Can Someone Send Me Money To My Chime Account Via Other Accounts?

Chime, as an online bank, is extensively used to transfer funds with other accounts. However, if you run out of balance, here you will know to send money via your chime account . Let’s find out!

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What Will We Talk About Here?

1. Friends can send you money from their Chime Account by Select Transfers > Pay Friends > Amount of Money > Send.
2.Other bank accounts can be used to deposit funds in Chime by Money Transfer > Account + Routing Number > Amount of Money > Send.
3. Chime accepts transfers from Cash App, PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer, MoneyGram, Venmo, and Zelle.

…and Much More!

Can Someone Send Me Money To My Chime Account? – Tips

Chime is the best platform that accepts payments and transfers from countless other accounts and mobile money transfer apps.

Other Chime users can send you money on your Chime account as well.

  1. They should first open their Chime account and then tap Money Money option.
  2. Click on Select the Transfers.
  3. Hit Pay Friends option. Now provide the account detail of the recipient such as name, account number, email ID.
  4. Enter the amount of money that they wish to transfer.
  5. Recheck the information and click on Send.

The money should be reflected in your Chime account shortly. Other than that it is possible to accept funds on account via PayPal, Western Union, Cash App, and many more that we would discuss below.

How To Transfer of Money From Another Bank to Chime

Senders don’t need to own or sign up Chime account to send money to other Chime accounts. It is possible to just use the account number and routing number of a bank account for the money transfer.

  1. Visit the bank physically or use online banking or mobile app to open their Money Transfer section.
  2. Share the account number and routing number of Chime bank account.
  3. Enter the amount of money that you want to send.
  4. Initiate the transaction. It may take up to 3 days 5 days to complete.

This applies to almost all the leading banks in the US including Bank of America, Citi, US Bank, or Capital One.

Transfer of Money From Cash App to Chime

Cash App supports money transfer to a number of apps and account including Chime as well. Similar to Chime, it is an online platform extensively being used to send and receive funds.

Once you have linked Cash App account to Chime, there should be no issues in sending money from Cash App Chime and alternatively, receiving money on Cash App account through Chime.

  1. Open Cash App account and click on Balance Tab.
  2. Choose Cash Out option then provide the amount of money you wish to transfer.
  3. Choose whether it should be a standard or instant transfer.
  4. Confirm the transaction by entering the PIN.

Instant transfer should be complete within 30 minutes. On the other hand, standard transfer can take up to 3 business days. Contact Cash App customer care center if there are any further delays.

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Transfer of Money From PayPal to Chime

PayPal is a globally-trusted platform for peer-to-peer money transfers and online payments. You can use it to send money to Chime or receive money on your PayPal account from Chime.

However, a tad-bit of problem here is that it is not possible to link Chime and PayPal together for direct transfers. Consequently, you have to use an intermediate account.

  1. Open PayPal account and choose to Transfer Funds.
  2. Provide routing and account number of your bank account.
  3. Receive funds on the bank account.
  4. Link bank account to Chime.
  5. Open Chime and enter the same amount of money to be transferred from the bank to the online Chime account.

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Transfer of Money From Western Union to Chime

Western Union has been a reliable international money transfer platform since its launch in 1851. Moreover, you can use it to transfer funds to Chime account locally as well by adding it as a linked bank on Western Union.

  1. Access Western Union through the mobile app or online account.
  2. Tap on Send To option and then click Send Amount.
  3. Select Bank Account of your choice. In this case, you have to provide the details of your Chime account.
  4. Initiate the transaction.
  5. Make sure to retain the tracking number as it would help you identify when the funds reach the other account.

Transfer of Money From Payoneer to Chime

Payoneer to Chime money transfer is also possible as it allows the two accounts to be linked for transactions.

  1. Open Payoneer account.
  2. Provide routing number and account number of Chime bank account.
  3. Enter the amount of money that you wish to send.
  4. Confirm the transaction. Wait for up to 2 days- 5 business days for transfer to finish.
Attention! International money transfer through Payoneer incur conversion charges.

Transfer of Money From MoneyGram to Chime

If you have a MoneyGram account, you can easily send funds to Chime.

  1. Open MoneyGram on your mobile or laptop screen.
  2. Click on Send Someone New or tap Existing Receiver as per need.
  3. Specify the account to which you would be sending the money.
  4. Tap on Account Deposit and then choose how you wish to pay.
  5. Hit Send Money button. You may need to wait up to 5 days for transfer to finish.

