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How to Watch Nickelodeon Online Streaming | 7 Best Options You Have As a Cord-Cutter

It has almost been a year since I bid goodbye to unreliable cable connections and hefty charges.

  • The world had evolved and created more room for the amazing streaming service so why should you still rely on the cord, right?

However, there are certain downsides that come with ditching the cable. For me, it was mostly about missing out on channels that were so dear to me in cable TV days like the all-time-famous Nickelodeon.

I spent a good amount of time last year holding on to the belief that online Nickelodeon streaming was not possible. I wished that I had held on to TV broadcasts for all the big network channels.

But, that was soon about to change!

If you also regret cutting the cord then you must not know how to watch Nickelodeon online. There has been a revolution in streaming TV and now it is possible to enjoy almost all the cable channels without the cord.

Let’s go through the Top 7 options you have for Nickelodeon live streaming. The article also reviews which ones of these are available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku. Stay tuned, there is a surprise solution for you at the end!

How To Watch Nickelodeon Online?

Before you get the answer to this, you need to ask yourself “How well do I know about skinny bundles?”

Is it the first time you came across this alien term? That is okay! I had about these few months back and it has changed my life forever. Let me tell you how this works.

  • Skinny bundles are much like cable subscriptions but they are trimmed down to contain only a few selective and popular channels.

What is the catch? The cost of the packages is considerably reduced too. You can choose any of the available several packages with a monthly fee.

A surprise element is that even skinny bundles are not that trimmed anymore. Instead, they have been expanded to an extent that many users now just like to call them TV streaming service instead.

The skinny bundles (oh, streaming service!) that we are going to talk about here are the ones that will let you watch Nickelodeon online.

  • Unfortunately, your options might seem a little slim as there are not many available for Nickelodeon streaming.

However, the ones I have included here are all “tested and tried” so I can guarantee you will not be disappointed over your investment. Let’s dig into your options of watching Nickelodeon without the cable.

1. Philo

Compatible Devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android TV (5.0 and up), Android mobiles (7.0 and up), iOS (10.3 and up) and most of Mac/PC browsers.

Free Trial: 7 days.

Cost: $20/month.

Philo Review

Philo is a relatively new and extremely affordable service that now lets you stream Nickelodeon online. It offers a 7-day free trial with another week in which you can choose to pay less than the original subscription fee. You can pay through multiple payment platforms.

In times when skinny bundles are making a splash in the marketplace, Philo has emerged as a fast-growing service chosen and loved by money. Currently, it will let you access more than 50 channels along with the flexibility to record the shows you like. Cool, right?

Did You Know? Most streaming services offer free-trial option only to valid cardholders. With Philo, however, you only need to provide your phone number.
  • In addition to your account, this streaming service allows two other friends to share access. In total, simultaneous streaming is possible on up to 3 devices.

Philo also has an unlimited DVR so you can record as many shows as you want to without running out of space or limit. Lastly, it has an inexhaustive on-demand library with almost 25,000 on-demand titles included.

Besides Nickelodeon, Philo’s 58-channel lineup includes AMC, BET, Discovery, Lifetime, MTV, TLC, VH1, WE Tv, Hallmark, Paramount Network, Food Network and many more!

  • A small drawback of subscribing to Philo is service is that you would have to say bye-bye to almost all sports and news channels.

Its list strictly includes entertainment networks but those about sports or others such as Disney channel has been excluded.

If you are more into following the latest happenings around the globe or on-going championships and tournaments then it is better that you invest elsewhere.

Considering that shows like Henry Danger and Game Shakers are your priority then Philo will prove to be the perfect choice for you!

2. Sling

Compatible Devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, AirTV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Android TV (4.4 and up), Mi TV, Android mobiles (4.4 and up), iOS (11 and up), Amazon Fire tablets, Mac Chrome and Windows Chrome.

Free Trial: N/A

Cost: $30/month.

Sling Review

The next in line is the Sling TV. Many platforms have reviewed as the best choice available to Nickelodeon fans. I am placing it second to Philo merely due to the difference in subscription charges. Other than that, Sling TV does not lack any content that other streaming services have to offer.

  • Many on-demand shows are available through this service. You can choose between different base plans (Sling Orange and Sling Blue) that cost as low as $25 at the start.
Attention! You can also subscribe to both the packages to enjoy discount offers. This will also expand your channel line-up.

