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How To Verify Cash App Identity Account And Increase Your Spending Limit?

Looking into increasing your Cash App spending limit? It’s about time you learn how to verify Cash App account so you can enjoy higher limits with Cash App personal and business accounts.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can verify Cash App account by Open account > Balance > Funds > Required information > SSN > Government-approved ID card pictures > Personal pictures > Verify.
  • The verification process may take up to 48 hours.
  • After you account is verified, the spending limit would increase from $250 per week to $7500 per week.

…and Much More!

How To Verify Cash App Identity

Undoubtedly, Cash App hosts a number of features for its users benefits. It allows you to borrow money, perform in-store shopping, make use of swift and free ATM withdrawals, and much more.

However, some of these perks are limited to verified account online. Where apps like Chime have set spending limit, Cash App limits can be increased by verifying your account.

  1. Open Cash App account by providing the correct credentials.
  2. Tap on Balance.
  3. Scroll down to the Funds section and click on it.
  4. Provide all the necessary information. This may include your CVV number, account number, DOB, etc.
  5. On the next page, provide your Social Security Number.
  6. Choose a government-approved ID card and share a picture using Cash App camera.
  7. Submit a picture for visual verification.

You may be prompted to complete a couple of more steps before the verification process begins. Remember, it can take up to 24 hour or 48 hours to complete.

Note!You need to be over the age of 18 to create or verify the Cash App account.

Does It Take Long?

Now that you know how to verify identity on Cash App, the next questions might be: Can it take too long?

  • If you have provided all the authentic information, the verification message will typically reach you within 48 hours.

There are only few instances where your Cash App payment might fail or remain pending for long. Typically, you can fix these issues by improving internet quality or getting in touch with the customer support team.

Extra Reading

Check If Your Account on Cash App Is Verified or Not

After you successfully have a verified Cash App account, the company would notify you via email.

Other than that, you can check if the spending limit has increased as a sign of a verified account. Cash App direct deposit also becomes available only after you are a verified user.

Increased Cash App Limit After Verification

Cash App lets you transfer and receive funds swiftly but the Cash App limit may vary depending on whether you have a verified or unverified account.

Spending limitDeposit limit
Unverified Account$250 per week$1000 per week
Verified Account $7500 per weekUnlimited

The biggest advantage of getting your account verified is that you will be able to utilize higher spending and withdrawal limits at ATMs and elsewhere.

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Cash App Verification – Why Is It Important?

Account verification is the only way that you can enjoy increase spending limit. However, on top of that, verified accountholders can apply for debit card without any additional cost and utilize Cash App direct deposits.

  • Verified Cash App account lets you buy and sell Bitcoin or take part in stock trading.

How To Verify Cash Card

Account holders don’t need to verify the Cash card separately. If you have verified the account, the associated debit card would automatically be verified. All you need to is activate the Cash App card.

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Why Cash App Requires Your Driver’s License and Social Security Number?

In order to keep the entire process fraud-free, Cash App requires you share some of the most authentic personal documents such as license or SSN.

  • The app reports each transaction to the government and needs such documents to avoid scams.

Moreover, FINRA compliance reinforces that Cash App collects such information to help catch criminals or restrict illegal large transactions.

The app itself comes with Cash App account and routing number to make it more authentic and easier to track accountholders.

The Bottom Line

Cash App users can verify their account within app. It may take up to 48 hours to complete but once done, you would have access to a number of benefits such as increased spending limit, free debit card, and opportunity to buy or sell bitcoins within Cash App.

Frequently Asked Questions About Verified Cash App Account

What is the spending limit for verified Cash App account?

Users who are verified can spend up to $7,500 in a week through their Cash App account. Moreover, the deposit limit is indefinite i.e. they can receive unlimited funds.

How long does it take to complete Cash App verification?

The process might take up to 2 days to complete. If you are lucky, it may be done within 24 hours. This time is required because Square Cash App needs to identify and cross-check the information that you have provided.

Can you verify Cash App identity without Social Security Number?

SSN is required for the verification process to complete successfully. There is simply no way around it!