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Chattanooga has long been known as a hub for entrepreneurs and innovators. With the advent of the city-wide Gig network, it’s rapidly becoming a haven for geeks as well. GeekMove is an incentive program designed to assist computer developers who are interested in relocating to the City of Chattanooga. If you fit the GeekMove criteria, you’ll compete for 10 relocation packages.



Are you a programmer looking for a new gig? To be eligible for the GeekMove relocation program you must be a professional geek located at least 50 miles outside Chattanooga, and be interested in actively participating in geek events.



Are you a Chattanooga company looking for a geek? Submit a job description to be considered as part of the GeekMove incentive program. A geek accepted for your job will get priority consideration for the GeekMove program.


The Process

Find a Neighborhood

The GeekMove program offsets the initial costs of homeownership by providing a second forgivable mortgage to help make housing affordable and reduce first mortgage payments. Eligible neighborhoods include historic areas of Chattanooga that have experienced dramatic revitalization in the past decade.

GeekMove neighborhood map


The City of the Future

Chattanooga is the first city in the Western Hemisphere to have gigabit per second fiber Internet accessible to the entire city grid. The possibilities have only begun.

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