Chime Routing Number – Easiest Access to Banking Services

The Chime routing number comes with a fully-featured Chime deposit account. This number helps offer several services to Chime customers, such as direct deposits and interbank transfers through Automated Clearing House Networks (ACH). 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • A 9-digit Chime routing number is compulsory to make money transfers and direct deposits.
  • Chime account is associated with either of the two partner banks to help access banking services i.e. Stride bank or Bancorp bank. 
  • Chime provides an FDIC insured Chime Deposit account that is insured up to standard deposit insurance of $250 million.  

…and Much More!

Chime Routing Number – In a Nutshell 

Chime Bank Routing Number is a 9-digit number, 103100195, which is the identification number for the bank or financial institution the number is associated with. A routing number is required for tax refund deposits to transfer money from one account to another, such as to a bankCash AppPayPal, etc. It is also needed to set up to set up direct deposits. 

The routing number helps direct the funds’ transfer through an electronic app or website. It also aids in processing checks in the United States.

  • The bank associated with your Chime Wire routing number is written in the Spending and Savings account agreement and on the back of your Chime Visa debit card. 

These money transfer services into and out of the chime account via different sources make spending easy through a chime card. Also, the important thing is to have a routing number to enjoy these services. 

There is also a service to increase credit scores via Chime credit card builder. It acts as a savings account. It can help save money with standard insurance of a deposit of up to $250 million. Chime Routing Number supports pre-authorized withdrawals if you stay within Chime spending limits.

Chime also provides an FDIC-insured Chime Visa Debit Card for a debit account managed through the mobile application. The partner banks, i.e., Bankcorp and Stride Bank, are FDIC members.

Why Do You Need a Chime Routing Number? 

The Chime Routing Number in (Texas, Florida & New Jersey) is required for you to get paid, as your employer will need it. With this number, sending money to your Chime account is possible. This is why it appears on the direct deposit enrollment form. 

It is standard information that payers require to pay you. Moreover, there are different routing numbers for two partner banks, Stride Bank and Bancorp Bank that ensure the correct transfer of funds to your Chime Spending Account. 

Attention! Although two different number are associated with two different banks the services, features, benefits, or experience are similar. The two Banks only ensure improved user experience. 

Also, to ensure end-to-end-to-end encryption and security, banks have an additional layer of security features that do not allow anyone else to access the routing number, and you can also set up passwords for payments.

While setting up direct deposit, you must put your email address in the recipient’s address to ensure no one else gets the enrollment form. The form contains essential account information, such as routing number, address, social security number, and all other account details.

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Find Chime Routing Number – Step By Step Guide

The chime routing number in (Texas and Florida )can be found in two places, either in the Move Money section of your mobile application or in the Direct Deposit Enrolment Form on the official chime website. Either way, you use, must keep your details safe or provide them to the ones who need to pay you.

The two following chime numbers are mostly common; however, the number varies from person to person, according to Chime Support. For Bancorp Bank, 031101169 is mostly used, and for Stride Bank, 103100195 is used. 

The direct deposit Enrollment form can be downloaded from the app in the Money Move section, which has a Chime routing number. Here’s how to find your routing number in the Mobile App or on the Official Chime website

  1. First of all, open the Chime app or the official Chime website.
  2. You can sign in to your Chime account either on the app or on the website. Signing in could be as simple as a fingerprint ID via a mobile application. 
  3. However, a website account will require you to log in with a password and customer number just like you sign in to any other mobile application or website account. 
  4. Now open the Money Move section in the app. This area is used for making money transfers, and it will appear the same in the app or on the website. 
  5. Finally, open settings under the Money Move section. You will see your routing number and other account details in this section.

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Method To Find Chime Routing Number With Direct Deposit Enrollment Form 

Direct Deposit set up requires you to give your account number and routing number to your employer, who provides you with payroll. More information is available on the mobile app or official website,

For setting up direct Deposit with Chime Mobile app:

  1. First, open the Move Money section and click on the settings icon to see your chime account number and routing number. Then, send this information to your payroll provider.
  2. Now, click on direct Deposit in the Move Money section, and then tap email me a pre-filled direct deposit form. You will be sent the direct deposit form via email. 
  3. You can then forward the email to your payroll provider or employer or print a copy of the form and give it to him by hand. 

For direct deposits with a Chime Official website: 

  1. Click on the settings icon under the Move Money section to view and send the information. This would include the chime routing number and account number to your employer or payroll provider. 
  2. In the same section, there will be an option for a direct deposit form. Click on the icon to print or download the form. 
  3. You can either give a hard copy or attach the downloaded form to your employer’s email. 
  4. If your employer asks for a bank address, you can give them the name and address of Chime’s FDIC member bank that holds your deposits. The address of the banks are as follows:
  • For Bancorp Bank, 6100 S Old Village Pl Sioux Falls, SD 57108
  • For Stride Bank N.A, 324 W Broadway Ave Enid, OK 73701

The Bottom Line

A Chime account is like a service provider to help you access banking services. It also offers a digital experience of funds transfer and is backed up by two partner banks, including Stride Bank and Bancorp Bank, which provide deposit insurance up to $250 million.

You can easily locate your account routing number by following the protocol discussed above. You need this information to perform various tasks via your Chime account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a routing number for Chime?

The Chime Routing Number can be found in the Money Move section or settings section in the Android or iPhone application. 

How is my direct deposit set up on Chime?

If transaction notifications are enabled on your account, you will receive the notification once you receive funds in your account. 

Does Chime have two different routing numbers? 

It is possible that your Chime account has two routing numbers. To find them, you can use your Chime mobile app or visit