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Where To Buy Discounted Gift Cards? Stores, Sites + Mobile Apps

Why would you want to pay for something in full when the discounted prices are just around the corner? You may have come across buy now pay later gift cards or cards that come with online email delivery but onces you learn where to buy discounted gift cards, it is hardly likely that you will consider any other option!

What Will We Talk About Here?
  • Target, eBay. Amazon, Costco, Kroger and eGifter are some places where you can buy discounted gift cards.
  • Stores like Walmart, CVS and Walgreens do offer gift cards but these are hardly likely to be on sale.
  • There are also mobile apps that offer discounted gift cards and some promise cash back on gift card purchases as well.

…and Much More!

Where To Buy Discounted Gift Cards?

You will be surprised to find out just how many places offer gift cards on discounts. Stores, websites, and even mobile apps now let you buy discounted gift cards. In fact, some of these offer sale up to 25%!

There may be some limitations or requirements for availing the discounts. For example, some sellers will only reduce prices when you buy gift cards in bulk. Other than that, websites often ask users to sign up first or it is compulsary to add the app to your mobile device to get the discount.

  • This seems like a small price to pay for an opportunity to save well.

To help you out, we have compiled the list of in-store and online options where discounted gift cards are available for purchase. Take a look!


  • Buyers with REDcard can get 5% off on speciality and third-party gift cards at Target.
  • The discounts are available to in-store buyers as well as customers ordering the gift cards online.
  • There are some gift cards excluded from this discount program.
  • These include Gift of College cards, Stockpile cards, American Express, Mastercard, Plus Prepaid cards, and Visa gift cards.


  • Anyone with a valid US PayPal account can purchase gift cards on eBay.
  • These gift cards are provided directly by the brands or companies.
  • You can check out the offers right now by visiting the eBay’s PayPal Digital Gift Page.
  • There are individual sellers on eBay so you much confirm their credibility beforehand. Avoid purchasing from someone who does not offer money-back guarantee or has poor customer support service.


  • Kroger offers gift card discounts as well but instead of reduction in price, you will get these in form of “perks”.
  • For example, buyers may get fuel points when they buy a gift card and then they can use the reward points to get free air or gas at pumps. Its one and the same thing!
  • Moreover, options like Giving Good gift cards are available at 15% off and with 4X fuel points on purchase. These can be used at different restaurants/stores listed on the card. You can choose the card as per the merchants where you shop or dine frequently.
  • Most of Kroger gift cards are applicable at Lowe’s, GameStop, Fanatics, Subway, etc.


  • Costco has wide variety of gift cards and a good selection of popular restaurants plus local eats and attractions.
  • You can save 20% to 25% off the total cost of the purchases when using gift cards for payments.
  • Gaming eGift cards are typically available ay 10% off.
  • You can check out eGift card at Costco right here.

Wholesale Clubs

  • All club members can avail of discounted gift cards at Wholesale Club.
  • The discount is given when you purchase a package of two or four gift cards from the same restaurant or a retailer.
  • You will find that gift cards on discounts will be packed together in form of blocks so individual purchases may not be possible.
  • Moreover, getting gift cards on bulk can save you up to 24% the face value amount.

Grocery Stores

  • Grocery stores will share deals on gift card purchase online, at their shelves, or in the circulars that they distribute.
  • Most grocery stores offer plastic gift cards online but recently the number of digital gift cards have increased considerably.
  • The deal on gift cards here is typically seasonal. This means you will be able to score better discounts if you shop at the right time such as a week before Thanksgiving or on Black Friday, etc.
  • Some deal may also be shared on the grocery store app so you should check there as well.

Online Platforms To Get Gift Cards on Discounts

Online sites are perhaps the best option to get gift cards on discounts. Some of these website offer sale up to 35% off the face value amount. However, you must check in for availability as gift cards sell pretty quickly online.

Some of these sites allow you to purchase cards as guests but others require that you sign up first. There are no additional charges for shipping. Here are some options that you can check out for online discounted gift card purchase.


  • CardCash offers different discounts depending on which brand you are interested in buying.
  • The sale is mostly between 2% to 30%.

  • Amazon also offers gift cards on discounts from time to time but the brands and the amount of discounts changes regularly.
  • You can find the ongoing sales under the “Today’s Deals” section. The discounts are typically upto 20%.


  • There are various deal available on eGifter and some promotional gift cards as well that you can buy on discounts.
  • You can also earn reward points on eGifter to redeem for gift card purchases on reduced prices


  • You can avail of discounts from 3% to 30% on certain gift cards.
  • Moreover, Raise offers 1% to 10% cash back on purchases made via gift cards.


  • It typically gives discount of up to 5% on gift cards.
  • If it is your lucky day, you may be able to find a gift card that has up to 20% sale on it.


