Gas Stations That Accept Credit Cards and Additional Payment Methods

Since the pandemic, we have all looked for contactless payment methods either at shops or at the gas stations. The use of Credit Cards, VISA, MasterCard, etc. have taken over almost all places. If you wish to find out about gas stations that accept credit cards, keep reading!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • List of gas stations that accept credit cards include Chevron, Costco, Shell, Pilot/Flying J, and a lot more.
  • Some credit cards that work best for use in gas stations are Capital One Quicksilver and Chase Freedom Flex.
  • Some gas stations that do not accept credit cards are also listed such as ARCO.

…and Much More!

Gas Stations That Accept Credit Cards 

It is not new to anyone that almost all around the world most gas stations accept credit cards in addition to other payment methods like PayPal and Apple Pay.

To make this hunt easy for you, we have listed almost all the famous gas stations that accept credit cards at the store or the pump. Find the one for you and look for its credit cards acceptance list below.

Gas StationsVISAMasterCardAmerican ExpressDiscoverDebit CardOther Payments
7-11YesYesYesxYesGift Cards, Apple Pay, Cash, and Google Pay. 
Phillips 66Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Phillips personal card, universal card, gift card, Cash.
Albertsons Express Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cash
BP/Amoco Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cash
Circle K Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cash, gift cards, easy pay card, fleet card
Costco Yes xxx Yes Cash, Costco cash card
Wawa Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cash, Wawa credit card, gift card 
Kwik Trip Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cash, Kwik charge Card, Kwik gift card. 
Shell Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cash, Shell gift card, refillable card, saver card
ExxonMobil Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cash, ExxonMobil smartcard, gift card, Speedpass key tag.
Chevron Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cash 
Cumberland Farms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Smart Pay Cumberland Farms gift card
Delta Sonic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cash 
Hy-Vee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cash, Hy-Vee fuel saver and perks card
Kum and Go Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Kum and Go reward card, cash  

 Best Credit Cards for Gas Stations

For our reader’s convenience, we have come up with two best cards that were made for gas stations. These cards and their important features have been listed below.

Capital One Quicksilver 

  • This card charges you a minimum fee of $39.
  • Capital One Quicksilver offers 1.5% cash back to its users.
  • This cash back applies to every transaction made with this card.

Chase Freedom

  • This card is usually preferred by most people due to its no-fee policy. 
  • Other than Target and Walmart you can get 5% cashback on every grocery store.
  • You can now get 3% cashback on most restaurants, takeout’s and even on drugstore shopping.

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Gas Stations That Don’t Accept Credit Cards 

Although majority of the fuel points will not disappoint you, there are still a few gas stations that might not accept credit cards and opt for other methods instead.

  • One gas station is worth mentioning ARCO. 

It does not accept any credit cards but only at a few locations which include, Washington, California, Oregon, and Nevada.

Other payment methods accepted at ARCO are:

  • cash.
  • debit cards (may charge 35 cents per transaction).
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Android Pay

Use of Debit Cards and Gift Cards at Gas Stations 

Almost all the gas stations are attached with a walk-in store. Usually, gift cards and pre-paid debit cards are accepted at the store and not the actual pump.

However, this depends on the card that you are using and the gas station.

  • Pre-paid cards and gift cars might be declined at the pump as they charge up to a $125 pre-authorization fee.

Alternatively, if you have pumped gas for $20, you can pay that to the cashier through method of your choice instead of paying at the fuel station.

The Bottom Line 

Most gas stations accept credit cards. It should not be a problem to fill your tank and pay through credit card of your choice. Make sure to use a card that offers reasonable cash backs as rewards.

Gift cards and pre-paid cards can also be used at the store to pay for gas. Call the store if you still have any other payment questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to pay with a credit card at Shell?

To make their customer’s shopping quick and easy, Shell does accept credit cards at almost all locations.

Is it possible for me to use my Shell credit card at other pumps?

No, Shell card is for shell only and shall not be used elsewhere, although it is possible to use your Shell Credit Car anywhere.   

Is it safe to pay for gas with a credit card?

A Credit card is a safer method to pay at the gas station. Its unique quality of taking a few seconds for every transaction makes it safe to use. Though, the use of debit cards might lead to a scam