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Where To Buy Costco Gift Cards Besides Costco Store or Official Website?

Costco is a network of stores in the US from where customers can purchase different things like electronics, appliances, furniture, jewelry, computers and other household products etc. As an online store, it provides huge number of benefits to the customers. A prime example is online purchase of their gift cards but if you are wondering where to buy Costco gift cards besides Costco, here’s the answer!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • For purchasing a Costco gift card, customer should be a member of Costco otherwise he will not be able to get the gift card.
  • Costco gift cards are not available on third party retailers like Walmart, Shoppers, and Target etc and can be only purchased through online websites like Amazon or eBay only.
  • Costco member can take two non-member visitors along with him whenever he visits a Costco store and can purchase anything for them from the store through his card.

…and Much More!

Where To Buy Costco Gift Cards Beside Costco?

Costco gift cards are available in a range of $25-$1000. Mostly, people use these cards to buy different things from the stores as well as for online shopping.

Costco gift cards are available on the official website or the store only. However, you can get Costco gift cards Amazon or at eBay. But, keep in mind that, whenever you will purchase these cards from online stores such as Jewel Osco, you have to pay extra money.

  • There is no option of purchasing these Costco gift cards from third party retailers like Target, Kroger and Walmart etc. This is because Costco is not associated with these third party retailers.

If you buy these gift cards from Costco itself then there is no need to pay extra charges. Secondly, Costco allows its customer to save some amount like few dollars when you purchase these Costco shop cards from their own stores.

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Who Can Use Gift Cards By Costco?

Anyone who is either a member of Costco or not can use these gift cards. However, Costco only allows its customers to purchase these gift cards.

So if you are not a member of Costco and you have your customer gift card you have to simply show it at the entrance. Then automatically you will be able to enter the store and you can purchase anything of your own choice. 

But if you want to buy multiple things then you have to pay the cost of membership fee which is only allowed to the regular customers or the members of customers.

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Costco Gift Card- Everything You Need To Know

Costco gift cards are wonderful options for shopping but it has few limitations too. For example, customers can use the Costco gift cards just to purchase different things and cannot get the remaining amount as a cash.

However, if a customer is not a member of Costco and still have a Costco gift card then he can buy anything from the Costco store. 

Common example is that if you are not a member of Costco and have a Costco gift card, you can refill gas in your car by simply using your Costco gift card at the Costco gas station for gas refilling.

Costco Shop Card Vs Costco Gift Card

Generally Costco shop card and Costco gift card are not different from each other. However, they do come with a bit of different terms of use.

Costco gift cards are wonderful and more acceptable because when you have these gift cards you do not need to have cash in hand or credit cards. This is because as compared to cash and credit cards, they have no limitations. Moreover, you can also recharge them whenever you want.

The Bottom Line

Although, Costco gift cards are not available for purchase from every shopping place but still can be bought at the store or online. Moreover, these can be used to purchase things like merchandise, electronic appliances, furniture and jewelry etc.

  • Even if you don’t have a membership, you can visit any store of Costco and do your shopping.

Apart from this, you can check your Costco gift card balance by visiting Costco website. From the website you have to go to the customer service option. Then simply check your Costco shop card balance which is mostly shown after putting your gift card pin number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Costco gift card from?

You need to be a member at Costco to avail its gift card. Moreover, these can only be purchases via warehouses or through its official website. There are no third-party retailers that offer Costco gift cards.

Can I buy Costco gift card from Walmart?

No. Walmart, unfortunately, does not sell Costco cards. You can only buy them from Costco official website or its store given that you are a member at Costco.

Can I purchase Costco gift card without being a member?

You need to be a member at Costco to get its gift card. However, you can still shop at Costco without being a member and using the gift card if you borrow it from someone else.