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How To Transfer Money From EPPIcard To Bank Account Or Buy Online

Custodial parents in need of child support payments often want to know how EPPIcard works and how to transfer money from an EPPIcard to a bank account, and use it for cash withdrawals, or in-store/online shopping.  

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • EPPIcard debit card is an amazing tool for custodial parents who wish to obtain child support payments.
  • You can transfer money from EPPIcard to bank account by EPPIcard Online Account > Money Transfer > Bank Details > Amount of Money > Confirm.
  • EPPIcard can also be used for in-store purchases, online transfer, and ATM cash withdrawals.

…and Much More!

How To Transfer Money From EPPIcard To Bank Account

You can send money from an EPPIcard to a bank account whether it belongs to you or somebody else. 

  1. Log in to your online account using the correct credentials. 
  2. Move to the Money Transfer section. 
  3. Add the bank account by providing the account number and routing number. 
  4. Enter the amount of money you wish to send. 
  5. Confirm the transaction. 

Bank transfers may be necessary if you need to pay a company that does not accept debit cards. Checking accounts with no credit check and no deposit is convenient in such conditions. 

  • Keep in mind that EPPI card-to-bank transfers cost $1.50 per transaction. 

The transfer may take up to 5 days so you have to wait for the funds to reflect in the other account. Once you have the funds in your account, you can use the checking account to pay instantly

Other Uses of EPPIcard Debit Card

EPPIcard is helpful in a number of other activities besides money transfer to bank account. Here are a couple of things that you can use it for.

Purchase of Good and Service In-Store and Online

EPPIcard is usable at different stores as well as online merchants. You just need to present the card to the cashier at restaurants, shops, fuel points, or supermarkets that take card payments. 

Similarly, you can use the card to pay at online stores. The amount would be subtracted from your account automatically. 

  • Stores like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and others accept money transfers from EPPIcard. 

The online account lets you set automated payments. This is helpful for regular bills such as those for electricity and internet. You can select a date and the subsequent amount will be deducted from your EPPIcard automatically. 

Cash Withdrawal At ATM

ATM withdrawal is quite convenient for people who wish to carry cash for payments. Fortunately, EPPIcard supports cash withdrawals at ATMs at multiple locations. 

  • Visit the official website to access ATM Locators for more information on which ATMs support EPPIcard cash-out. 

Taking out cash will give you immediate access to child support funds. You can use it at spots that do not accept card payments.

Extra Reading

Benefits of EPPIcard Debit Card

There are many reasons why EPPIcard is a better alternative than direct deposits. 

  • It minimizes transfer time to deserving parents

Parents who are eligible for the card can obtain the payments within minutes. This is better than waiting for the check to be processed which can take days. 

  • The card reduces dependency on debts

If the payment is made instantly, then the parent won’t need to look elsewhere for financial support as they wait for the source of money. Consequently, this means they can stay free of debts and loans. 

  • EPPIcard is safe for all clients 

Needless to say, the card is secure. You can use it for in-store and online purchases. Each transfer is protected with a PIN. There is no need to worry about unauthorized use of the debit card. 

  • It saves users from additional charges

Check cashing fees are often a burden that many of us wish to avoid. Thanks to the EPPIcard, parents can not use that money for other purposes instead. 

  • The online account lets you access your funds anytime, anywhere

You can make online payments with the card or use it to withdraw cash from an ATM at multiple locations. Regardless of the time of the day, the funds in your EPPIcard will be readily available. 

  • You can track transaction history online

All account activities are stored online for you to view later on if needed. This would help you keep a check on your spending and notify if any faulty transfer of money has taken place. 

Attention! EPPIcard send out periodic notifications to your email ID related to account statement and other useful information.

Check If You Are Eligible For EPPIcard Payments

EPPIcard is for custodial parents who wish to receive child support payments. It is an alternative to direct deposit in which the money is sent to a checking or savings account. 

  • Direct deposit and check-based methods of payments have become less popular due to longer delays and technical issues in the procedure. 

How To Apply For EPPIcard – Step-By-Step Guide

EPPIcard application procedure is quite simple. 

  1. Login at
  2. Sign up by providing the required information. 
  3. Apply for the card using the online application form. 

You can also the toll-free number (877) 253-36866 and get guidance from the support team on how to complete the debit card application. 

EPPIcard Online Activation

Once you have the card and login details for the account, you need to visit the online portal for the activation. The activation procedure would require you to enter. 

  1. Social Security Number. 
  2. Individual Registration Number. 
  3. Date of Birth as per official documents. 

Alternatively, you can contact the customer care centre at 1-800-656-1347. The representatives there can guide you on how to complete the activation. 

Attention! Even after the activation you can not use the card until the relevant organization send your funds to the account.

Is EPPIcard Safe To Use?

EPPIcard account lets you set a secret PIN that is essential at the time of funds transfer or cash withdrawal. This protects your money against unauthorized transactions. 

  • Moreover, the funds in your EPPI card are FDIC-insured. 

This means in case of any issue with the financial institute, your money will be in a safe spot for your access at all times. 

Alternative – Set Up Direct Deposit

When you choose direct deposit instead of opting for an EPPI card, the money will be sent directly to your bank account

  1. Obtain bank account number and routing number
  2. Visit the Constituent Services Portal
  3. Click on Case Payments
  4. Then select Direct Deposits

The Bottom Line

An EPPIcard debit card is an amazing tool for custodial parents who wish to obtain child support payments. It prevents long queues in the bank by automating the process so each cardholder receives the funds online. 

They can be applied, activated and managed online. It can be used for money transfers to banks, purchases of goods and services, as well as ATM cash withdrawals. 

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Transfer Money From EPPIcard to Bank Account

Is it possible to send money from an EPPI card to a bank account? 

Yes. You can easily send money from EPPIcard to a bank account whether it is yours or somebody else’s. All you need to do is visit the online portal and provide the bank account number and routing number. 

Enter the amount that you wish to transfer and wait for 3 to 5 days for the transaction to be completed. 

How to transfer money from Eppicard to a bank account ATM?

When you transfer money from the card to a bank account, the funds will automatically be available via ATM. You can withdraw the cash by entering your security PIN. 

What ATM can I use for my EPPI card for free?

Eppicard is linked to Wells Fargo so you can use the network ATMs to avoid charges. 

Can I withdraw money from the EPPIcard debit card? 

The card supports ATM cash withdrawals. It is also possible to use the card to make online payments or pay in-store. 

People Also Asked

Which bank accepts EPPIcard transfers? 

EPPIcard is a debit Mastercard issued by Wells Fargo Bank so it is applicable anywhere that a Mastercard is accepted. 

What is an EPPIcard? 

It is a prepaid debit card that is offered by the government to custodial parents. The card is electronically loaded with funds that are meant for child support parents. 

How can I apply for EPPIcard? 

You can apply for the card by visiting and signing up with the required information. Alternatively, you can contact the customer support team and request their assistance in this matter. 

What eppicard number can I use to check my balance?

Cardholders should contact Eppicard customer support services at 1-866-320-8822. The representative will let you know the balance. It is available for 24 hours every day of the week. 

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