Internet Disconnects Every Hour? Try These Top 11 Ways To Fix The Issue

Think of all the tasks that would become miserably difficult to perform if your internet disconnects every hour. Scary, right?

We depend on the internet for many things. Whether it be research for your college assignment, or quick and easy online purchases, our hearts sink a little when network signals drop or it disconnects.

Luckily, you can fix the issue of internet disconnects every hour with a number of methods. The first job would be to diagnose the real issue. Then you can restart the router, adjust adapter settings, replace cable or try other solutions, all of which we have discussed below.

Let’s get started!

The Real Truth Behind Why Your Internet Disconnects Every Hour

Random loss of internet connectivity is more difficult to deal with. Conversely, if your internet is disconnecting periodically, such as every hour, then that means you are missing out on catching some obvious culprit.

Mostly, it has something to do with overheating since an hour is sufficient for cables or an outdated router device to down-perform. Nonetheless, there can be other underlying reasons as well.

Here are some common explanations for why your internet might disconnect every hour.

Outdated WiFi Router

Old WiFi device is a major reason for why your internet would lose connection every now and then. This is because older firmware often fails to meet the latest standards of WiFi use.

Note! Typically, routers older than 5 or more years are not in a good enough shape to provide smooth internet experience.

Moreover, even the WiFi that is just a couple of years old runs of risk of heating up or lagging behind in technical requirements. This would eventually result in disconnection.

Low Quality Cables

When you have invested in the latest WiFi router, the other important step is to use good quality cables as well. Old cables can degrade your network’s performance and result in internet disconnecting every hour.

Typically, a home network requires phone cable, coaxial cable, and an Ethernet cable. Each of these need to be in good shape to ensure strong WiFi signals or internet connection. Internet can disconnect if one of these cables is not working properly.

Extremely Slow Internet Speed

It is not always the complete absence of WiFi signals that results in disconnection.

When the network speed is super slow, it will disconnect and try to reconnect randomly unless you invest in a better alternative.

This issue can become more serious if multiple devices are connected to the same network at the same time. Typically 15-25 Mbps of speed is not sufficient for maintaining streaming on more than once device. You can find out more about how much internet speed you need for better experience.

Faulty Modem Connection

Modem is supposed to work hand in hand with internet service provider to ensure seamless network connection.

If your internet disconnects every hour then that could indicate faulty modem connection.

Connection issues surface when the modem is not able to convert the data provided by the ISP into signals for your WiFi router.

In this regards, outdate modem can never be trusted. Moreover, it is important to choose the modem that is compatible with your internet service provider if you wish to enjoy stable internet connection.

11 Ways To Fix Internet Connection Issues

So are there any reliable ways to fix this issue? Luckily, there is more than just one!

A combination of two or three of the hacks that we will discuss below can effectively fix internet connection issues that you are facing. Let’s see how they work.

1. Diagnose The Issue At Hand

The first step towards getting rid of the problem here is to figure out why its occurring. One by one, you need to consider and then eliminate all the possibilities that can mess up your home network performance.

Note! Below we have discussed the issues in a sequential manner. This means it is best to try out the solutions we mentioned earlier on the list and move down if the issues does not resolve.

2. Be Precise With Timings

If your internet disconnects every hour then there is some issue occurring periodically at the back end. Therefore, it is advisable to figure out when the connections is cut before you can find out the “why”.

Internet that disconnects randomly might reconnect after a while but when the problem repeats itself every hour than that scenario is quite different. Moreover, it might not fix itself without your interference. In most cases, you will have to check both, software and hardware issues.

3. Restart The Router

The strategy of “OFF and ON” never seems to disappoint. Sometimes you can kickstart a perfect internet connection simply by restarting the modem or the router. If you haven’t yet figures out what is causing the issue then this might be the right initial step to take.

Hopefully, the reset will fix any glitch in the software or help the device get over an issue that has it stuck. Once your internet is back in action, don’t forget to change the settings to your liking as the restart would push these to default.

4. Update Network Adapter Drivers

One way to overcome this problem is by keeping your network adapter drivers updates at all times. This helps take care of glitches and errors in the software that may cause the internet to disconnect every hour.

How To Update Network Adapter Drivers
1. Open Device Manager and click on Network Adapter option.
2. Select the device whose drivers you want to update.
3. Click on Update Driver then allow the device to automatically search for the new drivers that are needed.
4. Allow the installation to complete.

You can then refresh the internet connection and see if the network performance has improved.

5. Check Hardware Issues

You should scrutinize any possible issues in the hardware such as cable performance or the quality of connectors to be sure that it is not the network setup in your home that is causing the issue.

6. Check Cables and Connectors

You also need to check your cables and connectors to ensure they are not the ones causing the issue.

In majority of the cases, corroded cable wires distort internet signals resulting in periodic disconnection. Other times, it is possible that bended wire is not able to transmit signals properly.

You should be using cables that are of good quality and are in perfect condition.

Secondly, the cables should have high quality connectors at the end. This is so the wires can connect tightly and securely to the PC or the slot on the router device. Scrutinize the connectors for any damage before moving on to the next solutions on the list.

7. Remove Software Issues

If the problem persists then it is better to resolve it with internet service providers so they can check if anything is wrong with the software or its settings.

First of all, make sure that you are not using an outdated WiFi device. It is preferable to buy WiFi 5 (802.11ac) or WiFi 6 (802.11ax) that supports all the latest technical communication standards.

Then you can try resetting the internet. If that is not the answer either, you should check for metered connections. These cause internet to lose coverage every hour so you need to remove the limit if any has been set previously.

8. Flush DNS

Our next recommendation is to flush the DNS and reset TC/IP. Although this does not work half of the times, it is still something you should get out of the way when fixing internet connection.

You would have to run Command Prompt as Administrator. Then click on the search bar and perform the 4 commands by typing in the name and pressing Enter.

netsh int set dns
netsh winsock reset

9. Run The Troubleshooter

In addition to various methods that you can try, it is also possible to fix the issue by running the network troubleshooter.

You can troubleshoot the window by pressing Start and visiting the Settings option to click on Update & Security. Then click on Run The Troubleshooter to initiate the process. Hopefully, this will take care of the problem that you are having with wireless connection.

10. Get Rid of Overheating

Heated router or modem device can result in loss of internet signals or overall unstable connectivity. If your device has actually over heated then you can turn it off for a bit to cool it down but this will not be a long-term solution.

You should look towards changing the device that is causing the problem or at least replacing the cables or any component of the network that might contribute to over-heating.

11. Contact Internet Service Providers

So we are down to the last thing you can try if your issue with internet connection persists. It is time you get in touch with ISP!

Internet service providers would be more sure of the steps to take to quickly fix the internet that disconnects every hour.

So these are some of the hacks that you can try to resolve internet connection issues. Hopefully, the article provides sufficient information for you to get rid of the problem. If you are still left with any ambiguity, don’t hesitate to share the reviews and questions below!