Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick: What to Know Before Trying It

If you are Looking to raise your credit score or earn better store discounts? then Shopping cart trick maybe the right choice for you to obtain credit cards without prompting a hard pull. So, scroll down to make yourself familiar with Wayfair shopping cart trick and what to know before trying it.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • The Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick can help you earn benefits like cash back bonuses regardless your credit card limitations.
  • You may benefit from several perks with a store credit card from Wayfair, including $40 off your initial purchase there at store or 3% back in rewards.
  • Increase in number of credit cards will impact on your credit & reduce the average age of credit card account.

…and Much More!

The Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick: All You Need To Know

You may take advantage of several benefits with a store credit card from Wayfair, such as a $40 discount over your first in-store purchases or 3% cash back.

If you don’t yet have a spectacular credit history but have a Wayfair credit card, you can utilize the Wayfair Shopping Cart method.

This will lead you to apply the card through internet advertisements and be approved without any negative effects to your credit score history. To increase your chances of becoming approved, the loan provider will no longer check your credit history throughout the application process.

What is Wayfair?

Wayfair is an American e-commerce company that sells furniture and home goods. When the company was first established in 2002, it was known as CSN shops.

  • 14 million products from more than 11000 vendors throughout the world are available on its web marketplace.

This online business is based in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to the USA, Wayfair also maintains operational offices and warehouses in the UK, Canada, Ireland, and Germany. Wayfair has five websites for its online products and services: its main website, Joss and Main, All Modern, Birch Lane, and Perigold.

Important Considerations Prior To Try Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick

Keep the following in mind before you try Wayfair’s shopping trick process:

  • If you have a pop-up blocker, make sure you turn it off before attempting the Wayfair shopping trick. The trick requires a pop-up advertisement for the store’s credit card to function. Cleaning the cache and history of your browser prior to using the method will also help you avoid glitches.
  • You should immediately leave the procedure if you are required to enter your full Social Security number at any time. The application will typically trigger a hard credit pull if it asks for the whole number. Only the last four digits of the number should be requested for clearance with a soft credit pull.
  • The Wayfair shopping cart trick won’t work if you’ve previously chosen not to receive credit card offers from the retailer. To opt back in, dial (888) 567-8688 or go to

Avoid The Hard Credit Inquiry

The shopping cart tactic is ineffective to avoid a hard query for everyone. So, use this technique at your own risk!

Hard credit inquiries are now necessary for approval of store credit cards from Comenity Bank, Synchrony Bank, and Wells Fargo. You can still check to see if you’ve been pre-approved using this approach, though. You can avoid employing an unneeded hard inquiry, if you know that you’re more certain to get accepted.

Tip:In many cases, there is a straightforward method that can assist you in doing both. The phrase “shopping cart trick” or “soft pull trick” are both used to describe it.

You may apply for one retail store credit card in a few easy steps without having your credit report hard pulled. Since the credit card company won’t see your entire credit history when you apply, your chances of approval will be higher.

The shopping cart technique also gives you the opportunity to improve your credit score by including an account that is currently in good standing. Additionally, you can receive promotions from the shops you visit, such as free goods, gift cards that can be used all year long, or a particular percentage off your purchase.

How Can You Do the Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick – Step By Step Guid

1. Register Yourself

The Wayfair website will require you to first register for one store account. Just keep your mouse over “Account” in the upper right corner and choose “Create an Account” from the pop-up that appears. Then, stick to the registration procedures.

2. Add Items In Your Cart

Add a chosen item to your shopping cart. The Wayfair shopping cart trick won’t work unless you buy the item, but it does require that you have one in your cart. The system must believe that you are about to make a transaction to receive an invitation to sign up for a credit card.

3. Fill Out Your Purchase Data

Enter down your name and address during the checkout process exactly like you would if you were making an actual purchase but stop before providing any payment information. Take utmost caution while entering all the data and avoid using autofill. Because, all the contact details must precisely match those on your credit report.

4. Comply With the Pop-Up Instructions.

You should notice a pop-up requesting you to sign up for a Wayfair credit card while you follow the above-described steps. You can register using the instructions in the ad if you are just required to enter the last four digits of your social security number.

