USAA Money Order Deposit Methods and Limits To Keep In Mind

Depositing money orders or checks can always be a problem since every bank has its policy. However, since there are not many alternatives to money orders that you can consider, this article will clear all your queries about the USAA money order and its scheme.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • USAA money orders work just like regular checks.
  • Three easy ways to deposit USAA money order are through the app, through ATM, or the mail.
  • Limits for USAA money order deposits vary but it majorly depends on daily depositing. 

…and Much More!

USAA Money Order – What You Need To Know  

USAA accepts money orders just like regular checks which allow the customer to deposit them through different convenient approaches.

According to USAA customer support department, there are three ways to get your money orders through:

  1. Deposit via mobile app
  2. ATM deposits
  3. Deposits via mail

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Depositing USAA Money Order Step-By-Step Guide 

Make sure you follow all the steps below for submitting a money order; either you choose the USAA app, ATM, or even mail. 

Deposit Via Mobile App

Follow these easy steps to deposit USAA money order through their mobile app. 

  1. Open the app and go to ‘deposit’ on the homepage. 
  2. Now select the ‘deposit@mobile’ option. 
  3. Choose the account where you wish to receive the money order cash after scanning the approved money order. 
Note! To be on the safer side before the deposit, make sure you enter ‘For mobile deposit at USAA FSB’ in the given section. 

ATM Deposits

USAA lets you deposit money order or checks via ATM as well.

  • It allows up to 10 money orders or checks at once via ATMs.

However, this option has its limit since not all ATMs accept money orders. You can use USAA locator to find the ATMs that accept deposits.

Money Order By Mail

USAA allows you to deposit money orders by mail but, you’ll also have to use their website: USAA website. All you need to do is:

  1. Print a deposit slip via the USAA website for free.
  2. You can even apply online for the deposit slip.
  3. Use the deposit slip to submit the approved money order along with other required details via mail to the following address.
“9861 Attn: Bank Priority Mail USAA Federal Savings Bank 10750 McDermott Freeway San Antonio, TX 78288-0002.”

Extra Reading

Limits For USAA Money Order Deposits 

 USAA has no such money order limitations for its users, but there are a few things that you need to be careful about.

  • Your money order request should not exceed your everyday deposit threshold.

Otherwise, the bank would hold your respective transaction and you’ll have to face the consequences. 

Luckily, there is a solution!

If you wish to go for money orders larger than your day-today deposit, you may increase your everyday deposit for the time being, which in return may increase your limit temporarily.

To increase the limit of your money orders you can request the USAA by calling their helpline number, (800) 531-8722.   

USAA Teller Check Online

Although the bank does not allow you to sell money orders, it offers a convenient alternative: getting a teller check online.

  • This check is quite helpful if you wish to send over certified funds.

You can get it online by following this simple protocol.

  1. Open the app and tap on My Tools.
  2. Then click on Get an official check on the next window that opens.
  3. State whether the recipient account is business or an individual.
  4. Fill out the memo line and the amount of money.
  5. Provide the mailing address as well as mode of delivery (expedited mail for $8 and express mail for $14). Confirm!
Attention!The first teller check comes free of cost but you have to pay $10 each for all the additional ones that you avail.

The Bottom Line 

Money order depositing options offered by USAA are quite convenient and easy to use. Any option you choose be aware of your money order limits and don’t let it go above the daily deposits or else they can block your transaction.   Moreover, watch out for mistakes on money order because these can get in the way of cashing it later on.

 Frequently Asked Questions About USAA Money Order

Where can I acquire a cashier’s check, if I have USAA?

For a price of $10 per check, you can get a cashier’s check from USAA Bank.

Is a cashier’s check the same as a teller’s check?

All checks that are issued against the bank’s own funds are called cashier’s or teller’s checks.

Are money order and a cashier’s check the same?

A cashier’s check is issued by the bank and is in bigger dollar amounts, while money orders are less secure. Other than that both are payment options other than cash.

What is the maximum money I can put on the money order?

The maximum limit on most money orders is $1,000, but one can buy multiple money orders.