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Buy Gift Card Online Email Delivery | Use Online In Just 1 Minute!

Gift cards had already been talk of the town. Previously, people mostly bought gift cards online with checking account and had to pick-it up in store by themselves. However, after finding out that you can buy gift card online with email delivery to have it sent to recipient of your choice, the sales are going to sky-rocket!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can buy gift cards online but avail email delivery only with the ones that can be redeemed online as well.
  • Some of the stores that let you buy gift cards online with email delivery include Amazon, Target, and Barnes & Noble.
  • To delivery gift card online, you have to Buy the card > Copy necessary details > Open Email > Type recipient Address > Paste details > Send.

…and Much More!

Buy Gift Card Online Email Delivery – What Are Your Options?

e-Gift cards are easy to buy and easier to send to the recipient. Realizing how customers wanting customization and simplicity in gift card usage, many online stores have introduced cards that can be received and redeemed via email.

The list of how you can use a gift card and where it can be employed for purchases just continues to grow. Now it is even possible to add funds to payment apps like Venmo through gift cards.

  • Consequently, buyers are interested in finding out about the most convenient ways to purchase and redeem them.

Stores with self checkout lanes for gift cards are a popular option. However, why bother to leave the comfort of your home? Now you can not only purchase gift cards online but also receive them or send them to a recipient via email.

Online Gift Cards With Email Delivery – Top 14 Choices!

Visa eGift Cards and Mastercard Gift Cards

  • eGift Cards that you purchase from Visa or Mastercard can be used anywhere, and in the same manner, as any other Visa or Mastercard cards work.
  • Additionally, you can purchase Visa gift cards online through PayPal as well.
  • However, remember that these cards can only be used for online shopping. Unfortunately, e-gift cards from Visa can not be used in-store.

Multi-Store Digital Gift Cards

  • Customers looking for options cheaper than gift cards by Visa or MasterCard should consider Multi-store gift cards instead.
  • These card offer flexible use and they can be redeemed on all the stores mentioned on the card. Each Multi-store gift card supports at least 4 to 5 retailers.
  • Moreover, gift cards from this category do not require activation fees. They also do not have expiration dates.

Electronic Gift Cards

  • You can use e-Gift cards for electronic purchases. These include laptops, computers, gaming consoles, work out equipment, etc.
  • The best electronic gift cards that you can redeem via email are from Crutchfield Electronic or Best Buy.
  • You can buy services that can be digitally transferred to you. For example, purchase of iTunes or downloadable gifts.

Gaming eGift Cards

  • Gaming e-gift cards are also ready to redeem.
  • You can buy them online and use in-game minutes after you have made the purchase.
  • Some of the best gaming e-gift cards are Xbox gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, GameStop gift cards, and Nintendo gift cards.

Streaming eGift Cards

  • When you are looking to buy and redeem gift cards online, there is no better option than to go for stores that do not have physical outlets.
  • This is what makes streaming e-gift cards so relevant. Gift cards for Netflix and Hulu streaming services are available online with email delivery because there is no in-store option.
  • Moreover, these gift cards work perfectly as they are specifically designed for online use.

Music eGift Cards

  • You can buy music from Apple, Google Play and Spotify with Music eGift Cards.
  • Furthermore, these can be delivered to a recipient via email.
  • However, you must purchase music gift card that is suitable for use on the specific platform. For example, Apple gift card works for Mac users and Google Play for Android users. Luckily, Spotify eGift card is a general purchase you can make for any kind of recipient.

Food Delivery Gift Cards

  • Certain food delivery gift cards are available with email delivery as well.
  • However, to avail such gift cards you must order the food from within the app.
  • Some of the best food delivery gift cards are Grubhub eGift cards and DoorDash eGift cards.

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eGift Cards at

  • Amazon also offers gift cards that can be used for purchase of multiple products on the website.
  • Moreover, these cards never run out of stock.
  • You can redeem the gift card by applying it your Amazon credit. This will not only secure card balance but also let you easily pay for the purchases by choosing store credit at the time of checkout.