Transfer of Money From Venmo to Chime

Similar to transfer of money from Cash App to Chime, Venmo can also be linked to your Chime account to send and receive funds smoothly.

  1. Open Venmo and add Chime as a linked banked on your App.
  2. In Venmo app, tap on Manage Balance.
  3. Select Send Money and specify the amount that you want to transfer.
  4. Choose Chime as the bank account in next step.
  5. Click on Proceed.

Transfer of Money From Zelle to Chime

Zelle is not listed on the approved partner list for Chime. Therefore, many users are under the impression that perhaps it is not possible transfer money from Zelle to Chime.

  • You can use Zelle Payments app to add money to Chime debit card and consequently, the Chime bank account.

However, such payments are not processed in the typical manner. Instead, they are transferred using ACH network and so it can take longer time for the money to be deposited in your Chime account.

Extra Reading

Perks of Having a Chime Account

There is no doubt that Chime is a convenient online banking solution that allows you to transfer funds immediately with the help of a checking account.

In addition to this, it carried a number of other benefits as well.

  • Complete Online System With No Delays

Chime completely operates online with an impeccable digital system. It is fit to replace traditional physical banking with easy management via smartphone or computer.

  • Minimal Fees and No Hidden Charges

There are no monthly, overdraft, or foreign transaction fee with Chime money transfers.

  • No Requirement For Keeping Minimum Balance In Your Account

Not only is Chime free of transaction charges and monthly fees but it also does not impose you to have a minimum balance in the account at all times.

Note! Keep in mind that Chime ATM cash withdrawal does charge $2.50 per transfer.
  • Safe-To-Use Chime Debit Card

You can apply for the debit card via app or online bank and use it make transactions. Moreover, it safeguards you against illegal use of the card with $0 liability.

  • Money Is FDIC-Insured

Chime insures your funds up to $250,000. This means even if the institute clashes, you can get reimbursement of the lost money.

What is Chime Account Withdrawal Limits

There are limits on how much you can take out from your Chime account via ATM, PIN-transactions, or with over-the-counter withdrawals.

  • These limits have been put in place to restrict users against over-spending and minimize damage to savings if the account falls into wrong hands.

You can withdraw a maximum of $500 per day from your Chime account via ATM. Over-the-counter withdrawal also carries the same limit. In total, PIN transactions have a limit of $2,500 per day.

Can You Delete Chime Account Permanently

You can request the team at [email protected] to help you delete Chime account permanently if you don’t need it anymore.

However, before you proceed with this, make sure you have taken out any cash that you still have in the account and also check that there are no pending transfers in your Chime.

We have discussed the process of how and why to delete Chime in more detail in our previous article. Click here if you are interested in reading in depth.

The Bottom Line

Chime account is a reliable way to send and receive money from other accountholders and through different money transfer apps. You can easily accept funds from your friends or family via Cash App, PayPal, Zelle, Payoneer, Western Union and other bank accounts.

  • It is also possible to receive funds on Chime through Skrill, TransferWise, Google Pay, and Stripe.

Chime is an online banking systems so we recommend readers to take care of their login credentials at all times. It is an excellent service as long as you use it responsibly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my friend directly deposit money into my Chime account?

Yes! Anyone can send money to your Chime account by using a bank account or different money transfer apps. All they need to provide is your Chime username along with phone number or email ID.

Similarly, you can also send money to other account through Chime. The time it take for the transfer to complete is variable depending on the platform in use.

Do my friends need a Chime account to send money to my Chime account?

It is not a necessity to have a Chime account when you wish to send funds to user with Chime account. You can use other payments app to transfer the funds.

How can I deposit cash in my Chime account?

You can send money to your Chime Spending Account using any of the 90,000 retail locations present around the US. This includes cashiers in Walmart, Walgreens, etc. who can take cash from you and deposit it in your Chime account immediately.

Does it cost extra when I send money to my Chime card?

Transfer of money to a Chime card at a retail location does incur extra charges. Some stores my charge anywhere between $3 to $10. However, there is no exact value. It depends on the amount that you wish to transfer.

The general rule of thumb is that the larger the transaction, more would be the money transfer fee.

Is Chime online banking safe to use?

Chime is an online bank that allows applicants to open checking accounts, savings account, or get hold of Chime card. All the funds once deposited in Chime account are FDIC-insured so you can consider it a safe spot for your money.