Facing Wi-Fi Issues? Check 8 Ways to Speed up WiFi:

Imagine streaming a new TV show on Netflix & suddenly the buffering signal shows up on the screen. Yes it’s annoying and millions of people face this issues due to their own small mistakes. Now in this guide I am going to give you some tips which will help you to Speed up Wi-Fi.

There are some barriers which can affect the speed of Wi-Fi signals. For instance, the issue arises if the Wi-Fi router is placed quite far away from electronic devices that are connected to it.

Problems can also be occurred due to some natural reasons. Like, signals of Wi-Fi could be dropped off in case of rainstorms or other natural disasters etc. However, there are also some useful techniques by which the speed of your internet can be boosted up.

Wi-Fi have become an important part of our lives & we can’t imagine our life without it. We have Wi-Fi in our homes, offices, Shop and we utilize it to perform our various tasks. But Slow Wi-Fi can be really time wasteful and chaos.

We need it all the time but the problem arises when the speed of Wi-Fi slows down and it causes trouble.

In case that you have low Wi-Fi speed, you should perform some investigating steps that will figure out where the breakdown is and how to determine the issue.

Sometimes the problem happens if we place our Wi-Fi device to a place where signals can’t work properly. Also, there can be technical issues as well.

Speed Up WiFi – 8 Simple Ways to Try

Here are 8 simple and instant to execute steps which will help you to speed up Wi-Fi.

Place your Router in an Open Spot

You’ll need to place your router where the signals can best reach in the house. You have to keep it away from different hardware devices that may create hurdles like, microwaves, child screens, and cordless telephones.

router open spot

With one evenly and one vertically, you may likewise take a stab at pointing the receiving wires oppositely.

Also, you must place the internet device in the center of your house or in such a position from where the signals can reach to all the connected devices. After placing the device, keep checking your phone or other connected devices to see if the signals are strong.

Use Modern Wi-Fi Technology

Try to use the latest technologies so you can take advantage of the latest Wi-Fi qualities and have fewer connectivity issues.

wifi technology

As the technology is getting advanced day by day, we have the latest Wireless AC routers that have the quality of transferring your information three times faster than the previous wireless models.

Moreover, you’ll need to verify your Wi-Fi server with a secret password so, your neighbors or any other people with whom you don’t want to share your Wi-Fi, can’t stream their motion pictures on your internet connection.

Limited Devices and Optimized Settings

Some activities can obstruct Internet speed and access for everybody associated with that Wi-Fi device. For instance, playing web-based games, directing video calls, and spilling films and movies take up a great deal of data transfer capacity. A few routers have a quality setting that gives you a chance to control which applications have access to the Internet data transfer capacity.

This measure can improve overall Wi-Fi speed. Moreover, for doing this you must need to have a proper knowledge of your Wi-Fi device, latest innovations and its updated process.

Get a Stronger Antenna

When your antenna is strong then there are fewer chances for you getting troubled in Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Most Wi-Fi routers have weak, little, and fragile antenna wires, however, the best quality Wi-Fi antenna wires are generally huge.

As compared to the antenna which is connected with your router, it is likely only a couple of inches tall and has around 4 dB increase, a 10-dB antenna wire that can be placed anywhere between 10 to 15 inches tall.

If you want to boost up your Wi-Fi signals then, you must buy a latest and updated antenna with more addition than the one which you already have. You can replace your old antenna with a 9 dBi antenna that will provide you a brilliant speed of signals.

Cut off Wi-Fi Freeloaders

You must protect your Wi-Fi from strangers, neighbors or anyone with whom you don’t want to share your internet by creating a complex password.

In this way, your internet will not only be secured but will also be limited to your home. Don’t make your password simple and easy to guess, make it more complicated, add numbers and characters into it so, nobody can guess it easily.

Make sure that you have a long password because people easily hack the short ones. Also, don’t make your password by your name or phone number, make it distinctive and unique.

Buy a Wi-Fi Booster

Wi-Fi boosters have a unique feature that they are moderately basic gadgets that take a current signal from your Wi-Fi switch and rebroadcast it as another new system.

This new system is only an expansion of your primary system, and all information that experiences it additionally go to the main network.

If we notice, we’ll get to know that the functions of Wi-Fi boosters and repeaters are almost the same. However, the boosters additionally intensify the current signals before rebroadcasting it to make a subsequent system.

Since Wi-Fi boosters regularly have more noteworthy range than Wi-Fi repeaters, they bode well in circumstances where the previous or original signals are powerless.

Don’t Forget to Reboot

A simple reboot helps to extensively improve your Wi-Fi speeds. If your device doesn’t work try to switch it off and on for one or two times.

A reboot plays a key role in making the router’s memory clear and also installs the new updates and features into it.

Rebooting your switch is a protective approach to speed it up. Instead of doing it physically every time your Wi-Fi is snoozing, set up a regular timetable with the purpose that it restarts once in a day, week or month.

Get Another Wi-Fi Channel

You must have different Wi-Fi channels on which a Wi-Fi router can be broadcasted. Several clients leave their router set on the default channel in case of one channel isn’t working properly.

If you have a subsequent router that is deliberately situated in your home can help to boost your Wi-Fi signals.