Some of the gift cards that you will be able to find here with email delivery are listed below.

  • eGift cards – Up to $2,000
  • Nordstrom gift card – Up to $200
  • Champ Sports gift card – Up to $200
  • Hulu $100 gift card – $100
  • Airbnb – Up to $500
  • Sephora gift card – Up to $200
  • Best Buy gift card – Up to $500
  • Lowe’s gift card – Up to $500

eGift Cards at

  • Target gift cards are of superb quality. These are available in all shapes, sizes, and designs!
  • The store offers range of gift cards to support different occasions.
  • Moreover, you can redeem Target gift cards via camera screenshot and Target app in additional to email.

Gap Options

  • Gap options include Athleta, Banana Republic, Gap and Navy. Purchase of e-gift cards is super easy on all these online stores.
  • You can buy gift card online with email delivery in related brands as well. These include Baby Gap, Piperlime, Gap Kids, etc.
  • The products are backed up by in-store returns as long as they retain the labels.

Gift Cards at Barnes & Noble

  • You can also redeem Barnes & Noble eGift cards via email.
  • These let you purchase or download books within matter of minutes.
  • Moreover, Barnes & Noble digital gift cards are redeemable in stores as well. eGift Cards

  • is a great option to consider for purchase of e-gift cards applicable to any theatre! Unfortunately, these do not cover any eatables in the venue or any concessions.
  • You can purchase the gift card online and also use to buy tickets online for select venue. However, you must collect the physical tickets once you get there.
  • Fandango does charge an additional fee with purchase of each ticket.

eGift Cards for Popular Department Stores

  • Department stores are not far behind in the list of online stores that offer you gift cards with email delivery.
  • In fact, there are many famous options like Macy’s gift cards and Nordstrom gift cards that you can use to buy clothes and accessories online.
  • You can also return or exchange the products that you get through these gift cards.

DSW and eGift Cards

  • If you wish to get footwear online with gift cards, Zappos is just the place you would want to try out.
  • Gift cards purchases digitally can also be used in store. You have to provide them with the gift card number and code in order to complete the purchase.
  • Any product that you get here comes with free returns. Zappos and DSW runs one of the best customer support service in the US. There has been absolutely no complains from the clients!

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Send Gift Cards With Email Delivery – Step by Step Guide

Sharing e-gift cards has to be the easiest thing you will do on the internet!

Most physical cards are often sent to the recipient via mail-in delivery. However, when it comes to digital cards, you can easily share them through email if you have the ID of the other party. This will take just a couple of minutes and they will be able to use the gift card code right away.

  1. Copy the gift card code and other necessary details.
  2. Open your email account and tap on Compose.
  3. Provide the recipient email ID and paste the gift card code in the box.
  4. Click on Send.

The Bottom Line

Although digital gift cards are not yet as popular as their physical counterparts, we are just about to get there in a couple of months. Therefore, it would be quite helpful to know where you can get these e-gift cards and obtain them through email delivery.

Also note that certain stores that are currently selling digital gift cards have a limitation that these can only be used at their online store/website. This can be an inconvenience if you had planned to shop in-store. Make sure you thoroughly read the terms of use before purchasing a gift card online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a gift card and send it to my friend via email?

Digital gift cards are now widely available that you can buy online and then send it to recipient via email. It will reach their inbox in just a couple of minutes.

Can I buy gift cards on internet?

Digital gift cards can be purchased on the internet and even over the phone. You can then add these gift cards to your mobile Wallet for purchases or use it directly at the checkout when shopping in-store.

Is it possible to use e-gift cards immediately?

Yes! egift cards are designed with the purpose of instant delivery and use. You can start shopping through these cards as soon as you obtain them.

What is the best website to buy egift cards from?

Some of the reliable websites to consider when purchasing digital gift cards are Walmart, Amazon, Airbnb,, Etsy, Best Buy, etc.

Can I buy gift cards online with checking account?

Yes. It is possible to buy gift cards online with checking account as many websites now support this mode of payment. Those that do not allow you to link checking account with PayPal to transfer the payments.