Let us specifically talk about Nickelodeon streaming with Sling TV. For this matter, you have two options: Either choose Sling Orange that comes with Kids add-on pack or select Sling Blue if you are looking for a more affordable alternative.

The advantage of the Orange subscription is that the pack allows access to almost all Nick channels, Nick Jr., TeenNick, and NickToons. Sling Blue only comes with Nick Jr.

Besides Nickelodeon, Sling TV’s channel lineup includes AMC, BET, Discovery, Lifetime, MTV, TLC, VH1, WE Tv, Hallmark, Paramount Network, Food Network, Freeform, FX, History, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, HGTV, ESPN and many more!

  • The biggest advantage Sling has over our top price, Philo is that it has sport and news-rich content as well with ESPN being the most prominent addition.

Other than that, you can only stream Sling over a single streaming device as they have strict account sharing limits. You also have to pay an extra of $5/month if you need to record any TV show.

3. Hulu TV

Compatible Devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Samsung and LG TV, Android and iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360.

Free Trial: 7 days.

Cost: $45.99/month.

Hulu TV Review

Disclaimer! Hulu Live TV does not yet offer Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon.

That being said, there are many Nickelodeon shows available on-demand on Hulu’s streaming service. These include the all-time-famous Alvin and the Chipmunks and Every Witch Day that many of us are fans of.

  • Unfortunately, Hulu is also one of the most expensive choices you would come across on this list.

There is a 7-day free trial that you can opt for to make sure you know what you will be paying for.

There is a 7-day free trial that you can opt for to make sure you know what you will be paying for.
  • Live TV subscription costs almost $45/month. It does, however, provide a varied channel line-up to choose from.

Currently, the Hulu streaming service provides up to 67 channels and allows simultaneous streaming on 2 devices. Users have loved it for the fact that it is compatible with the widest range of streaming devices.

Its use is not only restricted to Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Smart TVs or mobile devices. In fact, you can also enjoy it via game consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch. Amazing!

Besides Nickelodeon, Hulu TV’s channel lineup includes AMC, BET, Discovery, Lifetime, MTV, TLC, VH1, WE Tv, Hallmark, Paramount Network, Food Network, Freeform, FX, TNT, History, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, HGTV, ESPN, Disney Junior, USA Network, A&E, TBS, Investigation Discovery, Syfy, Travel Channel and many more!

Hulu allows up to 2 users to share the account although you can pay an extra $10/month to connect an unlimited number of devices. It also comes with a free cloud DVR with which you can record more than 50 hours of TV.

If that is not enough, I recommend you upgrade to Enhanced Cloud DVR with $15/month subscription. That allows for ad-free streaming and 200 hours of cloud recording.

4. Fubo TV

Compatible Devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, AirTV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Android TV (4.4 and up), Mi TV, Android mobiles (4.4 and up), iOS (11 and up), Amazon Fire tablets, Mac Chrome and Windows Chrome.

Free Trial: 7 days.

Cost: $54.99/month.

Fubo TV Review

Fubo TV is another option that works with many streaming devices. It lets you choose from a wide variety of live TV streaming channels that includes Nickelodeon as well!

  • It is possible that the last time you across this service was when you were looking for a way to watch sports online.

That is because Fubo TV is basically a sport-centric service so many do not expect it to carry other entertainment channels as well.

However, Nickelodeon is just one of the many family-friendly networks that Fubo has recently added. Other than that, it has a total of a 90-channel lineup that includes Paramount Network, Syft, TLC, Bravo, A&E, AMC, BET, Comedy, Discovery, Food Network, History, Investigation, MTV, MSNBC, TLC, Travel, WE Tv and many more.

Fubo TV pricing may seem to be a little problem to those who wanted a cheaper streaming service although $55/month for 90+ channels is not a bad deal!

It should not come as a surprise when you see that most of these are sports channels but you will find what you came looking for, Nickelodeon!

You can stream Fubo TV simultaneously on 2 devices. In addition to that, the option of getting a paid upgrade is also possible. This can come in handy as Fubo is compatible with all the common TV devices.

  • With so much content to choose from, why should you restrict it to two screens only?

The main focus of Fubo TV is Live streams and sports although there is a huge library of on-demand videos to choose from. Furthermore, the cloud DVR can record up to 30 hours of TV. If you choose to get an upgrade, the recording time will increase to almost 500 hours. That’s a lot!

