Top 7 No Money Down Cell Phone Plans That Cost $0 Additional Fee!

With the high prices, it is not easy to get a full-fledge service on your mobile phone, but with no money down cell phone plans, you can get access to the best possible coverage within your budget without compromising on your essentials. 

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Some outstanding no money down cell phone plans include those from Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile.
  • Most companies offer prepaid plans, family plans, and plans on installments.
  • It is best to go through each plans details before making the final choice.

…and Much More!

Top 7 No Money Down Cell Phone Plans 


One of the top companies known to offer no money down cell phone plans is Sprint. You can choose the best available plan among all that Sprint has for you in the box.

Sprint is a mobile service provider that offers you two tiers of limitless services and is definitely among the top of its competitors.

  • For a single line, the plan expects you to pay an amount of $65 and $110 for two. 
  • For extra features, you are bound to pay additional fee.
  • You are offered an unlimited talk in two countries, i.e., Mexico and Canada. 
  • Sprint ensures you the high-quality data speeds in the countries mentioned earlier.
  • The offered data plan is around 5GB per month, and if you are an excessive data user, Sprint can reduce your rates. 

Verizon Wireless

Another top-notch mobile service provider is Verizon Wireless. It gives you the best coverage with 5G Nationwide and the performance of Ultra-Wideband, which is the fastest in the world.  

Verizon Wireless is the first-ever company to provide the countrywide range. It has been tested on all the top-class available smartphones.

  • The plan includes a payment of $160 for four lines, and the range increases for every extra service you wish to have. It is generally a 75% rate for a single line. 
  • Verizon has an unlimited plan that gives you a 720p streaming video on mobile.
  • In contrast, you can enjoy a 1080p streaming quality on your tablets. 
  • The data package is a full-fledge 4G LTE experience, and you can use 75GB of data in their unlimited plan.
  • It gives you an extra 5GB of data and 500GB of storage on Verizon’s cloud. 


T-Mobile has the best deals for its customers. They are vigilantly customer-centric and have the fastest 5G network connecting you nationwide as it connects more than 92% of the Interstate Highway miles. 

You can find your ideal phone plan with T-Mobile at the best available rates. It gives you unlimited talk with a total of 5G and 4G LTE data on your networks. Isn’t it the best!

  • With its premium Data, you are offered 100 GB of data straightaway. 
  • T-Mobile offers you one of the best family plans, which is $160 and comes with a free Netflix.
  • T-Mobile also ticks all the boxes of your travel benefits by allowing you international texting and data, majorly in Mexico and Canada. 
  • Another feature is Gogo in-flight texting (unlimited) and one complete hour of Wi-Fi.
  • T-Mobile put forwards for you several add-ons few of which are Scam Shield Premium (+$4/month), Netflix multi-screen subscription upgrades, an extra 10 GB of data, MAXUp (+$15/line per month), and HD streaming that is of a $3 Day Pass. 


Another mobile service provider offering no money down cell phone plans is MetroPCS. You can pick your perfect prepaid plan here!

  • The prepaid plans of the MetroPCS also include access to the 5G Network of T-Mobile with no additional cost. 
  • Some of the plans that you can get your hands on include those of Amazon Prime, Google One, and a few more. 
  • Its $40 plan per month gives you 10GB of high-speed data and access to T-Mobile’s 5G Network, as mentioned previously, and most excitingly, an unlimited music feature.
  • The minimum you are to pay for two lines is $70, $100 for three lines, $130 for four lines, and $160 for five lines.
  • You can save up to $10 on each of the plans. 

Assurance Wireless 

Assurance Wireless is the best of all for people who have a low income and cannot afford high-priced products and mobile plans.

It is also available for the residents of multiple regions, including Alabama, Florida, Colorado, Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Mexico, Georgia, District of Columbia, and several others. 

  • One of the most exciting services is that you can get a free android mobile phone in addition to services such as texts and 350 free minutes monthly.
  • Not only this, but 500 MB of Data is also added to the plan every month. 
  • You need to abide by the requirements and eligibility criteria, and you are good to go. 
  • Assurance Wireless, no money down cell phone plans is the perfect fit if you are from California. 
  • This one is the most affordable option that you can find.

Project Fi

Project Fi is Google’s project. It is known to cover you with several phone plans according to your needs and preferences. You only have to pay for the data usage or go for the unlimited plans it has for you. 

You can share your data across the devices with its high-speed hotspot tethering. There are three significant plans: Flexible, Simple Unlimited, and Unlimited Plus. You need to look at the number of people you need a plan for, and you are all good to proceed.

  • It offers unlimited calls and texts, all the required security features.
  • You don’t have to pay any activation fees and you are free to switch between the plans. 
  • Every month, you are offered texts and calls for $20 and a data of 10GB.
  • If you are willing to add more people to your network, you have to pay an extra $15 and no more, no less. 
  • With Fi, you are offered a high-quality performance in the US and internationally.

American Wireless

Another outstanding mobile service provider is American Wireless. With its availability in about more than 40 states in the United States, you can enjoy unlimited features depending on the type of plan you choose. 

It would be best if you lay your eyes on every plan they have and see what suits you the best.

  • American Wireless provides you with subscription services through which you can use call, text, and data services at a meager cost.
  • Their lifeline plans are also a cluster of so many classic features. 
  • You can make a phone purchase with the discounted prices that you won’t get on any other platform in such affordable prices. 
  • You can easily access cell phones through no money down cell phone plans and save yourself a huge chunk of money you will be paying otherwise.
  • Some programs offer unlimited calls and text service, while others provide you with the best data package bundles.

How To Obtain No Money Down Cell Phone Plan?

Below are several ways to obtain No Money Down Cell Phone Plans. 

  • Prepaid Plans

These are pretty affordable, and you pay for your monthly airtime in advance.  

  • Family Plans 

Plans with multiple lines suit the most efficient way to save money. 

  • Buy Now, Pay Later

You can use it if your credit score is good and you can make payments in installments depending upon the respective criteria of each company. 

The Bottom Line 

These plans promise to offer you the best services but make sure that you go through each program of these mobile service providers before locking a deal and get the best one that saves you money and provides you complete services. 

Frequently Asked Questions About No Money Down Cell Phone Plans

What cell phone carrier does not check the credit?

Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint are several cell phone carriers that do not check the credit. 

Can I get a phone with no credit?

It is usually hard or impossible to get a phone with no credit. This is because you cannot get any contracts in such cases.

What credit score is required for a phone plan?

The perfect and ideal score for companies with a rigorous credit check is around 600 and above.