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Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental Policies, Procedures and Charges

Cleaning processes can get a bit arduous, especially when it comes to carpet cleaning. To address this, we have a review on Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental to assist you with the process and make it affordable!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental asks you to pay $30 for 24 hours.
  • You need to have an ID photo and pay an upfront fee before renting a machine.
  • Rug Doctor Website guides you on Publix locations that offer a Carpet Cleaner Rental Service.

…and Much More!

Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental – How Does It Work?

Publix is one of the well-known supermarkets in the United States, with many products available at a very affordable price range. The grocery store is imminent for several products, so you can plan your grocery trips and find weekly savings. 

  • Publix allows you to rent various products you need quickly and easily instead of spending a large amount of money purchasing them. 

If you are looking for a carpet cleaner, Publix has rental plans depending on the product model you wish to rent and the days you need it. 

For now, Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental services are in the game, and many customers have enjoyed the seamless process.

How To Rent Carpet Cleaner from Publix – Step by Step Guide 

Renting a Carpet Cleaner from Publix is an excellent step to convenience and a time-saving approach. Many people who find it difficult to remove stains from their carpets can now trust the Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental. 

Renting a Carpet Cleaner from Publix requires you to remember a few things, as mentioned here.

  1. Find the Rug Doctor kiosk first before renting a carpet cleaner from Publix. You can usually find it near the customer service right beside the store. 
  2. The store is in six southeastern states and offers carpet cleaner rental services.
  3. If you are still looking for a Rug Doctor kiosk, you can always contact or ask the employees at Publix to lead you to the Rug Doctor rental area. 
  4. Once you find the Rug Doctor kiosk, you must ensure you have an official and authentic identification card (ID photo).
  5. In addition to this, you need to pay an upfront fee before using the machine you want to rent. 
  6. Now that you have chosen the product, you must buy a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner liquid bottle from the Publix store.
  7. Moreover, you can rent different attachments and tools for the cleaners per your requirements. 
Note! The models of carpet cleaners can vary from location to location, so make sure that you do a little search before going for one to avoid any inconvenience later on. 

Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental Price

  • The Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental Charges vary depending on several factors, such as the model you rent and the time you want to rent it. 

It is, without a doubt, an inexpensive deal as you only have to pay $30 for 24 hours. As the duration increases, so does the rental payment. 

To your surprise, Publix offers several carpet cleaner rental coupon deals. By renting a Rug Doctor, you can also save a handsome number of pennies and make a more intelligent yet outstanding choice. 

  • The Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner bottle costs you no more than $25. 

No restriction on how many days you can rent a carpet cleaner. Remember that you need to rent it for an entire day. Publix’s half-day rental scheme is unavailable as the process only works in 24-hour increments. 

Note! Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental has no hidden or additional cost, and all the pricing is completely transparent about which the representatives will guide you in detail. 

Last but not least, late fees are also a factor to keep in mind if you fail to return the machine on time. Some stores have this policy; however, get in touch with your respective Publix stores to know how they carry out this step.

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Extra Reading

Spots That Let You Rent Publix Carpet Cleaner 

You can rent Publix Carpet Cleaners from various spots. The Rug Doctor Website can provide you with the number of Publix locations offering a carpet cleaner rental service. 

  • The models of the available cleaners can vary between locations. Check their availability on time before proceeding. 

Things To Watch Out for When Returning the Carpet Cleaner to Publix 

It is evident that whenever you lend anything, you have a great responsibility to return it to the owner in the best possible way. So is the case with renting Publix Carpet Cleaners.

  • Publix has a strict policy of returning its equipment in a tidy and organized form once you are done using it. 

To prevent overhead costs, you must pay to return an unclean product, so ensure you do it well. Clean the outer and inner parts of the machine and try to remove every contaminant from the cleaning process. 

If you fail to do it rightly, be prepared to charge an additional penalty fee. The policy varies by the store; hence, to avoid any such problem, brush off all the possible debris from the machine before returning it to Publix. 

Publix Carpet Cleaners – Everything You Need to Know

Publix Carpet Cleaners come in a wide variety and have several functions to assist your cleaning process. The different models of the machines include the Mighty Pro model, the Mighty Pro X3 model, and the Wide Track model. In addition, you can also get Upholstery tools and Floor Dryers, 

As mentioned earlier, you can rent several attachments along with the machines. The availability can vary from one store to another. Check which attachment best fits your device for an easy cleaning process. 

FYI! Apart from all the dominant and extensive services, the Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental does not offer steam cleaners. Instead, you can get an alternative to steam cleaners, i.e., a pressure washer. 

You will find that a large number of people are using Publix rental services for carpet cleaning. Moreover, majority have shared their experiences online on platforms like Reddit or Quora.

Some of the reviews we have recently come across are shared below.

I’ve rented twice from Publix in the past five months. Big dog, white carpet…

Anyhow, they do a great job. I finally decided that I’ll need to do the carpets pretty much every month, so I actually bought a Rug Doctor–I was able to get one at a great discount through work.

We just used the Rug Doctor last week and I think it worked better than when we had it professionally done. It does take some time but it is worth it.

I’ve been using this cleaning service for months now, and they consistently deliver exceptional results. I couldn’t be happier with their service!!!

The Bottom Line 

We hope that you are well aware of Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental by now. Keep in mind the details, and you can get in touch with customer representatives who will better guide you through all the available offers. 

  • Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental is the most approachable service to assist you with cleaning. 

The process is affordable since you only pay $30 for 24 hours and no additional cost except the late fee if you fail to return the product. Be sure to clean the machine correctly before returning to avoid penalty. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What stores offer Carpet Cleaner Rentals?

For your convenience, various stores like Walmart, Kroger, and Lowe’s offer Carpet Cleaner Rentals. 

Is it better to rent a carpet cleaner or buy one instead?

We think it’s smart to consider the machine model and the time you need it. Many rental offers are significantly cheaper than purchasing, ensuring your financial security. 

What is the average price of having the carpets cleaned professionally?

The average price of professional cleaning is reasonable, depending on the number of rooms. Middle-companies charge around $30 per room, providing a reassuring option. 

Does Walmart offer carpet cleaner rental? 

Rug Doctors from Walmart are worth renting. You can find a variety of carpet cleaning rental services here. A 24-hour rental typically costs $23.97.

Does Lowe’s offer carpet cleaner rental?

You can visit a local Lowe’s store to access its carpet cleaning machine rental services. The rental agreement may cost you up to $39.99.