How To Get Money Off Cash App Without Card? Quick Answer!

Need cash but have zero motivation for visiting the bank?

This is where digital wallets can prove to be quite handy and if you know how to get money off Cash App without card, it would make your life even easier!

Old users would already be aware that Cash App comes with a FREE debit card that all accountholders can request and obtain.

However, the card is not a necessity if you wish to withdraw money and in this article we will talk a bit about how to get money off Cash App without card.


First, let’s clarify the newbies here about Cash App features, benefits, and how its debit card works if they choose to opt for it.

What Will We Talk About Here?

Cash App and Cash Card – Everything You Need To Know

When the world is moving at such a quick pace, you can’t afford to lag behind. There are millions of mobile wallet apps available and some of these, like Cash App, are a must-try.

This is an app meant for peer-to-peer money transfers and was developed by Square Inc. to allow friends and families to exchange money easily.

Did You Know? ash App only requires you to have a smartphone and internet connection available. It is supported by both, Android and iOS.

Cash App is a highly secured platform. It safeguards the transactions that you make and allows you to send funds to other apps as well without any hassle. However, you need to keep in mind that the money you have in this account is not FDIC-insured. This means if you lose it, the government will not offer any compensation.

Attention! ash App operates in US and UK only as per the date. We are hopeful to see more international coverage in the future.

If you are new to Cash App then you have to get yourself registered first.

You can do so by downloading the app and creating an account using a valid email ID and phone number.

In most cases, a contact number is enough to begin Cash App activation.

Once you have signed up, the rest of the part of quite simple.

You can deposit money into your account and then use it to make online transactions, payments, etc.

You can also send money to your bank account although the process might take up to 3 days.

In a nutshell, here’s how Cash App transfer works:

  • Open your Cash App account
  • Tap on $ icon at the home page
  • Enter the details of the recipient
  • Enter the amount you wish to share
  • Press send

The process is actually as easy it sounds! Oh, by the way, be careful which transactions you are initiating because there is not much you can do to stop the transfer once it has started.

Only the exchange of funds that is still pending can be cancelled or called off.

How To Get Money Off Cash App Without Card

We talked at the start of the article that Cash app offers a free debit card to all its users. This is a huge perk as it allows them to make physical and online purchases and withdraw money similar to the process of using a bank debit card.

This might leave money users wondering if it is possible to get money off Cash App without card.

Yes! This is very much do-able and it is pretty straightforward too.

In fact, there are 3 different methods that you can utilize in order to take out money from Cash App even if you don’t have the card.

You can use the Cash App to send money to your bank account easily and then use the typical debit card to get physical cash.

However, keep in mind that this might incur 3% withdrawal fee if you want to get the money instantly.

For this purpose, open your Cash App account by providing the login details and then select $ icon at the left-bottom side of the screen.

Here you will be able to identify a balance tab and choose Cash Out option.

Specify the amount that you want to transfer .

Once the funds have been sent to the bank, you can use your debit card to withdraw money from a nearby ATM.

You don’t have a cash card but what if your friends do?

In this case, you can use their card instead by sending them the amount that you want to cash out.

If you are in dire need of the cash, this method would be quick and easy to perform.

You would need their cash tag to transfer them the money.

Once the funds are in their account, use the card at an ATM to take out money.

The final approach is to use the cash in your Cash App to purchase Bitcoin.

You can do so by visiting a nearby ATM. However, this is not applicable everywhere since bitcoins might not be available in your area.

Can I Get Money Off Cash App Without Card For Free?

There are two ways in which you can get money off Cash App without card without any additional charges:

  • You can transfer funds from Cash App to a linked bank account and then cash out from there.
  • Other than that, you can use your Cash App digital card to withdraw money at an ATM for free.

How To Receive Money On Cash App Without Card

Similar to withdrawing money from Cash App, you can receive the money as well without having the Cash Card.

The easiest way to do so is by using Venmo app to send money to Cash App. Other similar apps also allow you to make such transactions and send money to your Cash app account.

Having some funds on your card is always useful since you can take out cash at any time from a local ATM. Moreover, it allows you to pay for good during online purchase.

How To Get Money Off Cash App Without Bank Account

There are three ways in which you can get money off your Cash App account without a linked bank account.

  • Transfer Cash App funds to a friend or a family member. They can then withdraw it from an ATM for you.
  • Use a Bitcoin exchange service.
  • Use a prepaid debit card.

Extra Reading

Cash App transfers can incur extra charges that most of us want to avoid. If you wish to do so too then your only hope is to use a standard deposit method.

This form of deposits can take up to 3 days to complete but they do not carry any extra fees. In contrast, instant transfers will be made available within 30 minutes but charge around 1.5% fee or a minimum fee of $0.25.

Therefore, if sending funds is not an emergency, we always suggest readers to avoid instant transfers.

However, if you need to pay for hospital bills, bus far, etc. then instant transactions are a blessing.

Also, if not necessary, then it is best not to use credit card to make Cash App transfers.

This has 3% fee which easily be avoided by not utilizing credit card transfers. Instead, you can send money to your bank account and use debit card to take out cash or send it to another account.

Cash App is an amazing tool to have in your mobile.

It lets you win cashbacks and boost your savings by utilizing discounts at different retail stores or restaurants.

In fact, you save up to 15% using this application as compared to using paper cash.

Moreover, Cash app would give you $10 every time you refer the app to a friend and they sign up using your referral code.

However, it is a necessity to link Cash App with a bank account at the time of sign-up.

In this manner you would be able to use your bank funds for the transfers as well.

All users are allowed to send a maximum amount of $250 with an unverified account. Verified accounts do not have a transaction limit and gives better access to a larger range of features.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article would be able to help you understand different methods through which you can get off money without using Cash App card.

Cash app is a famous application that allows peer-to-peer money transfers. You can download the app easily and link it with your bank account to make quick transactions with other accounts. Moreover, it is completely legit and safe for everybody’s use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get money off Cash App at ATM?

You can easily withdraw money from Cash App account at an ATM with the Cash App PIN. It works like any other ATM withdrawal.

How to get money off Cash App at Walmart without card?

Walmart has a kiosk for cash withdrawals. You have to locate nearest Walmart store and visit the kiosk. Select the Cash option here and scan the generate QR code. Follow the prompts to complete your withdrawal.

Where can I withdraw money from Cash App for free?

Cash App users can make free withdrawals at over 55,000 Allpoint Network ATMs available nationwide. You can find such ATMs at popular retail stores as well including CVS, Target, and Walgreens. There is a Cash App in-built ATM locator feature that can help you find the ATMs nearby.

How to use Cash App without card on Android?

You can use Cash App without card on Android or even Apple devices. If you have a card connected to your Cash App account, you can add it Google Pay or Apple Pay without relying on a physical card. Then you can purchases in store or online without the card.

Can I pay with Cash App without card at a store?

Yes, you can use Cash App at store without card. Open your Cash App account and tap the QR scanner in the top left corner. Once the QR code is displayed, show it to the merchant and allow them to scan it. The funds for the purchase will be automatically deducted.