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Stores That Accept Acima Credit – Useful Categories To Look Into!

Acima assists people looking for products within affordable ranges and provides practical solutions to traditional financing, even for those with bad credit scores. Acima credit facilitates people’s shopping from various places for a wide range of products without any credit check. Here, we will walk you through the Stores that accept Acima credit, allowing flexible purchases.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can buy anything for as much as $5000. 
  • Acima gives you a 90-day early purchase option and one year to pay off the required amount.
  • You can locate the store accepting Acima credit on their website by entering City/State/ZIP code or an address.

…and Much More!

Online Stores That Accept Acima Credit – By Category

Acima has a lease-to-own policy, meaning you can purchase items among several brackets of products without any credit. This Buy Now Pay Later program allows you to buy products and repay them over a defined period. 

Below are multiple stores that accept Acima credit so you can see if it works for you. You will find jewelry, electronics, and clothing stores accepting Acima credit.

  • In addition, the official website of Acima has a store locator, and you can search from there, too, by entering the City/State/ZIP code or an address. 

Jewelry Stores That Accept Acima Credit

  • Frost NYC: You can avail of Acima’s 90-day early purchase option on any jewelry item by paying $70 at checkout.

Furniture and Home Décor Stores

  • Affordable Home Furniture: Get furniture for your home, office, or for decorating kids’ rooms. It offers sectional sofas, motion sofa sets, coffee table sets, and more. 
  • Kids Furniture warehouse: Here, you can get premium-quality bunk beds, bedroom sets, and loft beds, as well as assembly. 
  • CB Furniture: You can get perfect furniture from CB Furniture for $3500 through Acima credit. You can also take the merchandise home by making scheduled payments. 
  • Alyssa’s Home Furnishings: With Acima’s financing option, you can get top-notch quality furniture, depending on your preferences. 

Appliance Stores That Take Acima credit

  • Better Home Store: Perfectly equipped with home appliances and accessories. Moreover, several categories you can shop from include décor, furniture, lighting, bath sets, kitchen, and dining. 
  • Gilles Brothers: Gilles Brothers by Acima offers leases up to $4000. No credit is required, and they offer the most accessible payment options. 
  • Mattress Savvy: Look for the perfect, durable, and comfortable mattresses at Mattress Savvy, which offers a no-credit financing option through Acima. 

Car Audio and Accessories That Accept Acima credit

  • Audio Maxx: You do not have to have credit to apply, and you can get approved up to $2000. The initial payment is $50 and no more. Stereos, alarm systems, cameras, and speakers are just a few of the many options available at Audio Maxx. 
  • Tire Town: The best vehicle service available provides easy financing options. To use Acima credit, you must have an income history, monthly income (at least $1000), and a checking account. 
  • SpeedZone: Get the tailored plans at SpeedZone with Acima and enjoy affordable solutions for large purchases. 
  • Down 4 Sound: With an initial $50 payment, get flexible financing with Acima at Down 4 Sound. Down 4 Sound provides Speakers, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, and many more sound equipment for your cars. 

Other Prominent Stores That You Might Want to Check Out!

Some of the other stores that accept Acima credit include:

  • Best Buy 
  • Simple Tire
  • Wheel & Tire Connection 
  • Discount Tires 
  • Perfection Wheels 

Furthermore, you can use it for musical instruments, outdoor gear, power tools, eyewear, electronics, cooking and cleaning appliances, and many local stores. 

Why You Should Be Looking for Stores That Accept Acima credit

Acima leasing has several upsides and has been an excellent choice for its customers for a while now. With its instant shopping service and no credit options, you can get your hands on your favorite products among many available. 

As discussed, many stores offer Acima lease-to-own services for people who wish to make large purchases but cannot pay for them all at once. Hence, these stores are the perfect source to accommodate your Acima credit in the best possible way. 

The return policy can vary from one store to another; however, on average, Acima has a 90-day early purchase option for both online and in-store purchases. 

Even though there are several other payment options available to facilitate your Buy Now Pay Later approach, such as SezzleKlarnaAfterpay, or Affirm, we will shortlist the chief reasons you should be looking for stores that offer Acima credit:

  • There is no need for a credit score. Even if you need better credit, you can apply here.
  • The approvals are instant and do not require any lengthy information.
  • The payment options are a piece of cake; you can do it at your convenience. 

Acima Credit Customer Support Service

Acima has vigilant and agile customer support to cater to your problems, no matter how simple or complex. 

Customer Support Service Availability

  • Monday to Friday: 06:30 AM to 07: 00 PM 
  • Saturday: 07:30 AM to 03:30 PM

Online Chat Service Availability 

  • Monday to Friday: 07:00 AM to 09:00 PM
  • Saturday: 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM

You can always get in touch with the customer service either through a live chat feature on their website, call, or by sending them an email. Acima phone number: (801) 297 – 1920.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, applying at Acima is an easy process that does not require you to worry about getting a perfect credit score. You can pay over time, and Acima allows you to enjoy an early purchase of 90 days of whatever product you are looking for. You can Rent the things you need hassle-free. 

  • Moreover, Acima offers flexible payment options. 

Hence, we recommend that you have a look at stores that accept Acima credit and find a perfect match for your needs; be it home appliances or vehicle gadgets, they offer it all! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I get approved for by Acima?

The price ranges from $300 to $4000 for approval by Acima. 

Does Acima impact my credit score?

Acima performs a soft credit check when you apply for the the Buy Now Pay Later program, but it does not affect your credit score prominently. 

Does Acima give personal loans?

Acima gives personal loans if you have good credit and a low debt-to-income. 

How often does Acima report to credit bureaus?

Acima reports to the credit bureaus once a month. 

Does Walmart accept Acima credit? 

You can visit the Acima online store locator to confirm whether Walmart near you accepts this payment option.

Does Amazon accept Acima credit? 

You can use Acima on Amazon to purchase products/services. It allows you to spread the payments up-front on lease-to-own terms.

Does Best Buy accept Acima credit?

Yes, you can use this financing method at Best Buy.