough and not treat the vehicle like trash. 

  • The least you can do is use a carpet extractor to get off any debris or dirt that you carried along your rental period.

Some companies, however, do have this return policy where you need to make sure that the vehicle is returned as clean, or you will be charged with the penalty fee. 

Alternatives to Manual Car Rental Services If You Have Expired License

An expired license does not allow you to rent cars from the rental services, and here we will provide you with several alternatives to manual car rentals an expired license: 

  • Have someone else drive for you
  • Manage your data following the rental date. 
  • You can also cancel the reservation on the same day or within 48 hours as per the company’s policies. 

The Bottom Line

Car rental services are of huge help if you wish to travel around safely and quickly but do not own a car yourself. In face, they have proven to be more affordable than keeping and maintaining a vehicle of your own.

Nonetheless, you need to keep in mind that each company rental offers come with its own terms and conditions. You have to abide by the regulations if you wish to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find rental cars in manual?

Although there is not a long list of known US companies that offer cars with manual transmission for rent, you can still find a few in the market. In this regards, Turo has proven to be one of the best choices.

Is it cheap to get manual car rental?

To rent manual cars is cheaper than renting automatic ones. So if you plan to save some money, it will make for a good choice.

Is Turo safe and legit to use?

Yes, Turo is a safe service that lets you rent vehicles. It has grown into quite a popular service over the years with excellent rating on some of the most reliable platforms.