How To Delete Chime Account Safely In 3 Simple Steps?

So far, we have talked about how Chime allows you to transfer funds with a $0 additional fee and offers several other benefits, such as direct deposits and mobile check deposits. Nonetheless, some customers wish to know how to delete a Chime account after it no longer serves their use. 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You need to contact Chime customer support team via email or phone and request them to delete your Chime account.
  • It is recommended that you remove all linked banks accounts and use the pending balance before deleting Chime account.
  • The process only take about 2-5 minutes to complete.

…and Much More!

How To Delete Chime Account -Step By Step Guide

There are many reasons why one would consider deleting their Chime account. We did some online research to figure out why the majority of users were requesting a tutorial on how to delete a Chime account. Here’s a quick overview of what our time uncovered:

  • Most people are displeased by the fact that Chime is only an online bank. In their view, it limits accessibility and makes customer support service more difficult to reach.
  • Chime promised a Credit Builder card, but its performance was found to be far from that of an actual credit card that can help with credit score improvement.
  • The bank has higher fees as compared to other alternatives commonly available.
Note! wiping out your Chime account permanently is not a straightforward process. In fact, it becomes all the more difficult task since neither the app nor the official website provides any guidance on how to delete Chime account safely and easily.

Step 1: Disconnect Every Account That Is Linked To Your Chime

Some users assume that their accounts will be unlinked once they delete Chime. Although that is correct, it is better to perform this action yourself.

Check if you have any cards or accounts associated with Chime and remove them from the list. This is important because a connected account may incur additional fees, and you want to avoid that, especially after not even using the Chime app.

It is always recommended to empty your Chime account before deletion. You can transfer the amount from Chime to PayPalChime to a bank accountor quickly send the cash from Chime to Cash App as per your ease.

Step 2: Request Support at [email protected] via Email

The next step is to contact Chime authorities and request them to delete your account. You can also discuss the issues with the understanding that led to this decision.

Hopefully, the team might suggest some solution that may convince you to change your mind.

You can contact the online bank via email. Write a concise and professional body for your message and send it to [email protected]. It would help if you also mentioned the email’s subject as “Request/Application to delete Chime account”.

Sample Email Template For Requesting Chime Account Deletion
Dear Chime Team,
I am writing this email to request you to delete my Chime account. The reason for this unhappy decision is that I no longer use it for many transfer or savings ( you can also insert any other reason that is true to you).
I have shared my bank account details below.
Accountholder Name
Chime Account Number
Permanent Address

Kindly look into my address and inform me of the next step to take in this regard.

Step 3: Seek Help From Customer Support Team

Now, your next job is to maintain contact with the team instead of leaving them with the query. If you sit back, there are solid chances they will not pursue your request as urgent.

We suggest you call 1-844-244-6363 and remind the Chime representative to look into your request for Chime deletion and update you on the decision. You should also be aware of any reference numbers sent via email, which can speed up the process.

In a Nutshell
Once you are done with disconnecting your linked accounts and emptying Chime, you should send an email to [email protected] to request deletion. Follow up the request by calling 1-844-244-6363 until your account is shut down.

How To Delete Chime Account on iPhone

  1. Open the Chime app on your device and tap on the More tab.
  2. Then select Settings and choose to Close Account. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.

How to Delete Chime Account on Android

  1. Open your Chime account and tap on the Profile tab.
  2. Then select Settings and choose to Close Account. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Steps To Close Chime Credit Builder Account

You can close the Chime builder account by calling the customer support team at (844) 244 – 6363. Please discuss with the representative why you want to complete the report, and they will guide you on the process.

However, it is essential to have a zero balance in your Chime Builder account when you close it. Also, pay off outstanding charges and clear any payments you must make with the Chime Credit Builder card since you can not use it once the account is closed.

Can I Close My Chime Account and Open a New One

If you close your Chime account, you can not open a new one. Chime ensures that its users are in good financial standing and that they are using the account responsibly.

After closing one account, when you apply for a new Chime account, it will review your history and turn down the request.

  • You can contact Chime customer support to see your eligibility for a new account. 

If you are ineligible, there are plenty of options on the shelf! Consider opening a new checking or savings account or getting a debit card instead.

Can I Reopen a Closed Chime Account

Yes, you can reopen a Chime account after you have closed it. However, if Chime has closed your account due to security issues or other reasons, you may be unable to reaccess it quickly.

