Learn How To Transfer Money From Chime to Cash App In Just 2 Minutes!

You can use Chime to send and receive funds from different accounts and apps and here we will learn how to transfer money from Chime to Cash App in just a couple of minutes.

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What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can transfer money from Chime to Cash App by Creating Chime Account > Depositing Funds > Linking Chime With Cash App > Initiating Transfer.
  • Chime lets you send funds to Cash App without debit card by Open Chime Account > Transfer Money > Amount of Money > Verification > Pay.
  • You can also use Chime account to send money to other bank accounts or make international transfers.

…and Much More!

How To Transfer Money From Chime To Cash App

In simple words, you can transfer the money by using routing number and account number of your Chime account.

  • This will require you to open/create Chime account and link it with Cash App before initiating the money transfer.

Since it can be a long process for a newbie, we have summed up how to transfer money from Chime To Cash App in a step-by-step guide. Take a Look!

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Open Your Chime Account

The first and the foremost thing you need for transferring money from Chime account is setting up one.

There are a few requirements, besides a good internet connection, that you will need to keep in mind.

  1. Users must me of age more than 18 years.
  2. You own a government ID.
  3. A Social Security Number.
  4. A valid contact address.

Then you can start to fill out the application online. Make sure you have all the relevant documents with you before you begin the process.

  1. Visit to access the application form.
  2. Enter personal information such as email ID or your contact number.
  3. Scan and upload all relevant document.
  4. Choose whether you want to apply for Chime debit card or not.
  5. Complete application and Submit.

Chime debit card is not a necessity when it come to money transfers. Money transfer is possible without debit card. You can use merely the account to send money with checking account number.

Add Money To Chime Account

There are a number of ways in which you can add money to your Chime account. Let’s discuss some of the below.

  1. Provide the account number and routing number to the sender who wishes to share money with you.
  2. If the employer or the client also owns a Chime account then you just need to share your account number with them.
  3. Transfer money to your Chime account by linking it with a bank account such as Bank of America, Capital One, Citi, Wells Fargo, and many more.
Attention! Some users are not aware of their routing and account number. You can learn about your account detail by logging in online or using the Chime app to open Move Money section and navigate to Settings.

If you wish to transfer funds via a linked bank account, this is how it works:

  1. Open your Chime app.
  2. Navigate to Move Money section.
  3. Click on Transfers.
  4. Enter the credentials of the bank account you wish to use.
  5. Link the account to your Chime.
  6. Transfer the amount.

Does Chime Work With Cash App

You can link Chime account to work with Cash App and have successfully deposited funds in it, the next step is to link it to Cash App.

  1. open the Cash App and then tap on area in the profile picture.
  2. The next window will let you enter bank account number and add it to your App. Provide your Chime account details here.
  3. Tap on Link Account to complete the process.

You can also link other cards such as secured or unsecured credit cards in the same manner. Money transfer option will become available once the account addition is complete.

Confirm That Set Up Is Complete

Online money transfer is a risky deal. You are playing around with a lot of numbers so you have to make sure you provide the correct information every time you are moving funds. Here’s what you need to do at this stage.

  1. Ensure that you have the right Chime account number.
  2. Make a micro transaction to Cash App ($1 or less).
  3. Wait until you receive the funds to ensure that account linking is complete.

Send Money From Chime To Cash App

Now that Cash App and Chime are linked, you can transfer money easily to Cash App. You can also make direct deposit from Chime account to Cash App using account number and routing number.

Transfer Money From Chime To Cash App Without Debit Card

What if you don’t own the card and still wish to transfer funds to Cash App? Luckily, you can do that by connecting online Chime account to Cash App.

  • The major difference is that if you were using a debit card, you would have to provide card number, CVV number, and the card expiry date.

Let us quickly review how this can be done in a simple manner.

  1. Open your web browser on the smartphone or computer.
  2. Log in your Chime account.
  3. Navigate to the tab that lets you transfer money.
  4. Type in the amount of money you wish to transfer.
  5. Click on Proceed button.
  6. Provide your personal information in the Cash App. This includes phone number, email ID, and full name.
  7. Hit the Pay button.

The money will then move to your Cash App. Make sure you open the app and check that the funds have been transferred successfully.

Extra Reading

Send Money From Chime Account To Other Bank Account

Chime lets you send money to other Chime accounts or bank account.

  • In Chime to Chime transfer, the funds are made available immediately. Sending money to non-Chime account will take up to 5 days to complete the transfer.

Note! The delay in payment is because the authorities need to ensure that there is no fraud or scam involved in money transfer.

Chime also allows transfer funds to bank accounts of service providers such as internet or smartphone charges. You can schedule a payment at a specific date of the month so the charges are cleared before the due date.

Send Money From Chime Account Worldwide

You can use Chime account to share money to your friends to other side of globe but this needs to be done indirectly.

  • Chime does not allow wire transfers but lets you exchange money via TransferWise, Xoom, or MoneyGram.

You should look into difference service providers as all of them charge variable fee for the transaction. This is how you can transfer money to an international bank account:

  1. First, send the funds to service provider’s account.
  2. Wait for them to forward it to the bank account of the recipient.

Obviously, the transaction will be made keeping in view the exchange rate of US dollars to local currency.

Transfer Money From Chime To Cash App – Is It Safe?

It is safe to say that Chime is a secure service. Your funds are insured by FDIC so that even in rare cases that your bank fails to protect you, the money will still be safe.

  • For those of you who did not know, FDIC is a private agency in the US that operates independently of any other institution.

Its primary task is to safeguard the money that customers deposit in the bank. In case the financial institution undergoes collapse, FDIC steps in to protect the funds.

Furthermore, Chime offers great customer support service. You can get in touch with its representatives by calling 44-244-6363 and [email protected].

What You Need To Know About Chime Bank

Chime is an American Private company that was launched by Chris Britt and Ryan King in 2013. Relatively new, right?

  • Chime quickly won considerable number of users as an online banking app that provides financial services for free.

Chime does not have any physical branches. It operates like the US Bank or the Bank of America. Moreover, Chime does not charge overdraft fee or monthly charges.

Account holders only need to download the Chime app and create account on their Android or Apple phones and then use the banking services without any additional charges.

Did You Know? Chime headquarters are located in California. It currently has 8 million account holders and the number continue to grow exponentially since 2020.

The Bottom Line

It is quite easy to transfer money from Chime to Cash App if you simply have access to tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Chime is an online bank that don’t use Chexsystems that let’s you create an account before you can transfer money. The exchange is possible via services like MoneyGram, Xoom, or TransferWise.

Hopefully, we have covered all the information that you were in search of. If you are left with any more queries, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Transfer Money From Chime To Cash App

Is it possible to send money from Chime to other account?

Chime lets you send money to other Chime accounts or bank account. When you send money to other Chime account, the funds will be made available immediately.

On the other hand, sending money to non-Chime account will require you to provide routing number and account number and it can take up to 5 days to complete the transfer.

Can I send money from Chime account without card?


First, open your web browser on the smartphone or computer and log in your Chime account. Then navigate to the tab that lets you transfer money. Type in the amount of money you wish to transfer. Click on Proceed button. Provide your personal information and hit the Pay button.

How long will it take If I send from Chime to another bank account?

Another Chime account will receive the funds immediately. Non-Chime account will get the money 3 to 5 days after the transfer has been made.