Verizon vs AT&T Complete Comparative Review To Help You Choose

Changing cell phone plan is all fun and games until you have to choose between Verizon vs AT&T, two of the best and the biggest carriers in the United States!

Verizon offer the best 4G LTE coverage but AT&T takes the lead with 3G and 5G provision. AT&T is more affordable but Verizon offers user-friendly premium data plans and perks.

  • So, how can you decide which carrier is right for you?

There are a lot of features to compared before making the final choice. Here’s a quick overview of where each service stands with some of the most important things to consider in a internet carrier.

Take a look!

Coverage 4G LTE3G Network
Price ExpensiveMore Affordable
Data Speed HigherLower
Family plans Unlimited plans with
additional perks
Unlimited plans with
additional perks
Hotspot ServiceUp to 30 GB Up to 30 GB
Customer Service Inefficient Inefficient
Devices and Phones CDMA-SupportedGSM-Supported
Other Perks Disney Plus, Discovery Plus,
Hulu, Apple Music

As you can see, there are a lot of features to take into account making it even more difficult to choose which cellular service to go for.

Before we walk you through everything, take a look at some of the note-worthy features of Verizon and AT&T. These may help you make a final pick easily.

What Verizon Stands Out For

  • Outstanding 4G LTE network coverage
  • Premium data allowances
  • Great plan perks

What AT&T Stands Out For

  • Higher data caps
  • Better 5G coverage
  • More affordable subscription plans

Verizon vs AT&T – Complete Comparative Analysis

Still can’t make up you mind?

Go through this detailed comparative guide for Verizon vs AT&T to find out everything and more about the two carriers.


In terms of area coverage both the networks, AT&T and Verizon, provide extensive range. However, the real competition comes down to what type of network are you are looking at?

  • AT&T is user’s favorite with 3G networking whereas Verizon stands out as 4G LTE service provider.

Basically, the two carriers are available in similar regions. Customers often choose Verizon 4G for its fast speed and AT&T as a reliable backup when the first service is not available.

As for 5G networking, AT&T and Verizon have something different in stock.

Verizon relies on high-band, high-speed network for 5G coverage. AT&T, on the other hand, makes use of low-band network.

This means it is not able to reach the same speeds as Verizon but it covers larger area within the country.

Verizon offers 4G LTE networking and AT&T provides 3G networking in similar regional locations. For 5G networking, Verizon provides better speed whereas AT&T covers larger area within the US.


It won’t take much scrutiny to realize that Verizon is more expensive than AT&T.

For some of its outstanding cell phone plans, you have to pay up to $100/month whereas the same offerings might cost $10 less with AT&T.

AT&T is expected to further reduce its prices for some of the unlimited plans.

For example, you can avail the AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan for just $60/month via promotions deals as compared to $85/month original price.

  • Verizon promises extra perks for the additional fee but are they worth it?

Verizon does charge $10 more for most of the plans than AT&T but it makes it worth your while by offering up to 6 streaming services including Hulu and Disney+. In contrast, HBO Max is the only entertainment perk you will get AT&T.

Here’s a quick comparison of pricing with the two cell phone services.

Plans Available Lines AT&T PriceVerizon Price
Entry-Level Unlimited Planone$65$70
Mid-Level Unlimited Planone$75$80
three $50$55
High-End Unlimited Plan one$85$90
four $50$55

AT&T unlimited plans are more pocket-friendly but for the extra $10 that you pay with Verizon, you will have access to additional perks and larger number of streaming channels.

Data Speed

There is simply no comparison here as Verizon took the lead in almost all the speed tests that users have carried out. The wireless download and upload speeds were found to be 2X better than what AT&T offered.

  • Verizon Average Download Speed: 32.3 Mbps
  • Verizon Average Upload Speed: 12.89 Mbps
  • AT&T Average Download Speed: 28.9 Mbps
  • AT&T Average Upload Speed: 9.4 Mbps

So whether you are talking about streaming a video or simply spending time on you social media website, Verizon would give better speeds and a faster experience.

Verizon clearly takes the lead in providing high speed data to its users.

