Spectrum mobile vs Verizon: Is Spectrum Mobile as Good as Verizon?

Spectrum is one of those internet providers that jumped into mobile services to accommodate its customers. Before that, there were not many economic options for internet customers. This is even more true if they were looking for a single line with unlimited data. 

Choosing between Spectrum mobile vs Verizon is not really easy, but hopefully this guide will help you a lot.

Spectrum mobile vs Verizon Internet Comparison

Being an MVNO, Spectrum does not have a network to maintain but the mobile services are hosted over Verizon’s network. That has one of the best mobile networks in the US. It allows Spectrum to offer the same value to its customers instead of giving them a hard time.

However, Is the value being offered to Spectrum customers is comparable to what Verizon offers? Or is it better or worse?

We are going to compare different aspects of both Spectrum and Verizon and see what is the difference between Verizon. Verizon is one of the biggest mobile networks and Spectrum Mobile that is currently being hosted over Verizon’s Network. 

To compare both of the mobile service providers, we will be looking over aspects such as plans and pricing, coverage, the cell phone options, etc. Moreover, if you would like to get service, you can order Spectrum mobile online from .

Plans For Spectrum Mobile vs Verizon

Spectrum Mobile is very economical compared to Verizon when it comes to the monthly cost of the plan. However, there is one restriction with Spectrum that you have to be a Spectrum internet customer to get the Spectrum Mobile services.

That means if you are not a current Spectrum internet customer, you either have to pay $50 per month additional for the internet services to get Mobile as well or you just cannot get it.

However, it can be a great option for those who are interested in getting internet services as well. They can sign up for both internet and mobile services with Spectrum and save a lot on their monthly costs. 

Pricing and Subscription Costs

As far as prices are concerned, Spectrum Mobile offers two types of plans where the unlimited data plan costs $45 per month for every line that customers sign up for and the usage-based plan where every Gig of data costs $14 and can be divided and used among multiple lines.

So, for those of us who are not interested in getting unlimited, they can bring their devices to the user-based plan. If all lines use 3 Gig of data in total during the month, your monthly bill is going to be $42 for three lines. That is indeed a great plan and price for someone who is not a regular internet user.

On the other hand, Verizon offers three unlimited plans with various benefits where the most basic unlimited plan starts at $70 per month and the others cost $80 and $90 for one line.

That makes Verizon very expensive for those who are interested in getting one line. Comparatively, if you get 4 lines or more, the $70 plan comes down to $35 per month per line which is a great price indeed but not everyone is looking for multiple lines.


Comparing the coverage might seem like a funny thing as Spectrum and Verizon have a shared LTE network and the service coverage should be the same. Well, it is true for most parts. However there are additional benefits that make a whole lot of difference.

Spectrum Mobile also offers access to its nationwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots that allows customers to stay connected to the internet through them and get the benefits of a faster connection. This is a useful thing for Spectrum mobile customers who are on By the Gig plan and their monthly charges depend upon their data usage.

For Verizon, its 4G network is one of the biggest Networks covering more than 70% of the US and making sure people have access to faster mobile internet. On the other hand, the 5G services for both Verizon and Spectrum mobile are limited to a few cities and both are expanding this new technology network to get the benefits.

Phone Options

Being one of the biggest mobile networks, Verizon offers top of the line phone options starting from Apple 11 series to affordable smartphones with Samsung and LG and makes sure the customers have all options open in front of them.

It does not matter whether they would like to go with the cost-effective or they would like to get the newest model, Verizon has it all

Similarly, Spectrum also offers a great range of cell phones for customers along with the option to bring their phones. Customers can get top-notch models such as Galaxy S20 or the iPhone 11 series along with many budget-friendly options to consider. Customers can choose the option that works best for them and enjoy the services through the best mobile networks.

How To Choose The Right Service For You?

Verizon carries some clear advantages such as excellent network coverage and fast data speeds. You can also avail decent price to value ration by choosing to buy 4 lines.

However, the list of disadvantages for Verizon is equally long. First of all, it is more expensive than Spectrum. On top of that, even the plans that promise unlimited data technically have a limit. There are hidden fees that many customers find to be pretty annoying.

On the other hand, Spectrum offers only 2 plans. You will be charged $20 as additional fee if you don’t use Spectrum internet. Nonetheless, Spectrum has unlimited talk and text plans. Its nationwide coverage and data usage is quite impressive as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spectrum Mobile vs Verizon

Is Spectrum mobile better or Verizon?

Although they offer similar internet services, there are some marked differences between the two. Most customers are not happy with Verizon 5G setup. They view it as too limiting but improvements are expected in the future. For the time being, Spectrum definitely scores better.

Is it possible to use Verizon on Spectrum mobile?

You can use Verizon service by inserting an activated Verizon SIM in spectrum mobile. It will work perfectly fine. If you have any issues in getting the SIM activated, try calling 833224-6603. You need to make full payment for the whichever plan you choose.

Is Verizon one of the best cell phone services in the US?

Yes. Verizon is considered to be one of the best cell phone service in the US besides T-mobile, Sprint, and AT&T.