Where Can I Load My PayPal Card For Free? Locations + Methods

PayPal cards are frequently used for in-store and online purchase. If you have one and recently ran out of PayPal balance, you must be wondering where can I load my PayPal card for free? Let’s talk about how reloading of this prepaid card work and if you can actually do it without any charges!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS are some locations where you can load PayPal card.
  • To load money to PayPal account you have to Open PayPal > Add money > Provide the amount of money > Choose linked bank account > Click on Add money > Confirm transaction.
  • There are charges for loading money on to the PayPal card. It charges $3.95 to add cash using PayPal app and $4.95 for loading cash using PayPal debit card.

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Where Can I Load My PayPal Card For Free – Everything You Need To Know!

One of the most reliable and quick ways to load your PayPal card is at a local store. There are many locations that you pass by daily that allow PayPal users to add funds to their cards. Some of the most prominent ones are mentioned below.

  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Walmart
  • Dollar General
  • Dollar Tree
  • Rite Aid

These are just a few selective names. Additionally, there are more than 85,000 rental locations in the US that can help you in reloading the PayPal card.

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Dollar General

Dollar General is one of the most popular locations that allow you to add money to your PayPal account at any of its outlet. This facility was introduced recently in the ongoing year to ensure that PayPal users have a quick, safe, and easy way to access money at all times.

Attention! Dollar General charges 0.75 cents per transaction when reloading money at any of its store.


You can visit a nearby Walmart location to load money on to your PayPal account or even withdraw money if you need. This is done at Walmart Money Services Center that charges up to $3.00 for the transaction. Let’s break down the procedure into simpler steps.

  1. Visit Walmart outlet that is closes to you and go to its Walmart Money Service Counter.
  2. Give your PayPal card to the cashier and inform him that you wish to load money on to it.
  3. Share the amount of money that you want to move and provide the cash at the counter along with any charges.
  4. Wait for the money to be transferred to your account.

Moreover, Walmart supports PayPal payments in all its locations over the United States similar to other stores that take PayPal. There are over 85,000 retail locations where you can shop and then pay through PayPal balance.

Load Money on to PayPal Account – Step By Step Guide

PayPal supports bank transfers, online purchases, and even payments to foreign accounts. However, to avail any of this, it is important to have sufficient funds in your account.

In case you only have cash and wish to add it to your PayPal, the step below should guide you in a straightforward manner on how it is done.

  1. Open your PayPal account and tap on Add Money. The option will be present under PayPal balance option.
  2. Then enter the amount of money that you want to put into your account.
  3. Tap to select the linked bank account through which you want to process the transaction.
  4. Confirm the amount and click Add. PayPal will ask you to recheck the information that you have added and then press the Submit button to complete the transaction.

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Steps To Add Money to PayPal At an ATM

You can add money to PayPal card at an ATM only if you have a PayPal Cash Mastercard. Otherwise, the transaction of this sort will not be possible. The card should have a Mastercard Acceptance Mark, Cirrus Acceptance Mark and PULSE Acceptance Mark in the front.

When you insert the card in the ATM machine, it will present you with both options, money deposit and withdrawal. This is true for any of the ATM location that you visit. You just need to enter the card in the respective slot, provide the PIN number, and choose whether you want reload the card or cash out.

In any case, make sure you are providing the correct amount of money for the transfer.

Note! There are more than 6000 ATMs in the US where you can load your PayPal card but there is a fee when you make a withdrawal.

How To Add Money to PayPal With Credit or Debit Card?

You only need to link your debit card or credit card to PayPal account to move funds to your PayPal card.

This is considered one of the move convenient ways to reload your PayPal card. Once the balance is transferred, you can easily use it to make purchases online, in-store and even transfer money to other accounts.

Attention! Sometimes it can take a couple of days for the PayPal balance to reflect the recent top-up.

Extra Reading

Charges To Reload a PayPal Card

There are no charges to apply for a PayPal. You can get it for free. Moreover, there is also no monthly fee or a minimum balance requirement to have a PayPal account or cash card.

  • PayPal does not charge to activate the account or the card after a long period of inactivity.

However, when it comes to reload the PayPal card, the service is charged and there is no way to avoid it! You have to pay $3.95 for loading cash using the PayPal app and $4.95 when adding money using PayPal debit card.

There are no charges if you use direct deposit via bank transfer to load money on to the PayPal card.

Reloading Limits For PayPal Card

PayPal has not set any clear limits on the amount that you can reload on your PayPal card. The limitation also varies from one user to another for unknown reasons but we think it may have something to do with user PayPal account history and frequency of use.

  • Moreover, it is only possible to load a maximum of $1,500 on the card per day. You may load more money the next day or after 24 hours have passed since the last top-up.

What Are The Limits For PayPal Transfers?

PayPal does not impose any transfer limits on its users. However, some people have reported that PayPal restricted the amount of money that they could send or receive.

  • This typically happens when the company notices suspicious account activity or huge money transfers with an unverified account.

In most cases, the limitation is just temporary and PayPal will remove any such restriction after some days. You can avoid unfavorable situation by either using a verified bank account or ensuring that large sums of money come or go in small batches only.

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The Bottom Line

There are plenty of places where you can add money to PayPal card but for free is not an option since most stores and even credit/debit card transactions of this sort are charged. The only way to avoid such fee is to load the PayPal account through direct deposit.

We would recommend that you request a family member or a friend to send money to your PayPal account and pay them in cash. This is not only quick but will also save you some dollars as there will be no reloading charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I load money on to my PayPal card without any charges?

There is a fee for loading your PayPal card at retail stores. This may be up to $3.95 but varies depending on your location.

What are some stores where I can load cash to my PayPal card?

Family Dollar, Dollar General, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens are some common names that majority of the people prefer to load their PayPal card at.

Is there a way to load money to PayPal account for free?

You can add cash to PayPal account by opening the app and clicking on Add Cash option. Then get the barcode and show it to the cashier at the store checkout. Provide him with money and he will transfer the funds to your PayPal balance. Unfortunately, there is always a fee for this transaction.

How to add money to PayPal card instantly?

The quickest way to add money to your PayPal account is through direct bank transfer. You have to create PayPal Cash or PayPal Cash Plus account which is free of cost. Then after the registration is complete, you can link it to your bank account and move money free of of cost!