Unlimited and Family Plans

When you have to choose between Verizon and AT&T on the basis of subscription plans, the final choice would come down to speed and coverage that each carrier offers.

Unlimited data plans are definitely worth the bucks here but you have to choose depending on your needs. Also keep in mind that unlimited does not necessarily mean “unlimited”. The cap is still there and therefore you need to consider the pricing before you choose.

First-tier Unlimited Plans

The plans include:

  • First-tier Unlimited Plan for Verizon: Start Unlimited Plan
  • First-tier Unlimited Plan for AT&T: Unlimited Started Plan

Well, the name says it all. These are the starting plans priced at just $5 difference with Verizon, obviously, being the more expensive option.

The started plan for AT&T offers 1.5 Mbps video streaming at $65 per year. Verizon also offers somewhat the same quality (480p for pictures) but it is more expensive by $5. Not much of a difference, right?

However, there’s a drawback: Although no data-cap is mentioned, users have complained about down-performance during times of traffic congestion. That means, the bottom-tier plans might not be a reliable option after all.

Second-tier Unlimited Plans

The plans include:

  • Second-tier Unlimited Plan for Verizon: Do More and Play More Plans
  • Second-tier Unlimited Plan for AT&T: Extra Plan

These plans guarantee full-speed data regardless of the carrier you choose. There have been no complains about the bandwidth usage as well.

Second-tier plans (Do More and Extra Plan) offer up to 50 GB. Quite a lot! In contrast, if you go with Verizon Play More Unlimited plan, you would have a cap at 25 GB.

  • Verizon second-tier unlimited plans differ in video quality.

Do More can not give anything more than a picture in Standard quality whereas Play More Unlimited is what you need for a true HD experience.

Top-tier Unlimited Plans

The plans include:

  • Top-tier Unlimited Plan for Verizon: Get More Plan
  • Top-tier Unlimited Plan for AT&T: Unlimited Elite Plan

Willing to spend a few extra dollars to enjoy unlimited YouTube videos and PUBG gaming? Then the top-tier plans are what you are looking for!

Verizon’s top-tier plan offers 75 GB data which means you shouldn’t have any trouble watching every episode of your favorite show back to back.

Still not enough?

Then go for AT&T unlimited elite plan that had 100 GB in stock. No matter what type of a phone or a movie-junkie you are, now this is the amount of data which you just can’t get close to finishing!

  • Verizon and AT&T top-tier plans have some additional perks and benefits as well.

You can make use of 30 GB hotspot data and free access to HBO Max with AT&T top-tier Unlimited Elite Plan. As for the Verizon users, they can enjoy 30 GB of hotspot data along with free subscription of Apple Music and Disney Plus.

Family Plans

Even for the family plans, the offerings of Verizon and AT&T remain somewhat the same: AT&T provides better coverage whereas Verizon is the go-to choice if you are looking for faster speeds.

Both the carriers have a huge collection of family plans including limited and unlimited plans available for all sorts of budgets.

All of Verizon data plans are $5 to $10 more expensive than AT&T but come with additional perks and benefits.

Hotspot Service

Speaking from personal experience, hotspot data connection can really save your day when the home network is acting up.

Consequently, many users prefer phone carriers that offer considerable amount of hotspot data with their unlimited plans.

  • Verizon and AT&T include selective amount of hotspot data as part of their unlimited plans.

However, for the data that is inclusive in the plans, AT&T is more generous offering 30 GB to its clients for the package equivalent to which Verizon offers 15 GB. Here’s a summary of what we are talking about.

Verizon PlansHotspot data AT&T PlansHotspot Data
Start Unlimited 0 GBUnlimited Started0 GB
Play More Unlimited 15 GBUnlimited Extra 15 GB
Do More Unlimited 15 GBUnlimited Elite 30 GB

Additionally, Verizon has Get More Unlimited plan that offers 30 GB. It is expensive than any of the plans that AT&T offers.

AT&T and Verizon offer up to 30 GB of hotspot data but Verizon is more expensive in terms of the plan with which this amount is due.

Customer Service

As much as we hate to say it, neither of the services offer note-worthy customer support service. Users have continuously complained about:

  1. Delayed response after dialing.
  2. Slow chatbots that are impossible to communicate with.
  3. Lack of in-person help.

