12+ Best Checking Accounts For Bad Credit That Can Fix Your Score In 2023

Poor credit score does not only kill your chances of getting good credit cards but also makes its difficult to be approved for opening a bank account.

If you are facing this kind of situation, however, you can always try out checking accounts for bad credit to rebuild your relationship with banking industry.

Checking accounts for bad credit are important as they can help you improve your financial standing over time.

Here we have compiled a list of banks that allow you to open checking account no credit check required!.

It looks like a great opportunity to open a bank account with bad credit especially when you have a struggling banking history as well. Moreover, we will talk about how to get approved for such an account and also how to choose the right one.

What Is Second Chance Checking Account For Bad Credit?

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Bad credit makes it difficult to qualify for a bank account but at the same time, having a second chance for checking account is essential if you wish to avoid extra charges on paying a bill of cashing a check.

Did You Know? 25% of Americans either do not have a bank account or they went underbanked. Majority of them now use prepaid debit cards or check cashing businesses to handle their finances.

This is what makes second chance checking accounts for bad credit quite necessary. The option was specifically put forward by few banks as a way to allow people to improve their banking records if they have messed up the first time.

Banks that offer second-chance free checking accounts no credit check, basically overlook your banking history and help you get bank on track. However, you need to keep in mind that such account can have high maintenance charges.

Best Checking Account For Bad Credit 2023

Although there are some drawbacks, checking accounts are still a handy opportunity to get your finances back on track.

Furthermore, the list that we have rounded up here includes the names of most helpful institutions that will allow you to open a bank account online no deposit bad credit policy.

Let’s have a look!

1. Chime

Chime is an online banking system that approves your for checking account easily and also lets you share funds to other account via Chime app. Its stand out feature is that it lets you open a free checking account with no credit check no deposit!

Although there are absolutely no other bank charges, customers need to keep in mind that they have to pay $2.50 fee when making ATM withdrawals.

What’s Best About Chime

  • No required minimum balance
  • No overdraft fees or maintenance charges
  • Chime app to share money
  • Paychecks direct deposits
  • Trustworthy banking service


With more than 650 branches around the USA, BBVA is regarded as the best second-chance banking system. It has more than 55,000 ATMs nationwide with reliable online and mobile banking.

Keep in mind that there is a $13.95 monthly charges and also $38 insufficient funds fee. Customers need to pay $3 ATM charges when taking money out of the network.

What’s Best About BBVA

  • Unlimited check writing
  • Quick mobile deposits
  • Online bill payments
  • No monthly fee after 1 years
  • FDIC-insured
  • Cash back rewards
  • Just $25 for account opening

3. Aspire

The bank has been famous for its Aspire Cash Back Rewards credit cards but most users don’t know that it also offers second-chance checking account for people with poor credit history.

Aspire bank does not use Chexsystems so it becomes easier to qualify for a checking account but you have to make sure that your bank history does not list any fraudulent activity.

What’s Best About Aspire

  • Mo monthly maintenance charges
  • Offers free debit card
  • Large ATM network of 70,000 machines
  • Offers a type of second-chance checking account
  • Good customer support service

4. Axos

Axos is one of the oldest digital banking service with a single physical branch in California. It lets you open a checking account with minimum $50 deposit and does not perform extensive background checking into banking history.

Axos does have a daily limit on debit card transactions. At maximum, you can withdraw $310 daily from an ATM. There is also a $6.95 monthly maintenance fee.

What’s Best About Axos

  • Oldest banking service
  • Offers overdraft protection
  • Option to open second-chance savings account
  • Allows mobile banking
  • Impeccable customer support service

5. Wells Fargo

What’s Best About Wells Fargo

  • Free transfer between savings and checking account
  • Very low account fees
  • Overdraft protection is available
  • Free ATM withdrawals around the US
  • Upgrade to standard checking account after a year

6. GoBank

GoBank is owned by the GreenDot bank that lets you open a checking account easily and share funds from Greendot service to other accounts without charges.

Greendot charges some fees for bank account transfers such as $3 for ATM withdrawals and $5 for a card replacement. You would also need to pay $8.95 monthly fee unless your deposit is greater than $500.

