Buy Now, Pay Later

Top 6 Buy Now Pay Later Jewelry With Minimal To No Initial Deposit!

Buying fine jewelry can be hefty investment with the current inflation rates. To cater to this problem, many stores now offer buy now pay later jewelry financing to help you get your favorite item and pay later in installments.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Most buy now pay later jewelry stores let you avail Affirm, SplitIt, or Klarna payment plans.
  • Some of the prominent stores include Blue Nile, GemsNY, Crown Jewelers and many more!
  • Majority of the stores don’t run a credit check so poor score should not be a problem.

…and Much More!

Buy Now Pay Later Jewelry Financing Scheme

It is fair to say that jewelry is not just a piece of ornament but a sign of emotions whether you are buying it for yourself or a loved one.

We all vouch for it to be the perfect piece but are held back most of the time due to unaffordable prices.

  • Worry no more! buy now pay later jewelry financing options like Affirm, SplitIt, Klarna, Snap Finance, PayPal, and Afterpay have you covered.

This type of financing allows you to make a purchase instantly without any deposits, and you can give payments in installments as per the policies of the specific store with little to no credit check

In this guide, we will walk you through some of the most prominent Buy Now, Pay Later jewelry stores that help you buy the statement jewelry pieces in just a few clicks.

Top Buy Now Pay Later Jewelry Stores

Usually, financing options that offer you to pay in installments include store credit cards and in-house financing.

However, now you can also avail of this option through several companies that propose sustainable options that help you make smart payments if you cannot afford them. 

Below is the list of such stores that guarantee elegant jewelry within affordable price ranges. Let’s check them out!

Blue Nile

The first option is the Blue Nile Credit Card. It is known to offer compelling financing options that give you the flexibility to pay over time.

  • Few benefits include no annual fee, convenient payment options, and exciting promotions for cardholders. 
  • You are not bound to pay any interest on the item if you pay the amount in full within 6,12 or 18 months.
  • In case you fail to pay the promotional plan balance within the promotional period, interest will be charged to your account from the date you made that purchase.
  • 9.99% interest is charged if you pay the amount within 24, 36, and 60 months. 
  • New purchases are awarded a 25-day grace period with the Blue Nile Credit Card.


They have jaw-dropping perfectly curated jewelry pieces for you. These can be purchased through their Buy Now, Pay Later financial facility. 

  • GemsNY provides high-quality gemstones and a piece of customized statement jewelry as per your likes.
  • GemsNY reaches its end customers without the costly overhead of traditional retailers.
  • They offer three flexible financing options designed to fit all of the customer’s needs.
  • In addition, their payment options require either soft checks or no credit checks for quick approvals. 
  • Three of their options include Affirm, SplitIt, and PayPal.

Reeds Jewelers

At Reeds, you can pick from a wide range of Buy Now, Pay Later jewelry collections. In addition, some of the financing options available to you at Reeds are from Afterpay, Affirm, Progressive Leasing, or even store credit cards. 

  • The REEDS credit card offers 0% interest but only if you are able to pay in full within 6 months.
  • There is also a requirement of a minimum purchase of $500.
  • Afterpay does not have any credit check, but the product you are buying must be within a range of $35 to $2000 and no more.
  • With Affirm, you can make payments over 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • No deposits are required for Reeds credit card account, and there is zero or minute interest within 6,12 and 60 months. 

Crown Jewelers

Crown jewelers are one of the stores facilitating customers who need to buy special jewelry and are held back due to financial limitations. 

  • With Crown jewelers, you can get hands-on various statement jewelry items such as diamond rings, watches, bracelets, etc.
  • All items are of first-class quality. 
  • By using the PayPal Credit financing plan at Crown jewelers, you can pay your amount in documented months.
  • Make sure that your minimum purchase is $99 and not less than that.
  • Moreover, if you succeed in paying the amount within six months of your purchase, you will not be charged any added interest to your account.


JR DUNN offers you services to finance your purchase by collaborating with Affirm and PayPal’s Buy Now, Pay Later financing option.

  • The key is to follow either of their application processes when checking out and get hands-on your favorite items. 
  • Through Affirm, you can avail of this plan on a purchase of $100 and above.
  • The time frame of paying installment is within 36 months of the purchase.
  • You can make a payment of up to $16 each month.  
  • You can shop extravagant jewelry pieces through this, including tiny necklaces, pearl earrings, gold Cuban link chains, and more. 


Gemvara offers you the best custom jewelry of all time! Not only this, the experts of Gemvara will guide you to the best of their abilities to land on the perfectly crafted jewelry pieces for you. 

  • Affirm makes monthly payments much easier for you without burdening you with any amount to be paid instantly.
  • As soon you approve the Affirm payment option, your order is processed.
  • Affirm allows you to make installments in 3,6, or 12 months and rates from 10-30% APR based on your credit.
  • To make payment, you can start with the amount of $45.
  • It requires just a quick overview of your credit check to verify your identity.

The Bottom Line

By now you would be well aware of the best jewelry stores that allow you financing options by joining hands with companies such as Affirm, SplitIt, and PayPal. 

  • You don’t have to worry about your poor credit history!

Most of these stores offer you with finest quality products with reasonable and yet competitive pricing. 

If you doubt how to avail of Buy Now, Pay Later financing options, visit each of the stores’ websites to get further insight.