Walmart Gift Card Cash Back Offer and How You Can Avail It Right Now!

Are you on the verge of draining your budget? Although we can’t promise a huge leap, you can add some funds to your pocket with a Walmart gift card cash-back offer. If you are new to this, we will walk you through how the cashback works. 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Walmart gift card cash back offer is true specific states online.
  • In order to get the cash back you have to Purchase item more expensive than gift card > Pay in full > Save the receipt > Keep item in original box > Return object > Redeem cash back as cash or deposit.
  • You can also choose to sell it to Walmart directly or other stores that are willing to make a purchase.

…and Much More!

Walmart Gift Card Cash Back – Is It For Real?

Walmart gift cards are a great tool to help you shop from a wide variety of items available and win cash back as well! 

  • However, to be considered for cashback, the gift card must have some remaining balance, typically less than $5. 

Unfortunately, except in a few states including Colorado, California, Montana, New Jersey, Vermont, Washington, Oregon, and Rhode Island, Walmart does not allow customers to obtain cashback on gift cards. 

Attention! Other countries, on the other hand, are not eligible for Walmart’s cashback or cash advances. Also, Gift cards are not redeemable for cash.

How To Get a Cash Back on Walmart Gift Card – Step By Step Guide

You can not get money from a Walmart gift card directly. Nevertheless, there is a potential option that may work for you and that is to use it smartly to save some dollars. If you are new, here’s how you can avail the cashback on the gift card. 

  1. Purchase something more expensive than the funds you have in your Walmart gift card.
  2. You can buy Walmart gift cards for $10 to $50, so don’t be worried. Depending on the one you have, you can purchase something that is $5 or a bit more expensive than the funds. 
  3. Pay the bill with cash or a credit card at this point, as per your choice. 
  4. Once the purchase is complete, make sure that you save the receipt. Don’t use the product and try to retain it in its original box.
  5. Go to your retailer’s store and return your product with the receipt within 14 days of the purchase date.
  6. They will give you a refund for your item without requiring you to make any claims.

And you are done! In this way, you will have used your gift card and earned a small amount of cashback, which you can receive as cash or can deposit on a debit card.

You have to activate a Walmart gift card before it can be used to make purchases. The procedure is quite simple. 

  1. Remove the activation sticker on the new card. 
  2. Swipe the card at any register during checkout. 
  3. Then follow on-screen instructions to complete the process. 
  4. Obtain the receipt/e-receipt which confirms that the gift card has been activated. 

Alternative Ways to Earn Cash Back on the Gift Card

If the above option does not work for you, you can always opt for alternative ways to earn a cash back on the gift card. Here are a few options that will prove to be fruitful.

Cash your Walmart Gift Card

Simply present your Walmart gift card to a customer care representative and ask for an exchange. However, you may need to check your state’s restrictions before trying to get money back in exchange for a card. 

  • If your Walmart store offers cashback, be sure to check the restriction on how much money can be reimbursed from a gift card.

In some areas, such as California, the amount on a gift card must be less than $10 to be reimbursed. However, If a Walmart retail shop client is unaware of the state’s particular rules on gift card returns, don’t hesitate to approach store management for help!

Sell it to Walmart

You may even turn in unwanted gift cards for other businesses for up to 95% of their original value through Walmart’s gift card repurchase program.

Sell your Gift card to Online Exchange Companies

If your state does not allow a cashback policy from a Walmart gift card, you can look for other options that let you sell cards.  

Several gift card exchange companies, such as Raise, Cardpool, and CardCash will buy your Walmart gift. However, unfortunately, the money will be deducted from its original value.  

While selling your unused gift cards through a variety of websites. it would be useful to keep these points in mind.

  • Look for a reputable website.
  • Negotiate with them to considerably reduce the price.
  • The procedure may take some time.

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How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance?

You can check the remaining balance any time of the day by visiting Cardholders can inquire about their balance by calling 1-866-633-9096.

  • If you happen to be at a Walmart store, visit the register counter and request the representative to check the gift card balance for you.

The Bottom Line

Although the process isn’t quite straight-forward, Walmart does let you avail cash backs on the gift card. Moreover, you can also choose to sell it to Walmart directly or to other stores that are willing to make a purchase. 

Rules and regulations about Walmart gift card cash back and exchange policy may vary from state to state. Therefore, it would be of great help if you check in with the authorities beforehand. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you return a Walmart gift card with a receipt?

Walmart gift cards are not returnable. The terms and conditions on the official website highlight that you can not return or seek a refund after purchasing the Walmart gift card. 

Can I sell my Walmart gift card online? 

You can sell the card to several stores or directly to Walmart. However, it may not be possible to make this deal online. It is better to visit the store physically. 

Is it possible to use a Walmart gift card for purchases at stores other than Walmart? 

Unfortunately, you can only use the card at Walmart or online Walmart retailers. They are not accepted at any other stores. 

Can I turn my Walmart gift card into cash?

You can sell the gift card in exchange for cash directly to Walmart or other stores that are willing to make a purchase. 

Can I send my Walmart gift card balance to Cash App?

You can use your Walmart gift card balance via Cash App by adding the gift card as a payment source in the app. This method offers flexibility and enhances the usability of any gift card. 

Can I use Walmart gift cards in ATMs?

You can not use Walmart gift cards for cash withdrawals at ATMs. However, they can be used to shop at partner retailers and save cash in your pocket.