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Can You Overdraft Cash App And How Much Would That Cost You?

Cash App is out go-to tool when we need to receive or send small payments. However, for customers who use it daily for activities like paying in store with Cash App or clearing household bills, it is important to known can you over overdraft Cash App or not.

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • You can overdraft cash app or cash app card through excessive transfers
  • There are no interest charges for overdrafting but linked banks may carry a different policy.
  • Instead of overdrafting, you can opt to borrow loan from Cash App of up to $200.

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Can You Overdraft Cash App? – TIPS

You can overdraft or borrow money from your Cash App account. This typically happens automatically when your current account balance is not enough to cover the transfer you have made.

  • As a result, the balance will run into negative and remain like this until you pay it off.

An important point to note here is that ,Cash App is not a bank itself. When you make excessive transfers, overdraft will occur whether you have allowed it or not. Afterwards, you will have the responsibility to pay it back to the linked bank account.

Can You Overdraft Cash App Card?

There is no term as “overdrafting a Cash App card”. That is because any overdrafts that occurs show up in the account even if you make it through online portal or cash card.

In a nutshell, your account balance on whole will go negative when you overdraft a debit card not just the balance on your Cash App card. Ultimately, if you have overdrafted enough, the company may deactivate your card temporarily.

Does Cash App Card Overdraft At ATM Work?

The logic here is pretty much the same as overdrafting Cash App card. You can withdraw money but the account will go negative on the whole. Similarly, you can overdraft at an ATM as well. However, ATM transfers has a limit of $500 so that is the maximum that you can take out.

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Some Instances That May Lead To Overdraft on Cash App

As we mentioned before, overdraft on Cash App happens automatically and without your permission. As a result, some customers are unware when their balance has become negative. Here are a few events that may lead to overdraft.

  • While paying at the retailer store for grocery items, your balance can run into negative.
  • Shipping fee that a merchant puts on your account when you place an order online.
  • If you make a money transfer by mistake when you don’t have enough money to cover for the transaction.

Cash App Overdraft Fee and Interest Charges

It is a relied to know that there are no interest charges on Cash App overdraft. This means that if your balance is $8 in negative, that is the amount you will have to pay back whether you do so in a week or a month.

  • However, linked banks may have penalty fees and interest charges. Watch out!

3 Reliable Ways To Fix Cash App Overdraft

Negative balance in your account can be a nuisance. Therefore, you must find a way to add money to Cash App account and get rid of the negative value as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at a few of these below.

  • Send Money From a Bank Account

You can simply transfer money from a linked bank account to Cash App and that should fix the issue of negative balance. Needless to say, you should transfer sufficient balance to avoid overdrafting again.

  • Deposit a Paycheck

Most of us receive paychecks in our bank accounts. However, if your Cash App balance is negative, you can provide your Cash App account details to the employer and request the paycheck to be deposited there.

  • Make a Credit Card Transfer

You can also send money from a credit card to Cash App to top up your account. Just add the card details and provide ZIP code to complete the transfer.

Alternative To Overdraft – Cash App Allows You To Borrow Money

You don’t really have to overdraft Cash App when in need of money. Now this amazing tool offers its customers to avail of loan from $20 to $200 similar to Chime loan program.

  • The application process is quick and does not require you to share a lot of information.

However, once the loan is delivered to you, it has to be paid back within a week or less. In addition to that, you have to pay 5% flat fee for the loan and 1.25% per week as interest when the grace period is over.

Attention! Cash App loan program is in testing phase and might not be available for everyone.

The Bottom Line

Yes, you can overdraft your account and this does not carry additional charges. However, your balance would show up as negative and if it stays that way for a long time, your account may be temporarily inactivated.

Moreover, Cash App may not penalize you for overdrafts but banks do even the ones with highest overdraft limits. Therefore, you need to ensure that you keep your balance above $0 in any case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Cash App balance be in negative?

Yes, your account balance can go negative after you make a purchase or a transfer for which the current amount in your account was not enough.

Does Cash App allow customer to borrow money?

Cash App has introduced a loan program. It offers customer to borrow between $20 to $200. However, it is yet in testing phase. Therefore, it is not available to everyone.

Will Cash App refund money when I am scammed?

If a fraudulent transaction is noticed before delivery, Cash App does cancel pending payments to avoid losing cash. Consequently, the funds are sent back to the account within 3 days.

Are there cash advance apps that can work with Cash app?

There a number of apps from this category that you can use with Cash App. Some of the most common names are Dave, Brigit, Netspend, Earnin and Moneylion.