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Can I Transfer Money From Keybank To Another Bank Or The Same One?

KeyBank, dedicated to making banking simple, is one of the major banking and finance organizations in the country. Since bank to bank money transfers are becoming quite common and useful, it is important to address the question Can i transfer money from Keybank to another bank?

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can transfer money from Keybank to another bank by Open account > Transfer money > Add bank > Bank account details > Link > Transfer money > Amount of money > Confirm transaction.
  • The transaction may take up to 4 days.
  • There are no additional charges for bank to bank transfer.

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Can I Transfer Money From Keybank To Another Bank?

Yes. Keybank allows you to transfer fund to an account you have opened in another bank as long as you have linked the two accounts together. Let us walk you through the procedure in simpler words.

  1. Open your Keybank account and tap on Transfer Money.
  2. The select Add an Account and provide the details of the bank account that you wish to link.
  3. Now click on Transfer Money again and choose the account that you have linked. You will find the name in External Accounts section.
  4. Provide the amount of money that you wish to share.
  5. Enter the date of the transaction.
  6. Check the box that mentioned “Accept terms and conditions”. Then confirm the transaction and you are done!
Note! If you wish to cancel a scheduled payment, you need to access online banking. Mobile app will not allow you to make any such changes.

Extra Reading

Can I Transfer Money From Keybank To Another Key2Bank Account?

It’s simple to move money from one Key2Benefits account to another using the internet. However, you must have a Key2Benefits card that has been activated and also be enrolled in to do so.

  1. Visit and create an account. Then pick Account to Account Transfer from the left-hand option.
  2. Put the amount you would like to send.
  3. Input the account’s routing number and fill in the account number of the account to which you’re transferring money.
  4. Select the account type to which the funds will be transferred.
  5. To authorize your request, enter the security code displayed on the screen.
  6. Select continue and double check the data that you have entered.
  7. Submit is the last option.

Does It Take Long To Transfer Funds From KeyBank Account? 

When it comes to transfer time, Keybank is no different than other institutions. This implies that you have to choose the transfer type which would decide how long it take for the money to be sent over.

  • Nonetheless, automating the transactions will make the process go much faster.

You can schedule automated transfers on a weekly, biweekly, or annual basis. There are both one-time and future-date transfers available. Moreover, you can see upcoming transfers as well as transfer history.

In other cases, transactions may take up to 4 business days to process. However, these are currently free of any charges.

The Bottom Line

If you happen to have an account in Keybank, the good news is that you can easily transfer funds from and to another bank account as long as you have linked the two of them.

Moreover, the transfers should not take long. You can also choose to make the transaction instant by paying a small fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it take long to send money from Keybank to another bank?

You can set up automated transfers in Keybank. These transactions may take up to 4 days but they do not charge any fee to the customers.

Can I withdraw money from Key2Benefits accounts?

You are allowed to transfer funds to personal checking account or savings account using online banking. However, there is a withdrawal limit of $5,000 applicable on all Keybank accounts.