5. Verify errors twice

If this procedure does not work, double-check that you input all of your information accurately and exactly as it appears on your credit report, even to the smallest of details including your middle initial and any address abbreviations. Then try once again later. You can remove items from your shopping basket once you’ve finished using the application.

Is Shopping Cart Trick Beneficial for You?

Increasing Your Credit Score

Is your credit rating poor? Not to worry! You can rebuild your credit score with the use of this approach. This method will prevent a hard pull on the credit, indicating it won’t expose any information that could harm your credit. By employing this strategy, the borrower will be able to demonstrate his or her ability to repay the loan despite having a poor credit rating. Thus, increasing the chance that lenders will grant him or her a loan.

Bonuses Of Credit Cards

Various benefits are available based on the type of card you applied for. For instance, a small number of cards might offer cash back bonuses or a small number of cards might offer partner- or store-related perks. 

The Ability To Ask For A Higher Credit Limit

These credit cards often have a $500 or less credit limit. You have the choice to ask for a greater limit when you get your credit card to fit your spending style!

Things To Watch Out Before Trying Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick

We’ve listed a few factors to think about if you’re not sure whether you want to register for the Wayfair credit card via the shopping cart trick.

Terms Regarding Credit Card

Make sure the terms on the Wayfair credit card are reasonable before obtaining a new credit account. The Wayfair credit card does not have an annual fee.

However, it does have a variable APR of about 28%. Retail credit cards have high APRs and low spending limits. On the other hand, you will receive $40 off your first buy and 3% back in rewards when you sign up for the Wayfair credit card. The terms of the credit card are detailed on Wayfair’s website.

Impact of Credit

Before you choose to use Wayfair’s shopping cart trick, keep in mind that if your application is successful, you will be required to complete your payments on schedule. You will be charged late penalties and your credit score would suffer if you missed payments.

Even while paying your bills on time helps your credit score, you should weigh the benefits of opening a new credit account against the possibility that you will fall behind on your payments if you already have a bad credit history. Do not forget that opening a new credit card without a rigorous credit pull can initially damage your credit score. Your credit score is determined in part by the average age of the credit accounts.

Eligible Credit Cards for The Shopping Cart Trick

When you are familiar with the shopping cart trick, it is time to choose which online shops you want to check out. Many retail cards that arrive are through:

  • Comenity Bank.
  • Synchrony.
  • Wells Fargo cards.

Although there is no assurance that the shopping cart method will always be effective, it just takes a short while to determine if it will or won’t.

Can You Use Shopping Cart Trick On A Mobile Device?

You can use your mobile device to perform the shopping cart trick. The identical pop-up windows that appear on your PC might also appear on your iPhone and Android device. You must, however, be certain that you are accessing the desktop version of the website and not the mobile version.

The Bottom Line

Make sure the store’s credit card is suitable for your needs then you’ll be able to make payments on your items before performing the Wayfair shopping cart trick. If the card is good for you, you can often use the shopping cart method to get authorized for it without a rigorous credit check.

Simply turn off any pop-up blockers before you begin shopping. When the credit card application appears during the checkout process, fill it out. Don’t include your Social Security number in its whole since this would most likely trigger a rigorous credit check. If the method doesn’t work the first time, check your entry details again and try again. If the method doesn’t work at Wayfair, you can try it at other retailers mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the trick with the shopping cart work?

Basically, you can make a retailer’s website believe you’re going to make a purchase by placing products in your shopping cart and starting the checkout process. However, you’re simply doing this to launch a pop-up offer that checks your eligibility for the store credit card offered by that business.

Where Can the Shopping Cart Trick Be Used? 

Comenity, Synchrony, and Wells Fargo are the three card issuers that often offer credit cards that function with the shopping cart trick.

Is there a soft pull at Wayfair?

When you apply for the Wayfair Store Card, it will indeed perform a hard pull. Your credit score may suffer as a result for a while.

Can the shopping cart trick still work in 2022?

Everyone’s attempts to escape a difficult enquiry using the shopping cart method have failed. Utilize this technique at your own expense. Hard credit inquiries are now necessary for approval of store credit cards from Comenity Bank, Synchrony Bank, and Wells Fargo. But you can still use this approach to determine whether you’ve been pre-approved.