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Does Cash App Show Your Name and Personal Details To Other Users?

Those who frequently use Cash app for their day-to-day transactions, in-store purchases and bank transfers are often concerned about privacy. Their main question is does Cash App show your name and can others see your real name when you make a transfer with them? We are about to find out!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Cash App does show your name to other users but you can keep the identity anonymous by using a fake Cashtag instead of your real name.
  • You can create multiple Cash App accounts as long as you provide different name, and link it to separate phone number and email ID.
  • In order to change the display name on your Cash App account Open app > Login > Profile > Personal > Name > Enter new name > Confirm.

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Does Cash App Show Your Name?

When you sign up with Cash App, you will be asked to provide the necessary information like your name, email ID, phone number, and furthermore, your banking details if you want to verify your Cash app account.

It is understandable why you would want to make transaction anonymously especially if you use the app to send money to people who you don’t personally know.

Luckily, Cash App does allow you to choose a name as your Cashtag, which does not have to be your real name. So, Cash App does show your name name but it is the tag that you choose. So, you can hide your identity in this way.

  • Keep in mind that, which ever name you choose, it will be visible on your profile and the details will also be shared with the recipient when you make a transaction.
Attention! Personal information like your contact number, email ID, and contact address is not shared with other users.

Will Recipient of Money See Your Cash App Name?

If you are wondering does the app show your name when you send someone money through Cash App then the simple answer is YES!

The recipient would get to see you display name and the Cashtag. If that makes you uncomfortable and you are not okay with others knowing your name, then it is possible to use a different name on Cash App. However, whichever you decide to go with, it will show up to the other party.

With that being said, Cash App does safeguard other sensitive data about you such as the email address or phone number at the time of money transfer. Moreover, you are not required to provide your banking details but in that case, your account will remain unverified. After you verify your Cash App account, the spending and the transfer limit increases.

How Cash App Name Shows Up on Bank Statements?

Even users who have been on the app for long are still confused about how Cash App shows up on the bank statement.

  • The bank statement will mention your Cash App name and Cashtag.

It is as simple as that! Whether that name is your real one or not is up to your liking. You can use a different name on Cash app for privacy reasons.

Extra Reading

Can You Use Fake Name on Cash App?

It is quite easy to use a fake name on Cash App. All you have to do is choose a Cashtag of your liking.

  • However, this is only allowed as long as you don’t link a bank account to your Cash app account. In simpler words, only unverified accounts can operate in this manner.

Although you would still be able to send and receive funds, having an account that is not verified poses other restrictions. The most common is that your spending limit would be much less as compared to verified accountholders.

Moreover, users are allowed to create multiple Cash App accounts as long as they can provide different names and link separate email ID and phone numbers. The Cash App will cross-check all the information that you provide at the time of signing up. If an invalid item is identified, you may get blocked from using the app permanently.

Change Display Name on Cash App – Step By Step Guide

So, what we have gathered so far is that you can be anonymous on Cash App as long as you don’t verify your account. After verification, for which you need a bank, Cash App will know your name, address, number, and government-issued ID details.

If it ever comes down to it, you can choose to change the display on your profile. The process is not tricky at all although it may seem confusing for those doing it for the first time. Let’s take a look!

  1. Open Cash App on your device and sign in your account by providing login credentials.
  2. Then click on Profile and tap Personal on the top right corner.
  3. From the personal details that open in front of you, hover on to the spot that displays current name.
  4. Tap here and enter the new name. Confirm your action and you are done!

Method To Find Someone Using Name on Cash App

You can easily connect with someone on Cash App by searching for their Cash App name or the $Cashtag.

Once you click on it, it would open the other party’s details. You can add them to your account via this method as well. The information visible to you here would include their profile name, phone number, and email address.

Is It Safe To Use Fake Name on Cash App?

In ethical terms, it may not seem nice to use a fake name to hide your identity. However, on legal grounds, there are is nothing wrong with it and you are free to choose any name for your Cash App account.

Keep in mind that you can not use fake name to do scams on Cash App, or try to hack other Cash App accounts.

If you are found to be involved in any such activities, the account may be suspended permanently. Moreover, you can not use an unverified account for extended period of time.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Cash App does show your name on the profile to other users. However, your Cash App name is up to your choosing. You can keep it private by coming up with a fake name on Cash App account. This would not pose any threat but you may not be able to verify your account in this manner. Consequently, you will be allowed lower withdrawal and spending limit with an unverified account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you keep your identity anonymous on Cash App?

Cash app allows you to choose a name as Cashtag that will show on your profile as well as other users. If you don’t put up a Cashtag as your real name, then yes, you can be anonymous on the app.

Can I make my Cash App account private?

Although you can not make your account completely private, it is possible to make the transaction on Cash App private from other users. You have to go to Settings and manually choose Private option. The app would ask you to enter the passcode and then change the settings as per your command.

Should you send money through Cash App to a stranger?

Cash App has put all the precautionary measures in place to avoid any type of money scam or glitch. However, once you make a transaction, there is little that the app can do to reverse it. Therefore, experts suggest avoiding sending money to accounts you don’t know.