Verizon Fios is Offering Double Internet Speed without Additional Charges

Verizon Fios is bringing double speed for its Internet Mix & Match plan users and you will not pay extra for this additional service. This would be amazing blessing for Verizon Fios customers to download their internet data at twice speed without paying extra single penny.

After successful launch in the city of New York, Verizon Fios is planning to roll out its offer to other areas of United States.

Here is comparison table for its customers, how it will impact for existing customer’s internet data speed

Mix & Match Fios 100 Mbps: is now 200 Mbps

Mix & Match Fios 200 Mbps is now: is now 400 Mbps

Don’t worry company is not going to change the price at all, with same price you will enjoy 200 Mbps & connection starts with price $39.99. vice versa 400 Mbps will still cost you $59.99 as before you are getting 200 Mbps speed.

IF you are crazy for Gigabit connection, it can be opting for price of $79.99 and you can also get ad-on personalized Fios TV services to avail the benefits of cord cutting .

If you are still looking to get information about complete details of Version Fios home internet plans, keep touch with us to read the full reviews. You can select Version internet as per your personal need.

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