  • You will find gift cards from several restaurants and stores here on discount.
  • The discount rates are quite reasonable so the gift cards sell out fast. Make sure you check it from time to time and immediately buy the one you need before it runs out of stock.

  • There are selective gift card brands that are available on sale on Typically, you should be able to score 3% to 20% off on gift cards.
  • You can also sign up for the G-Money rewards programs on the site that gives $1 discounts over 100 points. It lets you earn points on gift card purchases which can be used to get further discounts on future gift cards that you buy.

Gift Card Granny

  • It is yet another amazing platform to get gift cards on discounts.
  • You will also be able to score cash backs on purchases made through the gift cards.

Gift Card Mall

  • It introduces discounts on different brands regularly. The discounts expire after some time and get replaced with sale on another brand.
  • Typically, you will find $5 off on a gift card worth $25. Keep in mind that the maximum discount you can avail of here is $15.

Get Discounted Gift Cards Through Mobile Apps

Certain mobile apps have now partnered with retailers and gift card sellers as well so you can use them to buy gift cards on discounts. Obviously, the offers change from time to time. Moreover, the app may require you to sign up before you can avail of the discount.

Samsung Pay

  • It is one of the most reliable apps that let you buy and send gift cards to other.
  • You can also receive a card as gift from senders who are on Samsung Pay.
  • The app usually has a discount offer of up to 15% going on.
  • The discounted prices are for selective gift cards only.

United MileagePlus X

  • It does not have direct discounts on gift cards.
  • However, you can use miles credit card to get gift cards.
  • Purchases like this can earn you up to 5 miles per dollar that you spend.
  • The miles will be automatically added to your mileage balance.


  • PayPal Digital Gifts is one of the sites that sell third-party gift cards.
  • It has a good collection of stores and restaurants gift cards that you can choose from.
  • You can avail of discounts up to 20%.
  • There are multiple brands available on sale here.

Other Ways To Get Gift Cards On Discounts

There are other places where you can find gift cards on sale although the offering may differ a bit as compared to stores, online merchants, and mobile apps. Check out below!

Credit Card Reward Program

You can also get sales on gift cards through credit card reward programs. For example, United Mileage Plus and Chase recently has an offer going on which gave accountholders a choice to either deposit the credit card reward money into bank account or use it to buy a gift card.

The incentive for getting a gift card was that it would be available at lower price than the face value when purchased specifically under this offer. Many buyers opted to use $30 or so from the reward points to get gift cards of value $40 or even more.

  • These options will be available when it time for you to cash out your reward. If the bank does not provide the option, do ask the representation if there is an ongoing deal.

Gift Card Resellers

Pre-owned gift cards are always on sale. If someone had previously bought a gift card and now wishes to sell it, its a simple rule that he won’t be selling it on the same price. You can guarantee savings by getting your hands on one of these discounted gift cards.

  • Variety of cards can be available with the resellers including pet store gift cards to movie theatre cards and more.

Resellers may not be able to provide the gift cards in bulk. Nonetheless, the number of available cards as well as the amount of discount varies over the year so you should check with the provider to confirm.

Moreover, since the purchase is not directly from the brand or a super-store, make sure you take precautionary steps to be on the safe side. For example, always choose a reseller that offers reliable customer support service. If the card comes with money-back guarantee, that’s a big win!

Extra Reading

List of Places That Don’t Have Discounted Gift Cards

Well, you can’t expect to find discounted gift cards everywhere, right? There is a long list of stores that do not provide gift cards on reduced prices. Some of these are listed below.

  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Kroger
  • 7-Eleven
  • The Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • JCPenney
  • Meijer
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
  • ALDI

The Bottom Line

With so many options on the table, there is no need to pay full for cards when you can easily find a discount. You can use this method to save some pocket money and help with other purchases instead. Even bank cards like Mastercard and Visa cards are available on sale from certain sellers. Don’t forget to thoroughly consider all the options before finalizing the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy discounted gift cards from somewhere?

Yes!, Cardpool, eGifter, CardCash are just some websites that often have discounts going on gift card purchases. You can check them out regularly to get a gift card on sale.

Will I get a discount if I buy gift card in bulk?

Purchasing gift cards in bulk can make it more cost effective because majority of the sellers are happy to offer discounts to buyers getting more than just a couple of gift cards.

Do gift cards have expiry dates?

The law states that gift cards can not expire before 5 years have passed since its issuance date. However, how religiously stores and sellers follow the rules and regulations vary so you may find gift cards with shorter life before expiration.

What are some safe places to buy gift cards from?

All the retailers, restaurants, and websites that are providing gift cards in the US right now are reliable sellers. They provide easy access to cards and you can find some high-value gift cards as well.