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How to Watch FS1 Stream Live? Cheap and Easy Solution!

Nobody wants to miss out on the fun of live streaming while worrying about legal issues and hassles.

It is heart-breaking, especially for sports lovers, who don’t get to see many channels of their liking on cable TV. They should see alternative’s to cable TV, around 6 Million user cut the cord in 2019 to move on other channels like Hulu live & sling TV etc.

Are you also into sports and looking for reliable platforms to stay up to date with your favorite championship? Now you can watch FS1 stream, free and safe! 

How so? Continue reading this article to find out how to watch FS1 online without relying on a cable TV or hefty subscriptions.

FS1 or Fox Sports 1 airs a variety of sports-centric content, including college sports, MMA, golf, Big 12 football, daily sports news, commentaries, and much more!

If you are a die-hard fan, then this is a network too good to say no . Now with the latest updates and streaming technologies, watching sports online is no longer a tricky business. 

Watch FS1 Stream Online: What Are Your Options?

There are many streaming services available now where you can watch FS1 live. The final choice comes down to how you want to do it. 

Reminder! “Keep in mind; streaming services are the only legal way to watch FS1 online. While a paid service is required, many of them are reasonably priced, and cost much less than the average cable bill.”

One thing is for sure, watching FS1 and FS2 online has become much easier as compared to older times. All thanks to different streaming services available. 

The hottest picks, in this case, would most definitely be Hulu Live TV and Fubo TV.They provide fantastic sports coverage in their basic channel lineup. Additionally, Fubo TV also offered a week free trial to the new customers. It covers live sporting events and entertainment programming in 4K high definition resolution.

How to choose the best platform to watch FS1 online? This guide article would help you as a cord-cutter to decide where to watch your favorite live sports.

It will provide the best features of each streaming service to figure out how exactly you want to watch FS1 stream live without relying on a cable or a satellite TV.

 It does not matter if you wish to stream on Apple TV, Roku, Android Smart TV, or others, you will have a clear idea of your options by the end of the article. 

Let’s go!

Sling TV :

If you are looking for the cheapest ways to satisfy your sports hunger, then look no further than Sling TV.

With $30 per package, it is the most affordable that sports streaming can get. It offers a “Blue Package” where you can stream live legally anytime, anywhere. Sling also comes with a free trial option letting you enjoy the service free for one week.

Currently, Sling is supported by almost all the commonly used devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Android, Mac PCs, Windows, Nexus player, Xbox One, Chromecast, and Apple TV

Sling TV is equipped with a cloud-DVR and an on-demand library. At a time, you can stream it on up to 3 devices with more than 30 channels available on Sling Orange. This bundle carries HGTV, ESPN, and other entertainment networks. 

Hulu TV :

The live streaming of FS1 is also available on Hulu TV. This service has been classified as one of the best live TV streaming services available.

You do not need to commit to monthly contracts to enjoy their live TV. It is best known for the vast on-demand streaming library with more than 60 available channels. 

Hulu TV is a perfect replacement for the mainstream cable. It will let you save some extra dollars without compromising on the quality of your favorite channels.

Like Sling TV, it works on most of the commonly available devices, including Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, FireStick, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. 

What’s more?

Hulu streaming services come with several upgrades. You can customarily add space to your cloud DVR or record live content. All in all, it makes up for an excellent option for many streamers. 

Fubo TV

Watch FS1 Stream - Fubo tv

Are you looking for a streaming service purely meant for sports? 

FuboTV not only offers FS1 and FS2 but also 70+ other sports channels. Just like Sling TV, you can enjoy a 1-week free trial of FS1 live.

After this offer expires, you would have to sign up for a monthly subscription worth $54.99.

There is, however, no contracts, so you can choose to cancel the service anytime. Other plans offered here start at reasonable prices, and you also have the freedom to stream for anywhere you wish to!

The application is compatible with many platforms such as AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, etc.

With an even more extensive library of non-sports channels, Fubo TV has something in stock for everyone.

Its on-demand library features almost all the shows for at least three days after the air date. Cloud-DVR is also available, although it has a limited capacity.

The DVR can later be upgraded for extra space. 

There’s more! Have a look at some of the best features offered by Fubo TV below: 


Watch FS1 Stream - AT&T

AT&T is another well-known name in the world of streaming services.

AT&T TV NOW is a 100% cable-free streaming service. It is available as a mobile app and on almost all the streaming devices.

The most basic package offers more than 40 channels for $65. The rest of the packages are further upgrades with each offering FS1 live.

“You can check out everything this service offers by taking advantage of their 7-day free trial.”

In comparison with others, AT&T is the most expensive streaming service. Some subscribers also complain that many popular channels are missing.

However, it is still a name to rely on when looking for a cable-free alternative to sports streaming. The Plus channels bundle includes HBO, NBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN, ESPN2, and Hallmark Channel.

Another catch is that AT&T TV now comes completely contract-free. It means you can choose to cancel the subscription anytime without the worry of monthly commitment. 


Watch FS1 Stream - Youtube TV

We come down to the last option, which is surprisingly a streaming service that we all have heard of:


YouTube has a lot to offer considering how young it is compared to other services listed in the article.

With this platform, you will get more than 50 channels for $40 only.

These include a handful of sports channels such as FS1, FS2, NBCSN, ESPN, and many others.

Local and regional channels available would depend on your geographical area. The best part is that you can stream YouTube on most devices, and there are many features open for upgrading. 

YouTube is a reliable option if you want to watch FS1 stream live without the hassle of a cable connection.

It offers an unlimited cloud-DVR that will let you stay on top of all your favorite sports events, news, and movies, in addition to this, you will have an on-demand library.

If you still cannot make up your mind, we suggest you try their risk-free trial beforehand!

What About FOX Sports Go?

You can simply watch FS1 stream live on Fox Sports app, FOX Now app, and FOX Sports Go.

These options are also open to watching FS2 live programs. If you have picked a TV streaming service like Sling TV, YouTube TV or Hulu, then you can use the subscription to sign in to these apps and catch up on live streams. 

This option is especially useful when you are on the go. As one dedicated sports-lover remarked, 

“ I like keeping a Roku Streaming Stick with me when I’m on the road, so I can watch FS1 and other live TV channels by using my live TV subscription – even when I’m on the opposite end of the country.

With FOX Now, I can get a live stream of FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network, a local FOX station, FOX Deportes, and some key networks like FX, FXM, National Geographic, and Nat Geo Wild. The app is like its own skinny bundle of live channels.”

Wrap Up

As so many options have emerged, it is no longer a hard business to watch sports without cable. The same is the case with watching FS1 live, enjoying the MLB Playoffs, college football, and ton of other sporting events that you don’t want to miss out. 

However, you need a paid streaming service to watch FS1 online if you want to keep the whole experience legal. You will have to put in some money, but no matter which streaming service you choose, it would still be much less as compared to watching through the cable networks.