Verizon Cloud Expiring And Your Data Is At Risk? Quick Answer

Undoubtedly, Verizon stands out with its internet services and deals. Now it offers an impeccable cloud-based storage system known as Verizon Cloud.

However, the offer is limited and you might see a Verizon Cloud Expiring message after some time of usage.

What is it and how can you use Verizon cloud service without any limit? That’s what we are here to find out.

Do You Really Need Verizon Cloud?

Verizon Cloud lets you save videos, photos, documents, contacts, files, and other content securely. The cloud is accessible even when your data is not working online.

The features is free for the newbies but soon you will receive a text informing that the Cloud service is about to expire.

This may come as a surprise when happening for the first time but Verizon had been clearing the space for years now to free up some storage.

Therefore, it plans to remove the users who are not actively utilizing the platform.

Whether you are using the Verizon Cloud service or not depends on how you would like to save your important data.

Since it allows you to back up everything wirelessly, the cloud is a great option for those who deal with large amount of data daily.

However, others may find it completely useless. This is because most of the devices, Android and Apple, come with in-built backup.

Your data will be automatically secured so there will not be a need to opt for an additional service.

Is Your Verizon Cloud Expiring? Here’s Why

We are well aware that many customers are being notified about their Verizon Cloud services expiring. You are not the only one who has seen the message but the reason that someone gets it might vary from the other.

Verizon plans to clear out free cloud services for the users who are not actively utilizing them.

So you might be informed about the expiry because you are not currently making any use of it and Verizon authorities wishes to clear the space for people who actually need the Cloud storage.

Note! The expiry message is generated automatically by the system and sent out on random days to a few users. However, the cutoff date is always mentioned and strictly kept in sight by the company.

Luckily, Verizon ensures that you have ample number of days before the cloud expires. This is to help you move the contacts and content to a safer spot.

Steps To Take Before Your Verizon Cloud Expires

When your Verizon cloud is expiring, the last thing you should do is panic and lose time.

After all, there is a lot of data that you have to save so buckle up and get to work! Following are the few steps you should take to secure all the necessary data before Verizon Cloud expires.

Make Sure You Store All The Data Offline

First of all, you should ensure the safety of your data by moving it to an offline storage spot. We know that internet may not always be available.

So, if there are just a handful of photos, videos, and documents then temporarily downloading them to computer’s disk space should be sufficient.

However, users with large amount of data should think about getting a separate hard drive. In an case, it is important to move the data offline before your Verizon Cloud runs out.

Choose Verizon Premium Subscription Plan

Now that your data is secure, it is time to think ahead.

You can choose one of the premium Verizon plans according to your data needs. This would ensure that your Cloud service never expires. Here’s a quick summary of the available plans.

Plan#Data Storage SpaceCost of the Plan
1600 GB$5.99 per month
21 TB$9.99 per month
32 TB $12.99 per month

You can store all types of original-sized photos, videos, documents, and backup with the help of these storage plans. Moreover, this makes it easier to transfer the content whenever needed.

Extend Verizon Cloud Services Through Payment

Once you have chosen the required plan as per your storage needs, you have to make the payment to activate the subsequent Verizon storage Cloud. Verizon packages are one of the best out there so don’t hesitate to do some homework before choosing the one that suits you the most.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the reason for the expiry, you should be quick to save all your data from Verizon cloud to offline storage so you don’t lost anything important. Moreover, sticking to a paid premium plan is a great way to ensure that the service never runs out.

Verizon has three subscription plans from which you can choose as per your need. They are sufficient to hold large amount of data at affordable rates.