What’s Best About GoBank

  • Free debit card
  • Allows mobile banking
  • Overdrafts are not allowed
  • Opens with just $20
  • No sign up fee for online account

7. First American Bank

Physical branches for First American Bank are present in Illinois, Florida, and Wisconsin but its ATM network is quite widespread.

Customers have to make $50 minimum deposit to open an account and then pay $9.95 monthly maintenance charges.

What’s Best About First American Bank

  • Swift mobile and online banking
  • More than 55,000 ATMs around the US
  • Unlimited check writing
  • No cap on minimum monthly balance
  • Offers Fresh Start Checking account

8. Bank of America

Bank of America is an ideal choice for those struggling with maintaining bank accounts. It offers second-chance checking account as well as SafeBalance Banking Account option.

There is a requirement of $25 minimum deposit for account opening along with $4.95 monthly charges. Bank of America does not allow paper checks and charges $2.50 for every ATM transaction.

What’s Best About Bank of America

  • Has variety of checking accounts
  • Large network of ATMs
  • Offers same-day cash sharing
  • Mobile check deposits
  • Direct deposit transfers

9. Peoples Bank

Peoples Bank has a physical branch in the Texas but it is backed up by good online systems all over the US. You can easily be approved for a checking account for bad credit here and then upgrade to regular account after 12 months.

The downside is that there are a number of associated fees. For example, you have to make $30 initial deposit and pay $4.95 monthly charges. There is also $3 ATM transaction fee, $27.5 overdraft charges, and $20 penalty fee if you want to close your account within 3 months of creating it.

What’s Best About Peoples Bank

  • Offers online banking
  • Allows for paper checks
  • Comes with free Mastercard debit card
  • No ATM fees within network
  • Upgrade to regular checking account after a year

10. Radius Bank

Radius Bank has two options for bad credit customers: a second-chance checking account and an Essential checking account. These can be upgraded to a regular account after 12 months.

Similar to Peoples Bank, Radius also charges a number of fees. These include $9 monthly fee, $5 overdraft fee, $500 daily debit card limit, and $1000 daily mobile check deposit limit.

What’s Best About Radius Bank

  • Offers Essential Checking account
  • Upgrade to Rewards checking account after a year
  • No cap on minimum balance requirement
  • 1% cash back on purchases
  • Impeccable customer support service

11. Woodforest National Bank

Woodforest Bank is another good option for people with bad banking record. It has branches in almost 17 states in America.

Customers need to make $25 minimum deposit to open an account. The monthly fee is $9.95 along with $9 account setup fee, $32 overdraft fee, and $15 debit card setup fee.

What’s Best About Woodforest National Bank

  • Widespread locations all over the US
  • Free electronic bank statements
  • Offers second-chance checking account
  • Large ATM network
  • Free ATM transactions within network

12. FifthThird Express Banking

The last option that you can make use of is FifthThird Expressing Bank checking account. Although it comes with limited features, the bank will give you a chance of fixing your banking records and charges only minimum fees in the process.

What’s Best About FifthThird Express Banking

  • No overdraft fees
  • Direct mobile deposits
  • Mobile and online banking
  • No minimum credit requirement
  • $0 monthly charges

Tips To Choose The Best Checking Account For Bad Credit

Bad credit checking account may seem like a perfect solution for your financial struggles but there a few things you need to keep in mind to make them as beneficial as possible. If you keep the following pointers in mind, they will help you determine the best checking account for your bad credit.

Monthly Fees Can Be Avoided

Charges you have to pay on monthly basis can seem quite burdensome. They make it difficult to maintain the account and credit. Luckily, there are bank services that don’t charge monthly fee and others that have some terms or conditions through which these can be avoided.

For example, Chime and Aspire do not have any monthly charges whereas Wells Fargo bank is willing to waive off the fee if you keep your account deposit more than a certain amount.

Banks With Free Services

Why should a bank offer you free services? The answer is simple: To win more customers. There are many institutes that are willing to offer perks for free in order to earn you as account holder.

Some let you apply for debit card free of cost while others provide free online banking or unlimited check writing. Whatever their offer maybe, you can take advantage of it when you open your account. Always prefer a bank that has such perks in stock for you.

No Minimum Balance Requirements

Although a bit hard to find, there are second-chance checking accounts that don’t require a minimum balance. The benefit is that you won’t have to worry about penalty charges every time the account in your balance falls below a certain value.