You must call customer support at (844) 244 – 6363 and discuss with the representative how to reopen your account. Typically, Chime will ask you to share identification details, clear any outstanding fees, or settle issues before you reopen the account.

Chime has the right to turn down your request to reopen an account. The team will, however, guide you on how to improve your chances of reopening.

What Happens When Chime Close Your Account

Chime mostly closes user accounts when there is a security issue. If you have been affected by this, it is advised to contact Chime customer service immediately and seek help.

Don’t worry about a pending transaction if the account is closed. The funds will be reissued to you once the account is reinstated.

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Will Chime Close My Account For Inactivity

Chime is a Neobank, and like other similar banks, it can close your account without prior notice, especially if it is inactive for an extended period.

  • There is no specific period that defines an “inactive Chime account”. 

However, Chime needs a certain level of activity on all accounts as per financial regulations.

If you want to reopen a closed Chime account, confirm why it has been taken down. Chime may have closed your account for inactivity, but it can also do so if you leave fees unpaid or you are found involved in suspicious activities online.

Can I Freeze My Chime Account Instead of Closing It

You can not freeze a Chime account, but you can block users from transferring to you on a Chime debit card or Chime Credit Builder card. You can also block transactions by calling (844) 244 – 6363. Follow the steps below to do so.

  1. Open a Chime account and tap the Card you want to block.
  2. Then click on Account settings. Toggle the button to switch off the permission for transactions.

If security issues are forcing you to freeze your Chime account, you should contact Chime customer support and discuss the matter. You can always reopen your account later on.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Permanently Close Your Chime Account

You have decided to close this online account, and there is no going back once you do. Therefore, it is best to take care of the following things before proceeding.

  • Move all your balance remaining in the Chime account to some other arrangement.
  • Disconnect all the accounts that you had previously linked to the Chime account.
  • Check payment history to ensure there are no pending transactions. 
  • Cancel all pending transactions, if possible.
  • Avail any refund before closing your account.
  • If your account balance is negative, pay the pending dues or else Chime will not allow you to proceed with account deletion.

Now that you are done with the initial instructions, you have to follow the steps below to complete the task.

Here’s Why You Might Want To Consider Keeping Your Chime Account Active

You might have reasons for deleting your Chime account, but many pointers can convince you otherwise.

First, Chime allows you to make quick transfers, and the mobile app can help you track your transfers and money spending.

  • Moreover, Chime has the most minor hidden fees, no foreign transaction charges, and no overdraft fees. 

You can keep your Chime account open without putting in any minimum balance. It offers a savings account to help you build your funds over time. Although Chime is only an online account, it has over 38,000 accessible ATMs with Visa Plus Alliance and Moneypass. This means withdrawing cash with Chime would be hassle-free!

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It is essential to stay in touch with the Chime customer support team until you have completed the task. You can call or email them if the process takes too long.

It is also best to have your account deleted soon after you have made the request. The longer that it is delayed, the more the chance that your application will not be processed.

Also, remember that Chime will only let you delete your account if you have pending dues or provide the correct Chime account information, such as the account number or the name of the account holder.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the steps we discussed above will be sufficient to let you delete your Chime account without any issues. Most customers have reported it as a hassle-free process, and we wish to make the experience the same for you!

  • Moreover, you can talk about the issues you are having with the account that led to this decision. 

Did you like this post? Have you tried deleting your Chime account with one of the methods that we have talked about? Feel free to contact us and share your experience in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I close my Chime account without deleting it? 

You can either delete the app from your phone that would still keep your account active, or you can choose to delete the account permanently.

Does it take long for Chime to close my account? 

The process of closing your account may only take 2 minutes. However, if there are any networking issues, you may have to wait for 5 minutes or more.

Can I create more than one Chime account? 

Similar to Cash App’s multiple account option that lets you create business and personal accounts on Cash app, Chime allows you to create two versions as well. However, Chime login may only work with one account per device.

Is it free to take money off the Chime card?

Yes, there are no charges to take money off your Chime card. However, you may have to pay a fee if you use an ATM not owned by Chime.

What is the overdraft fee for Chime?

The negative balance fee is $25 for the first day and $10 for the following days as long as your account remains overdrafted.

Does opening a Chime account affect my credit score?

No, Chime does not affect credit scores. However, Chime Builder Account reports to credit bureaus, which means your credit score will dip if you are not punctual with payments.