Water Refill Station Near Me | 4+ Available Options To Consider

Water is one of the most crucial elements of life. Impure and less water intake causes various diseases in humans like kidney stones, anxiety, memory loss and fatigue etc. So, people always prefer pure and clean drinking water for themselves. If you are finding water refill station near me, here are the top choices!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Some of the best water refill station near include Primo, Watermill express, Culligan, and U-Fill Water.
  • It is beneficial to drink Alkaline water if you wish to avoid certain health problems.
  • Consumption of poor quality water can cause diseases like Kidney stones or Memory problems.

…and Much More!

Water Refill Station Near Me – Top Choices

Mostly water refill stations are available at multiple places like schools, grocery centers, shopping malls, hospitals, sports complexes, parks, and restaurants etc.

Multiple online grocery stores provide water buying and water refilling facility. You can easily target most suitable water refill station near you to get pure and clean water.

Watermill Express

Water mill express is one of the largest and widely spread networks of drinking water suppliers in United States. They provide filtered water at reasonable rates.

  • Per gallon charges of watermill express $0.25- $0.35.
  • Payment should be done through credit card or cash.
  • Moreover, you can refill same bottle or gallon from their stations without spending more money.
  • This water can also be used for daily purposes cleaning, washing and cooking etc.
  • Small quantities of minerals are also present in water provided by Watermill Express.


Culligan is another water refill station and supplier of drinking system in US and Canada. There are more than 6000 Culligan suppliers and they also provide filtered water.

  • Per gallon charges are $0.25 and it increases gradually.
  • They also supply water to different sectors like industries, corporate and housing sector.
  • They also provide discount on water gallons to their customers.
  • You can borrow a water cooler for whole month at a reasonable price of $12.
  • In south region of United States several standalone and self-service stations of Culligan are present.

Primo Water

Primo water is a huge network of water supplier in different areas but most popularly in North America. It started working as a refill station in 2016 and they also provide filtered water.

  • Per gallon charges of Primo are $0.35. 
  • You can buy water from different online Primo suppliers and retailers of your area.
  • In North America about 22,000 Primo water refill stations are available.
  • Primo refill stations our assessable through different online platforms like CVS, Food Mart, Kroger, Rite-Aid, Walmart, Sprout, Family Dollar, Jewels and Vons etc.
  • You can also refill same bottle or gallon from the station again and again without purchasing the new one.

U-Fill Water

U-Fill Water is a supplier network that provides reverse osmotic water refilling facility for 24/7. They provide filtered water but only operate at selective locations. These are mostly available in north eastern regional United States.

  • Prices of U-Fill Water refill stations are $0.25-$0.35 per gallon.
  • They also provide filters, coolers and softeners.
  • Services are available on working days and closed on Sunday.
  • U-Fill Water refill stations provide membership facility to customers.
  • There are different ways for locating the exact location of your nearest station.

Types of Drinking Water

Drinking water is categorized on different basis but most commonly as hard water, alkaline water, tap water, flavored water, mineral water etc. The purpose of these categories is to facilitate the customers while buying water of their choice.

Hard Water 

When mineral level in underground water is more than the normal water then it is known as hard water. 

  • Mineral like calcium, gypsum carbonate and bicarbonate.
  • It cannot be used for drinking purposes. 
  • It is difficult to digest by human body.

Alkaline Water

When water is basic in nature then it is known as alkaline water. Multiple water suppliers who claimed to provide alkaline water to the customer used because of its health benefits.

  • Its pH values are from 9 to 14
  • Moreover, it has many health benefits.
  • It is used in cancer treatment and help in slow aging etc.

Tap Water

Normal water that is used in our daily life is known as tap water. It is available at all the places like at our homes, offices etc.

  • Generally used for washing, cleaning and drinking purposes.
  • Common sources of tap water are rivers, canals and ponds.
  • Its pH value is more than the distilled water with ranges from 6-8.

Flavored Water

When any flavoring agents like sugars or additives are dissolved in water then it is known as flavored water.

  • It causes health problems like diabetes.
  • Also, it is also associated with high glucose level.
  • Mostly acidic in nature with pH value of 2.5-3.5.

Mineral Water

Mineral water is also known as neutral or filtered water. It provides various health benefits.

  • Mineral water has neutral pH between 7.1- 7.3.
  • It is free of metals and harmful components.
  • Moreover, it is rich in different type of minerals like calcium, sulfur, magnesium, manganese etc.

The Bottom Line

In our daily life, water is required for every purpose so it should always be according to our needs and demand. So online purchasing of best quality water at fewer prices from water refill stations near me is one of the best options for customers. 

This is because they provide best quality water at cheap price and are available for 24/7. Along with this, they also provide home delivery facilities, making them a very good service for many people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why mostly people prefer water refill stations near their location?

The reason is that it is a time and money saver for people because they can get their demanded water type in a reasonable price.

How to get details of water refill station?

Almost all the what are you feel stations have their official websites from where you can get all the necessary informations like their location charges per gallon type of water display etc.

How different brands cell and deliver filtered water at their customer’s location?

On Amazon various bands cell filtered water at different rates like Brita, Culligan and Water drop etc.