Mobile and Online Banking

Needless to say, online banking is a feature that we all want our bank services to provide. Moreover, since everyone owns a smartphone, mobile banking has become highly demanded as well.

Mobile banking apps and e-wallets like Cash App make it easier to transfer funds when you are on the go. You can also keep a check on your account in real time which is a big help.

How To Get Approved For a Checking Account With Bad Credit

Once you have decided which bank you want to do business with, the next step is to know how to apply and get approved for the account. Here are a few steps that can help you in this procedure.

1. Go Over Bank Credit Requirements

It is helpful to first make sure that you will fit into the criteria of becoming an account holder. You can get an idea of the bank’s screening process by going through its credit requirements.

2. Check Your Credit Report

The next step is to obtain your latest credit report and ensure that it has the correct information only. Reporting agencies can sometimes make error resulting in wrong data. You can dispute any such entry. Moreover, if there are any unpaid fees or debt, make sure you clear it before applying for the bank account.

3. Apply For Second-Chance Checking Account

Then you can apply for the checking account and make use of a fresh start to fix your financial records slowly over time.

Second Chance Checking Account For Bad Credit – The Good and The Bad

We have talked so much about checking accounts giving you a second chance at fixing your banking history but it is only fair to be aware of both sides of the picture.

Below we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages associated with having a second-chance checking account.

The Good Side

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a checking account is its ability to repair your banking history. It can help you in money management and save the situation from getting worse.

Did You Know? Checking accounts are also a great way to avoid excessive fees that often come with prepaid debit cards and check cashing services.

Another perk is that they help you re-establish your relationship with financial institutes. By maintaining good bond with banks, it becomes easier to qualify for personal loans on easy terms or even get a credit card later on.

The Bad Side

The worse part about checking accounts is that they hardly ever offer overdraft protection. Nobody wishes to do it but sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we need to withdraw funds to cater to an important bill.

With a checking account, this would mean a hefty overdraft fee that can not be avoided! Some services, like GoBank, does not even allow their account holders to proceed with overdraft.

Checking Account vs Prepaid Debit Cards

There are some amazing reloadable prepaid cards that you can use as an alternative to bank accounts. All you have to do is deposit some funds up front and then you can make purchases with the card much like any other debit card.

Similar to checking account for bad credits, issuers don’t look into your credit history when providing a debit card. You can deposit as much as you need. However, such cards don’t help rebuild credit history and some even have very high fees associated with their use.

Best Prepaid Debit Cards For Bad Credit

If you want to check them out, here are a few good options in the market that you should consider.

Netspend Visa Prepaid Card

The debit card is backed up an impeccable Netspend mobile app that helps you make money transfer and keep a check on account spending. However, the card will cost you up to $2 and it comes with $9.95 monthly charges. Furthermore, Netspend charges $5.95 if you leave the card inactive for 3 months.

Bluebird By American Express

American Express offers Bluebird debit card that does not charge extra fees at all. You are allowed to write checks and make direct deposits. You can also perform mobile check deposits if needed.

Wells Fargo EasyPay Card

Another good option is that of Wells Fargo debit card. There are no inactivity fees and in-network ATM transactions are free as well. There is a $5 monthly fee but that is about it. Low expenses make this card an ideal choice for many customers.

Fifth Third Access 360

This is the last option we have here. It is not widely used since the Access 360 card is available in 10 states only. However, the ATM network is widespread and efficient. You just have to pay $4 monthly fee. This can be avoided if you keep your account balance more than $500.

Don’t Leave Before You Read THIS!

Bad credit checking account and second-chance bank accounts are quite helpful when your credit score is in poor shape but the only permanent solution to any of this trouble is to actually work towards a better FICO score.

The secret to good score and stable banking history is to always make payments on time. If you establish yourself as a trustworthy account holder, no bank will have issue doing business with you.

It is also important to maintain different credit types and manage them efficiently. Lenders see it as a good sign when an applicant has different credit accounts. If you find yourself interested, you can look into handy pre-approved mail offers and add a few credit cards to your wallet.

Wrap Up

Although there are a few perks that you can enjoy even with bad credit, it is important to work towards fixing this situation over time. A poor banking record will always get in the way of your financial freedom.

Checking account for bad credit can be your first step towards improving your credit report look. You can enjoy all the benefits of a bank account and manage your finances for a better future.

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