CenturyLink DSL Line Poor Status Worrying You? Easy Hacks To Fix This!

If you have invested some time into exploring the digital services available in the US then you are bound to have come across CenturyLink.

It stands out with the provision of high-speed internet but over the last few years some customers have reported how CenturyLink DSL line poor status is causing them worry.

Luckily, this issue has a couple of easy fixes that every CenturyLink user should be aware of.

CenturyLink impressive internet service has helped millions of subscribers to connect and use high-speed networking on their TVs, smartphones, and other devices.

It covers a wide range of regions so regardless of where you are in the US, the service is going to reach you with same efficiency and performance.

After a couple of users pointed out the issue of CenturyLink DSL line status poor, we were quick to figure how this problem could be resolved. Here we are with the perfect troubleshooting tips that you need.

3 Ways To Fix CenturyLink DSL Line Poor Status In Less Than a Minute

When it first came into our notice, we found this issue to be a bit weird especially because no such flaws had been observed prior to it.

This also explains why customers were shocked, and even enraged, to face a problem of this kind with their internet service.

As we began to understand the root cause, we figured out that this issue can take place due to a number of reasons.

Therefore, we were quick to write down all the possible solution for you guys so you can get over it without wasting any more time.

So here are few ways in which you can make sure that your DSL goes back to working just as great as it was before.

1. Monitor Your Line Status

The first step towards solving this issue is to check what your line status is. People who are using ADSL2+ or lower versions are lucky enough to utilize very high speeds but only if the line is stable.

On the contrary, if the CenturyLink line is not stable, it will result in poor connection and you will have to face constant disconnection issues.

A smart move in this case is to check what the SNR margin value of your line. Here’s how you can check it with ease:

  • Access your router’s information page. All the necessary data for doing this is available at the back of the router.
  • If the SNR margin value is very low, for example, near to 6 or 7 then this might be the reason why your line is acting up.

2. Try Your Luck By Resetting The Router

One sure way of fixing this problem is to reset your router. This would bring all the settings back to factory default and take care of any glitch in the system that would causing the poor status.

We would not recommend this solution as the first resort as you may have trouble later reassigning all the settings you had selected before.

However, it can be quite helpful when your router is having a lot of issues.

If you have made up your mind to reset the device, then you would find the reset button at the back of the router. You may need a pointed object such as needle or pen or press and hold the button for about 20 seconds.

3. Get In Touch With Customer Support Service

If all the methods you have tried are not working then the last approach is to get in touch with customer support service.

You will have to explain in detail what issues you are facing and they would let you know the best solution that can be utilized. Hopefully, this will fix the issue in no time.

In most cases, the company will book you a technician that can take a look at your status line and  CenturyLink router.

He might also need to check your settings. Whatever the necessary steps are, the support team will help you fix DSL poor line status fixed.