You can have a better experience with their customer support team by visiting a nearby retail location instead. So if you need help with Verizon service or AT&T usage, you have to move!

Luckily, these are in abundance and majority of their assistance team is high-qualified, well-trained, and helpful.

Both, Verizon and AT&T lack reliable on-phone customer support service. In contrast, seeking help at a physical store is likely to get your issue resolved.

Devices and Phones

There is not any major different in the list of devices and phones that AT&T and Verizon offer. Apple, Samsung, Google, and you name it! Almost all devices are supported by the two phone carriers so there is nothing you need to worry about here.

As for the minor different, each service has options of its own. For example, Verizon comes with Motorola Edge Plus and Razr whereas AT&T allows you to pick Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

  • It is better to differentiate between carrier phones in terms of GSM and CDMA technology.

GSM, or the Global System for Mobile Communication, is the latest protocol accepted worldwide. AT&T holds GSM service making it more suitable for use if you plan to travel a lot.

Verizon relies on CDMA wireless networking. Code-division Multiple Access is a radio communication method that guarantees between call quality although the voice quality may not be as efficient as GSM.

There is no difference in number of devices that AT&T and Verizon support. However, the services use different communication technologies (GSM and CDMA for AT&T and Verizon respectively).

Other Perks

When you have to make a good plan, a great one, you go for extra perks and promotions. Luckily, both, AT&T and Verizon understands this well.

Nonetheless, Verizon takes the lead with a wider range of channels that ensure each client can find something of his taste and liking.

  • Verizon offers Disney plus membership along with Hulu and ESPN in each of its unlimited plan.

On top of that, Verizon users can also enjoy access to Discovery Plus for up to 12 month after subscribing to the unlimited plan.

Other than streaming channels, Verizon has something for its music-lovers as well. It provides Apple Music for free for up to 6 months in 3 plans including Unlimited, Play More, and Do More. If you subscribe to Get More plan, you will have free access to Apply Music for a lifetime. Sweet!

  • AT&T is a treat for HBO-lovers as its top-tier plan subscription comes with HBO Max access and endless collection of movies and seasons.

AT&T and Verizon offer additional perks and promotional deals to their users. Verizon takes the lead by giving access to at least 6 streaming channels and Apply Music.

In a Nutshell

All in all, both services, Verizon vs AT&T, are spectacular with interesting monthly plans, high data speed, great coverage, and a few additional perks to add an extra cherry on the top.

However, you should consider that neither of the services come cheap. They both charge considerably as compared to other wireless competitors in the market. AT&T may be slightly more affordable then Verizon although the later justifies it with unlimited plans and premium data allowances.

  • Here’s how we can sum up Verizon vs AT&T for you.

Verizon takes the lead in stable coverage, range of subscription plans, and premium services whereas AT&T is a choice that makes more sense when you wish to save some bucks yet enjoy higher data caps.

Do you agree with our verdict? Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions About Verizon vs AT&T

Is Verizon coverage better than AT&T?

Verizon definitely has a better coverage when it comes to 4G network. It provides robust connect in about 70% of the US states as compared to 58% offered by AT&T. However, AT&T has a better 3G network coverage.

Who is the best cell phone carrier in the US?

T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are ranked as three of the best cell phone carrier services in the states. Other note-worthy names include Mint Mobile, Visible, and Consumer Cellular.

Is Verizon worth the high cost?

In terms of coverage and unlimited plans, Verizon is definitely worth the money. It also offers some of the best premium data allowances and additional perks for its users.

Can I switch from AT&T phone carrier service to Verizon but keep the same number?

Yes. You can make this transfer work by porting the phone number from AT&T to Verizon or vice versa. Typically, there are no extra charges for this transfer and mobile phone should keep on working during the process.

How can I switch my phone from AT&T to Verizon?

You will have to visit a Verizon retail store or log in to to choose a cellular plan. After that, you have to enter all the required information for the company to decide over your eligibility.

Once the process is complete, call AT&T service provider to inform that you need to cancel your subscription.