5. YouTube TV

Compatible Devices: Apple TV, Chromecase, Roky, Android/iOS mobiles, Android TV, LG Smart TV, VIZIO Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Web Browsers, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV.

Free Trial: 7 days.

Cost: $64.99/month.

YouTube TV Review

YouTube also offers Nickelodeon as part of their $65 package. The best part here is that YouTube has an unlimited Cloud DVR. You can record as many shows as you want without the worry of running out of space.

  • It also lets 3 device stream simultaneously via the same account.

Other channels that you can enjoy with YouTube subscription includes ESPN, Cartoon Network, Freeform, Food Network, Travel Channel, Comedy Central, Investigation Discovery, TruTV, HGTV, and many more.

6. AT&T TV Now

Compatible Devices: Chrome, Safari, Chromecase, iPHone, iPad, Android Smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick, Samsung Smart TV.

Free Trial: 7 days.

Cost:$59.99 to $79.99/month.

AT&T TV Now Review

This service was previously known as DirecTV Now. It expanded its list to great channels and now offers a skinny bundle with the name of AT&T TV Now.

  • However, it is one of the priciest streaming services you could go for. However, it offers a broad channel list including Nickelodeon.

As part of this package, you can access Nick Jr as well. There is also a 7-day free trial before choosing a subscription plan.

7. Amazon Prime

Compatible Devices: Roku, Apple TV, Chromecase, Nvidia Shield, Virgin Media, BT TV, Blu-ray players.

Free Trial: 30 days.


Amazon Prime Review

  • Amazon Prime can also be a way to watch Nickelodeon online although with a very limited library.

The instant video-streaming feature has been recently introduced and lets you watch shows like Spongebob Bob Square Pants and Team Umizoomi.

So to say, only the most popular ones can be found here. The subscription packages are least expensive and a 30-day free trial makes it difficult to say no to this service.

What’s More? Surprise!

  • You can Purchase Nickelodeon Online!

The option of buying Nickelodeon online is available although it includes only a few shows. This can be done so via Itunes or Amazon.

  • Customers love this option as it is cheaper than alternative streaming services.

A typical season pass of a Nickelodeon show will cost you only $14.99 to $19.99. You can see the difference yourself!

Relying on Nickelodeon’s purchase depends on how many shows you normally follow in a year. If you are interested in many then you are better off with the option of subscription packages with the above-mentioned streaming services.

Make Use of Nickelodeon App

You can also stream Nickelodeon through its app. This service is compatible with almost all mainstream devices such as Roku and Apple TV. You can also watch on-demand content if the subscription package is available.

Few episodes of different shows might be accessible for free via the app. However, the library is not exhaustive and few old episodes of shows might not be available at all. You can expect to find all the recent ones though.

Nickelodeon Streaming on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku

What we have gathered so far: You can watch Nickelodeon online using various streaming services.

Now, the next question that bothers many TV show lovers is that how can you watch it on the big screen? This requires that your streaming service be compatible with the device in use. For the majority of the users, it is either Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or Roku.

  • Fortunately, most of the skinny bundles mentioned above are available on all the major streaming devices.

If by any chance you have more than one type of device in use, we strongly recommend choosing Philo, Hulu TV, Sling TV or Fubo. These are compatible with all the devices and therefore you can go ahead buy the subscription packages without any worry!

Fire TV users are in for a double treat as they can also enjoy AT&T TV Now in addition to all other streaming services. Unfortunately, this service is not yet available on Apple TV or Roku.

Attention! The above-mentioned streaming services also offer a mobile app for both, Android and iOS mobile devices.

Wrap Up

That is all! I hope through this article we could answer all your questions regarding Nickelodeon streaming and affordable online services. Now you can see how skinny bundles make it easier for us to access the content we like without relying on a cable connection.

  • If you are having any trouble deciding which one to go for, here are our top picks for watching Nickelodeon online.

Least Expensive: Philo is the most budget-friendly option you would find. It has subscription charges of just $20 and offers all Nickelodeon channels including Nick Jr., TeenNick and others.

Customer’s Choice: When it comes to the most popular one, the majority of the users rely on Hulu TV. Although the subscription packages are a bit expensive, this service is compatible with almost all the devices you can name.

Best Overall: The service which will be a treat for your pocket yet content-rich is Sling TV. It has proven to be the best overall choice for Nickelodeon fans around the world. Sling is also compatible with almost all mainstream streaming devices. You